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architecture/adolf loos steiner house steiner house vienna
ADOLF LOOS: STEINER HOUSE. The Steiner House in Vienna, Austria, designed by Adolf Loos
architecture/venice ca rezzonico ca rezzonico palazzo grand
VENICE: CA REZZONICO. The Ca' Rezzonico palazzo on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy
architecture/james inman residence james inman residence burrillville
JAMES INMAN RESIDENCE. The James Inman residence in Burrillville, Rhode Island
architecture/brisville title page page book designs locks
BRISVILLE: TITLE PAGE. Page for a book of designs for locks, by Hugues Brisville
architecture/brisville title page title page book designs locks
BRISVILLE: TITLE PAGE. Title page for a book of designs for locks, by Hugues Brisville
architecture/cartouche engraved cartouche 19th century
CARTOUCHE. Engraved cartouche, 19th century
architecture/decorative border engraved decorative border
DECORATIVE BORDER. Engraved decorative border, 19th century
architecture/paxton crystal sanatorium design crystal sanitorium
PAXTON: CRYSTAL SANATORIUM. Design for a crystal sanitorium by English architect Joseph
architecture/lawn ornaments 1889 american cartoon man who
LAWN ORNAMENTS, 1889. American cartoon of a man who bought too many iron lawn ornaments
architecture/bedroom c1750 rococo bedroom french home lithograph
BEDROOM, c1750. A Rococo bedroom in a French home. Lithograph, c1875
architecture/mexico cathedral c1890 mexico city metropolitan
MEXICO: CATHEDRAL, c1890. The Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City, Mexico
architecture/winchester cathedral church england cathedral
WINCHESTER CATHEDRAL. Church of England cathedral in Winchester, England. Photochrome
architecture/venice st marks basilica interior st
VENICE: ST. MARK'S BASILICA. The interior of St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, Italy
architecture/john bartram house southeast view house garden
JOHN BARTRAM HOUSE. Southeast view of the house and garden of American botanist
architecture/spain alhambra palace court lions alhambra palace
SPAIN: ALHAMBRA PALACE. The Court of the Lions at the Alhambra Palace in Granada
architecture/rome st peters basilica interior saint peters
ROME: ST. PETER'S BASILICA. Interior of Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome
architecture/spain cordoba c1908 beautifully carved choir
SPAIN: CORDOBA, c1908. 'Beautifully carved choir stalls, Cathedral, Cordova, Spain
architecture/new york meetinghouse quaker meetinghouse flushing
NEW YORK: MEETINGHOUSE. A Quaker meetinghouse in Flushing, New York. Engraving
architecture/syria church c1903 interior greek church damascus
SYRIA: CHURCH, c1903. Interior of the Greek church of Damascus, Syria. Stereograph
architecture/bowne house 1661 bowne house built 1661 john
BOWNE HOUSE, 1661. The Bowne House, built in 1661 by John Bowne in Flushing, New York
architecture/montana home c1900 interior view unidentified
MONTANA: HOME, c1900. Interior view of an unidentified home in Helena, Montana
architecture/architecture columns diagram various orders
ARCHITECTURE: COLUMNS. Diagram of various orders of classical columns. Engraving
architecture/spinning wheel american woman spinning yarn
SPINNING WHEEL. An American woman spinning yarn. Photograph, 19th century
architecture/hine housing 1912 textile workers family yard
HINE: MILL HOUSING, 1912. Textile mill worker's family in the yard with a clothesline
architecture/hine housing 1912 italian american mother
HINE: MILL HOUSING, 1912. An Italian American mother and five children in their
architecture/hine housing 1912 polish american mother children
HINE: MILL HOUSING, 1912. A Polish American mother with her children in their crowded
architecture/hine housing 1912 interior textile workers
HINE: MILL HOUSING, 1912. Interior of a textile mill worker's home in Pawtucket
architecture/hine housing 1912 poor housing conditions textile
HINE: MILL HOUSING, 1912. Poor housing conditions for textile mill workers in Woonsocket
architecture/hine housing 1912 housing cannon mills textile
HINE: MILL HOUSING, 1912. Housing for Cannon Mills textile workers in Concord, North
architecture/factory worker housing 1911 settlement sardine
FACTORY WORKER HOUSING, 1911. Settlement of sardine workers from Factory #2 at
architecture/textile worker housing housing workers tupelo
TEXTILE WORKER HOUSING. Housing for the workers at the Tupelo Cotton Mill in Tupelo
architecture/hine housing 1911 camp workers peerless oyster co
HINE: HOUSING, 1911. A camp for workers of the Peerless Oyster Co. in Bay St. Louis
architecture/versailles pediment 1679 study pediment marble
