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portraits/sir edward elgar 1857 1934 english composer
SIR EDWARD ELGAR (1857-1934). English composer. Drawing by William Rothenstein, 1919
miscellaneous/new york city c1920 construction workers atop
NEW YORK CITY, c1920. Construction workers atop a skyscraper in New York City. Photograph
us cities/new york times square 44th street broadway times
NEW YORK: TIMES SQUARE. 44th Street and Broadway in Times Square in New York City
us cities/new york city traffic c1910 carriage automobile
NEW YORK CITY: TRAFFIC, c1910. Carriage and automobile traffic along 5th Avenue
whats new/new york tenement life new york city tenement family
NEW YORK TENEMENT LIFE. A New York City tenement family. Oil over a photograph
whats new/ellis island immigrants 1905 italian mother
ELLIS ISLAND: IMMIGRANTS, 1905. An Italian mother and child; photographed by Lewis W
miscellaneous/united states lines ss leviathan docked
UNITED STATES LINES. The SS Leviathan docked at Southampton
miscellaneous/german immigrants 1920 formal portrait german
GERMAN IMMIGRANTS, 1920. A 'formal portrait' of German or Scandinavian immigrants
miscellaneous/german immigrants 1920 german immigrants dining
GERMAN IMMIGRANTS, 1920. German immigrants in a dining hall
handcolored/amherst college 1824 amherst college amherst
AMHERST COLLEGE, 1824. Amherst College at Amherst Massachusetts, as it looked in 1824
miscellaneous/ad fabric 1948 american ad sanforized fabrics
AD: FABRIC, 1948. American advertisement for Sanforized fabrics. Illustration, 1948
miscellaneous/ad washing machine 1927 american ad easy washer
AD: WASHING MACHINE, 1927. American advertisement for Easy Washer, manufactured
miscellaneous/ad fencing 1927 american ad cyclone fence
AD: FENCING, 1927. American advertisement for Cyclone Fence, 1927
miscellaneous/ad weston 1927 american ad weston electrical
AD: WESTON, 1927. American advertisement for Weston, an electrical measurement company
miscellaneous/ad radiators 1927 american ad american radiator
AD: RADIATORS, 1927. American advertisement for the American Radiator Company, 1927
miscellaneous/ad yale locks 1927 american ad yale locks
AD: YALE LOCKS, 1927. American advertisement for Yale locks, a product of The Yale
miscellaneous/ad gulf coast 1927 american ad tourism gulf coast
AD: GULF COAST, 1927. American advertisement for tourism in the Gulf Coast, sponsored
miscellaneous/ad ross steering 1927 american ad ross cam
AD: ROSS STEERING, 1927. American advertisement for Ross Cam and Lever Steering Gears
miscellaneous/ad candy 1927 american ad norris variety box
AD: CANDY, 1927. American advertisement for the Norris Variety Box, 1927
miscellaneous/ad badger tires 1927 american ad badger tires
AD: BADGER TIRES, 1927. American advertisement for Badger Tires, 1927
miscellaneous/ad franklin 1927 american ad franklin automobile
AD: FRANKLIN, 1927. American advertisement for the Franklin Automobile Company's
miscellaneous/ad strathmore 1927 american ad strathmore papers
AD: STRATHMORE, 1927. American advertisement for Strathmore Papers, 1927
miscellaneous/ad bird son 1927 american ad bird sons
AD: BIRD & SON, 1927. American advertisement for Bird & Son's Rugs and Roofs, 1927
miscellaneous/ad wheeling 1927 american ad wheeling corrugating
AD: WHEELING, 1927. American advertisement for the Wheeling Corrugating Company, 1927
miscellaneous/ad pianos 1927 american ad gulbransen pianos
AD: PIANOS, 1927. American advertisement for Gulbransen Pianos, 1927
miscellaneous/ad refrigerator 1927 american ad seeger refrigerator
AD: REFRIGERATOR, 1927. American advertisement for the Seeger Refrigerator Company
miscellaneous/ad tires 1927 american ad mason hylastic tires
AD: TIRES, 1927. American advertisement for Mason Hylastic Tires, 1927
handcolored/tuskegee institute 1902 students tuskegee institute
TUSKEGEE INSTITUTE, 1902. Students at Tuskegee Institute learning about the Jamestown
handcolored/tuskegee institute 1900 unidentified instructor
TUSKEGEE INSTITUTE, 1900. An unidentified instructor conducting a soil analysis
handcolored/tuskegee faculty council november 1902 row
TUSKEGEE FACULTY COUNCIL. November 1902. Top row, left to right: Robert R. Taylor, R
handcolored/schoolmistress 1893 miss blanche lamont school hecla
SCHOOLMISTRESS, 1893. Miss Blanche Lamont with her school in Hecla, Montana, October 1893
handcolored/one room schoolhouse one room schoolhouse breathitt
ONE-ROOM SCHOOLHOUSE. One-room schoolhouse at Breathitt County, Kentucky
handcolored/sharecroppers c1890 sharecropper family virginia