VERSAILLES: PEDIMENT, 1679. Study for the pediment of the Marble Court at Versailles
architecture/john jacob astor residence exterior home john
JOHN JACOB ASTOR RESIDENCE. Exterior of the home of John Jacob Astor IV (1864-1912)
architecture/el escorial cloister architectural lower cloister
EL ESCORIAL: CLOISTER. Architectural detail of the lower cloister at El Escorial
architecture/john jacob astor residence interior home john
JOHN JACOB ASTOR RESIDENCE. Interior of the home of John Jacob Astor IV (1864-1912)
architecture/massachusetts trestle boys walking trestle work
MASSACHUSETTS: TRESTLE. Boys walking across a trestle after work in Westfield
architecture/william morris designs chair wallpaper designed
WILLIAM MORRIS DESIGNS. Chair and wallpaper designed by William Morris, 1870s
architecture/gardner pingree house federal style gardner pingree
GARDNER-PINGREE HOUSE. The Federal style Gardner-Pingree House at 128 Essex Street
architecture/american town group well dressed men standing
AMERICAN TOWN. Group of well-dressed men standing near an empty lot in an American town
architecture/log cabin c1870 settlers outside log cabin steamboat
LOG CABIN, c1870. Settlers outside of a log cabin with a steamboat on the river
architecture/wyoming log cabin c1913 log cabin woods marker
WYOMING: LOG CABIN, c1913. A log cabin in the woods with a marker indicating where U
architecture/alabama log cabin c1890 african americans outside
ALABAMA: LOG CABIN, c1890. Three African Americans outside a log cabin in Mt. Meigs
architecture/log cabin c1903 men woman children standing
LOG CABIN, c1903. Three men, a woman and four children standing in the doorway of
architecture/arizona log cabin c1908 log cabin thatched
ARIZONA: LOG CABIN, c1908. Log cabin with a thatched roof in front of a large rock
architecture/alaska log cabin c1899 log cabins kodiak alaska
ALASKA: LOG CABIN, c1899. Log cabins in Kodiak, Alaska. Photograph by Edward Curtis
architecture/log cabin c1906 loggers dog standing log cabin
LOG CABIN, c1906. Two loggers and a dog standing in front of a log cabin in the
architecture/log cabin c1895 african american man seated
LOG CABIN, c1895. An African American man seated on a tree stump, outside a log
architecture/log cabin c1900 man sitting small log cabin
LOG CABIN, c1900. A man sitting in front of a small log cabin on a Sunday morning
architecture/josiah quincy house country home colonel josiah
JOSIAH QUINCY HOUSE. The country home of Colonel Josiah Quincy I (1709-1784) built
architecture/washington dc houses men sidewalk watching
WASHINGTON, D.C.: HOUSES. Men on a sidewalk watching debris being cleaned up in
architecture/georgia row houses row houses water tower barn
GEORGIA: ROW HOUSES. A row of houses with a water tower and barn on the right in
architecture/washington dc houses view new row houses sale
WASHINGTON D.C.: HOUSES. A view of new row houses for sale on 14th and Taylor Streets
architecture/washington dc c1919 row houses buildings
WASHINGTON, D.C., c1919. Row houses and other buildings on the site of the new
architecture/row houses c1919 row houses identified farm
ROW HOUSES, c1919. Row houses identified as farm buildings, with the A
architecture/pile bridge c1914 workers constructing pile
PILE BRIDGE, c1914. Workers constructing a pile bridge which is estimated to be
architecture/vermont row houses c1909 row houses belonging
VERMONT: ROW HOUSES, c1909. A row of mill houses belonging to the woolen mill company
architecture/cathedral construction king dagobert i c603 639
CATHEDRAL CONSTRUCTION. King Dagobert I (c603-639) overseeing the reconstruction
architecture/maine log cabin 1889 interior loggers camp
MAINE: LOG CABIN, 1889. Interior of loggers' camp on Mud Pond in which 39 nights
architecture/france cathedral spire drawing spire laon cathedral
FRANCE: CATHEDRAL SPIRE. Drawing of the spire of Laon Cathedral from the sketchbook
architecture/persian queen 15th century persian queen circular
PERSIAN QUEEN, 15th CENTURY. A Persian queen on a circular tower with two string courses
architecture/castle 15th century pentagonal tower string
CASTLE, 15th CENTURY. A pentagonal tower with two string courses and gargoyles
architecture/anne morgan boudoir c1913 boudoir new york city
ANNE MORGAN BOUDOIR, c1913. A boudoir in the New York City home of Anne Morgan
architecture/bakhchisaray harem c1900 harem bakhchisaray
BAKHCHISARAY HAREM, c1900. Harem of the Bakhchisaray Palace in Bakhchisaray, Crimea
architecture/mexico oaxaca cathedral oil canvas mid 19th
MEXICO: OAXACA CATHEDRAL. Oil on canvas, mid-19th century
architecture/furniture parquet 1862 furniture parqueterie
FURNITURE & PARQUET, 1862. Furniture and parqueterie flooring by Thonet Brothers