SHARECROPPERS, c1890. A sharecropper family in Virginia. Oil over a photograph
miscellaneous/chinese immigrants street scene san franciscos
CHINESE IMMIGRANTS. A street scene in San Francisco's Chinatown. Photograph, c1920
handcolored/education physics c1892 physics laboratory
EDUCATION: PHYSICS, c1892. The physics laboratory at Western High School, Washington, D
handcolored/napoleon iii bismarck cartoon john tenniel punch
NAPOLEON III & BISMARCK. Cartoon by John Tenniel from Punch, 1866, on the rival
handcolored/colossus solis rhodes colossus solis giant
COLOSSUS SOLIS OF RHODES. 'Colossus Solis,' the giant personification of the
handcolored/new england primer 1727 page rhymed alphabet
NEW ENGLAND PRIMER, 1727. A page of the rhymed alphabet from the earliest extant
handcolored/carlisle school c1902 classroom carlisle indian
CARLISLE SCHOOL, c1902. Classroom at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, Carlisle
handcolored/virginia wash day 1900 african american women
VIRGINIA: WASH DAY, 1900. African American women and girls washing the family laundry
handcolored/dodgson looking glass in moment alice glass
DODGSON: LOOKING GLASS. 'In another moment Alice was through the glass, and had
handcolored/dodgson looking glass alice the glass beginning
DODGSON: LOOKING GLASS. Alice found 'the glass was beginning to melt away
handcolored/aesop 620 560 bc narrating fables painting
AESOP (620-560 B.C.) narrating his fables. After the painting by Roberto Fontana
handcolored/dodgson looking glass alice white knight
DODGSON: LOOKING GLASS. Alice and the White Knight
handcolored/henry vii coronation henry duke lancaster crowned
HENRY VII CORONATION. Henry, Duke of Lancaster, crowned King Henry VII of England in 1485
handcolored/william ewart gladstone 1809 1893 english
WILLIAM EWART GLADSTONE (1809-1893). English politician
handcolored/auncelot lake woodcut depicting launcelot tournament
AUNCELOT OF THE LAKE. Woodcut depicting Launcelot at a tournament, from Wynkyn
handcolored/store drawing 1885 edward windsor kemble
IN THE STORE. Drawing, 1885, by Edward Windsor Kemble (1861-1933)
handcolored/carroll alice 1865 alice kicks chimney design
CARROLL: ALICE, 1865. Alice kicks Bill up the chimney: after the design by Sir
handcolored/carroll alice 1865 father william standing
CARROLL: ALICE, 1865. Father William standing on his head
handcolored/websters spelling book spread 1793 edition noah
WEBSTER'S SPELLING BOOK. A spread from the 1793 edition of Noah Webster's
handcolored/nikolai i lobachevski 1793 1856 russian mathematician
NIKOLAI I. LOBACHEVSKI (1793-1856). Russian mathematician. Contemporary lithograph
handcolored/john calvin 1509 1564 french theologian reformer
JOHN CALVIN (1509-1564). French theologian and reformer. Contemporary lithograph
handcolored/sea serpent 1555 sea serpent sea darkness
SEA SERPENT, 1555. Sea serpent in the 'Sea of darkness' to the south and west
handcolored/sisyphus rolling stone sisyphus condemned zeus
SISYPHUS ROLLING STONE. Sisyphus condemned by Zeus to the everlasting task of trying
handcolored/marco polo 1254 1324 woodcut nuremberg 1477
MARCO POLO (1254-1324). Woodcut from the Nuremberg (1477) edition of 'Marco Polo
handcolored/nyc sweatshop 1908 workers new york city sweatshop
NYC SWEATSHOP, 1908. Workers in a New York City sweatshop. Oil over a photograph, 1908
handcolored/john eliot bible title page john eliots native
JOHN ELIOT: BIBLE. Title-page of John Eliot's Native American Bible, the first
us cities/new york city proposal map showing proposed
NEW YORK CITY: PROPOSAL. Map showing a proposed subway loop connecting the West
us cities/staten island 1853 view mount hermon southern
STATEN ISLAND, 1853. View of Mount Hermon on the southern shore of Staten Island
us cities/frozen east river 1871 walking frozen east river
FROZEN EAST RIVER, 1871. Walking across the frozen East River between New York
us cities/new york city 1890 view first building american
NEW YORK CITY, 1890. View of the first building of the American Museum of Natural
us cities/staten island c1840s narrows seen hill staten island
STATEN ISLAND, c1840s. The Narrows seen from a hill on Staten Island. Steel engraving
us cities/staten island 1853 narrows seen hill staten island
STATEN ISLAND, 1853. The Narrows seen from a hill on Staten Island, New York
us cities/new york broadway 1894 broadway metropolitan hotel
NEW YORK: BROADWAY, 1894. Broadway, from the Metropolitan Hotel, New York City
us cities/nyc central park 1861 view iron bridge central park
NYC: CENTRAL PARK, 1861. View of the Iron Bridge in Central Park: lithograph, American
us cities/nyc cleopatras needle 1881 obelisk crossing
NYC: CLEOPATRA'S NEEDLE 1881. The obelisk crossing the Main Drive in New York's
us cities/nyc tenement life 1897 sukkah ritual structure
NYC: TENEMENT LIFE, 1897. A Sukkah, the ritual structure for the Jewish Festival of
us cities/new york broadway 1911 longacre square looking
NEW YORK: BROADWAY, 1911. Longacre Square looking south towards the Times Square
us cities/street urchins c1888 children mullens alley
STREET URCHINS, c1888. Children in Mullen's Alley, off Cherry Street in New York City
us cities/peddlers bed c1890 peddler lodgings cellar
PEDDLER'S BED, c1890. A peddler in his lodgings in the cellar of a Ludlow Street
us cities/chinese immigrants street toy vendor san franciscos
CHINESE IMMIGRANTS. A street toy vendor in San Francisco's Chinatown. Photograph
us cities/new york tenement life policeman settles dispute
NEW YORK: TENEMENT LIFE. Policeman settles a dispute. Photograph by Lewis W. Hine, 1912
us cities/nyc newsboys c1890 boys shooting craps hall
NYC: NEWSBOYS, c1890. Boy's shooting craps in the hall of the Newsboys' Lodging House
us cities/nyc tenement life c1900 lower east family
NYC: TENEMENT LIFE, c1900. A Lower East Side family
us cities/nyc lower east side intersection orchard hester
NYC: LOWER EAST SIDE. The intersection of Orchard and Hester Streets on New York
us cities/nyc tenement life interior tenement housing
NYC: TENEMENT LIFE. Interior of tenement housing in New York City
us cities/nyc tenement c1890 child standing hallway tenement
NYC: TENEMENT, c1890. A child standing in the hallway of a tenement building
us cities/nyc tenement life police station lodgers
NYC: TENEMENT LIFE. Police station lodgers. Photograph by Jacob Riis, c1889
us cities/riis nyc tenement life italian immigrant mother
RIIS: NYC TENEMENT LIFE. An Italian immigrant mother and baby in a tenement home in
us cities/lower east side c1890 tenement mother child
LOWER EAST SIDE, c1890. A tenement mother and child. Photograph by Jacob Riis, c1890
us cities/new york broadway 1899 view broadway new york city
NEW YORK: BROADWAY, 1899. A view of Broadway in New York City, looking north
us cities/new york broadway 1895 looking north broadway
NEW YORK: BROADWAY, 1895. Looking north on Broadway from Liberty Street in New York City
us cities/lower east side nyc intersection hester street
LOWER EAST SIDE, NYC. The intersection of Hester Street (at right) and Suffolk Street
us cities/nyc lower east side 1898 hester street new
NYC: LOWER EAST SIDE, 1898. Hester Street in New York City. Photograph, 1898
us cities/nyc tenement life c1910 new york city tenement
NYC: TENEMENT LIFE, c1910. A New York City tenement family. Photograph by Lewis Hine
us cities/nyc tenement life boys sleeping porch tenement
NYC: TENEMENT LIFE. Boys sleeping on the porch of a tenement building in New York City
us cities/lower east side c1910 children using tenement
LOWER EAST SIDE, c1910. Children using a tenement alley for a playground in New York City
us cities/nyc street vendor c1910 photograph lewis hine
NYC STREET VENDOR, c1910. Photograph by Lewis Hine, c1910
us cities/nyc tenement life boys playing game near tenements
NYC: TENEMENT LIFE. Boys playing a game near tenements in New York City
world geography/moscow gate c1890 paper model gate moscow russia
MOSCOW: GATE, c1890. Paper model of a gate in Moscow, Russia. Engraving, c1890
world history/boats tigris c1900 paddling steamboat landing
BOATS ON TIGRIS, c1900. Paddling from a steamboat landing on the Tigris River, Baghdad
world history/arab scholars 1237 library hulwan egypt near cairo
ARAB SCHOLARS, 1237. In the library in Hulwan, Egypt, near Cairo. Arabic ms. illumination
world history/ages man 1826 the ages man french epinal print
AGES OF MAN, 1826. 'The Ages of Man.' French Epinal print, 1826, by Francois
zoology/blackburn birds 1895 blackbird illustration
BLACKBURN: BIRDS, 1895. 'Blackbird.' Illustration by Jemima Blackburn, 1895
zoology/blackburn birds 1895 redwing illustration
BLACKBURN: BIRDS, 1895. 'Redwing.' Illustration by Jemima Blackburn, 1895
zoology/blackburn birds 1895 song thrush illustration
BLACKBURN: BIRDS, 1895. 'Song Thrush.' Illustration by Jemima Blackburn, 1895
zoology/blackburn birds 1895 fieldfare illustration
BLACKBURN: BIRDS, 1895. 'Fieldfare.' Illustration by Jemima Blackburn, 1895
zoology/blackburn birds 1895 missel mistle thrush
BLACKBURN: BIRDS, 1895. 'Missel or Mistle Thrush


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