architecture/boston museum 1879 the lawrence room museum
BOSTON: MUSEUM, 1879. 'The Lawrence Room, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
architecture/venice theater atrium view atrium teatro san
VENICE: THEATER ATRIUM. View of the atrium of the Teatro San Benedetto in Venice, Italy
architecture/romania castle view peles castle carpathian
ROMANIA: CASTLE. View of the Peles castle in the Carpathian mountains, near the
architecture/new york gaslamps 1866 lafayette place seen
NEW YORK: GASLAMPS, 1866. Lafayette Place seen from Great Jones Street, Photographed
architecture/bifocals 1760s benjamin franklins sketch bifocal
BIFOCALS, 1760s. Benjamin Franklin's sketch for bifocal eyeglasses, which he is
architecture/furniture ad 1884 ad 1884 english newspaper
FURNITURE AD, 1884. Advertisement, 1884, from an English newspaper
architecture/indian church natick indian church natick
INDIAN CHURCH AT NATICK. The Indian Church at Natick, Massachusetts
architecture/basilica s maria maggiore interior basilica
BASILICA S. MARIA MAGGIORE. Interior of the Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome
architecture/van velde theater 1914 werkbund theater designed
VAN DE VELDE: THEATER, 1914. The Werkbund Theater, designed by Henry Clemens van de Velde
architecture/rome arch titus 1900 arch titus photographed
ROME: ARCH OF TITUS, 1900. The Arch of Titus, photographed c1900
architecture/lamps 1895 mail order catalog montgomery ward
LAMPS, 1895. From the mail-order catalog of Montgomery Ward & Co
architecture/virginia pohick church pohick church turo parish
VIRGINIA: POHICK CHURCH. Pohick Church, Turo Parish, Virginia, the present building
architecture/maine log cabin man standing log cabin lucky
MAINE: LOG CABIN. A man standing in front of a log cabin at the Lucky Camp in Spencer Bay
architecture/russia log cabin 1912 bashkir man sitting log
RUSSIA: LOG CABIN, 1912. A Bashkir man sitting on a log beside a small log cabin
architecture/idaho log cabin c1903 man horseback log cabin idaho
IDAHO: LOG CABIN, c1903. A man on horseback in front of a log cabin in Idaho. Photograph
architecture/utah log cabins c1869 log cabins head echo canyon
UTAH: LOG CABINS, c1869. Log cabins at the head of Echo Canyon, the contract station
architecture/russia log cabin 1910 bashkir man sitting steps
RUSSIA: LOG CABIN, 1910. A Bashkir man sitting on the steps of a log cabin in the
architecture/russia log cabins 1910 log cabin village sim
RUSSIA: LOG CABINS, 1910. A log cabin village along the Sim River near the
architecture/uzbekistan log cabin small log cabin mountain
UZBEKISTAN: LOG CABIN. A small log cabin on a mountain ridge along the Orenburg-Tashkent
architecture/log cabin barracks winter housing quarters british
LOG CABIN BARRACKS. The winter housing quarters of the British North American Boundary
architecture/south dakota log cabin men sitting grass old
SOUTH DAKOTA: LOG CABIN. Five men sitting in the grass in front of an old log cabin
architecture/alaska log cabin c1916 man standing log cabin
ALASKA: LOG CABIN, c1916. A man standing in front of his log cabin with a flower
architecture/alaska log cabin small log cabin thatched roof
ALASKA: LOG CABIN. A small log cabin with a thatched roof in Alaska. Photograph
architecture/alaska log cabin woman standing log cabin fairbanks
ALASKA: LOG CABIN. A woman standing in front of a log cabin in Fairbanks, Alaska
architecture/alaska log cabin c1916 homesteaders rural
ALASKA: LOG CABIN, c1916. A homesteader's rural log cabin in Alaska. Photograph
architecture/alaska log cabin log cabin residential corner
ALASKA: LOG CABIN. A log cabin on a residential corner with a wooden plank sidewalk
architecture/alaska log cabin log cabin fairbanks alaska
ALASKA: LOG CABIN. A log cabin in Fairbanks, Alaska. Photograph, c1900-1916
architecture/alaska log cabin interior log cabin club nome
ALASKA: LOG CABIN. The interior of The Log Cabin Club in Nome, Alaska. Photograph
architecture/alaska log cabin door log cabin club nome
ALASKA: LOG CABIN. The door of The Log Cabin Club in Nome, Alaska
architecture/alaska log cabin log house thatched roof farm
ALASKA: LOG CABIN. A log house with a thatched roof on a farm in Fairbanks, Alaska
architecture/alaska log cabin log cabin attached greenhouse
ALASKA: LOG CABIN. A log cabin with an attached greenhouse and a large flower garden
architecture/alaska log cabin c1916 log cabin clubhouse nome
ALASKA: LOG CABIN, c1916. The Log Cabin Clubhouse in Nome, Alaska. Photograph, c1916
architecture/alaska log cabin man standing log cabin alaska
ALASKA: LOG CABIN. A man standing in front of a log cabin in Alaska. Photograph


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