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crime punishment/anti nixon poster 1960 would buy used car man
ANTI-NIXON POSTER, 1960. 'Would YOU buy a used car from this man?' American poster
poets writers/1874 1965 sir winston leonard spencer churchill
(1874-1965). Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill
world leaders/mongol conqueror chinese silk album leaf yuan
Mongol conqueror. Chinese silk album leaf, Yuan Dynasty
cold war/1894 1971 soviet politician photographed c1960
(1894-1971). Soviet politician. Photographed c1960
world leaders/1874 1965 english statesman writer photographed
(1874-1965). English statesman and writer
crime punishment/french revolutionary politician jean paul marat
French revolutionary politician Jean-Paul Marat, fatally stabbed in his bath by Charlotte Corday
world leaders/william conqueror battle hastings 14 october 1066
William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings, 14 October 1066. Line engraving, 19th century
world leaders/1729 1796 empress russia 1762 1796 painting
(1729-1796). Empress of Russia, 1762-1796. Painting of Catherine II in her coronation gown
world leaders/35th president united states kennedy wife jacqueline
35th President of the United States. Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline, with Texas
world leaders/406 453 traditional colored engraving
(406?-453): traditional colored engraving
world leaders/1758 1794 french revolutionist contemporary
(1758-1794). French revolutionist. Contemporary painting by an unknown artist
world leaders/first roman emperor 27 bc 14 ad augustus
First Roman emperor, 27 B.C.-14 A.D. The Augustus of Prima Porta, 20 B.C
world leaders/356 323 bc king macedonia 336 323 b
(356-323 B.C.). King of Macedonia, 336-323 B.C. Contemporary ivory head
world leaders/south american soldier statesman revolutionary leader
South American soldier, statesman and revolutionary leader. Painting by Jose Gil de Castro
world leaders/1881 1938 turkish soldier statesman recent
(1881-1938). Turkish soldier and statesman. With his recent and unveiled bride, Latifeh Hanoum
american presidents/president anwar sadat egypt applauds us
President Anwar Sadat of Egypt applauds as U
world leaders/roman emperor 37 41 ad roman marble bust
Roman emperor, 37-41 A.D. Roman marble bust
world leaders/queen elizabeth i england oil panel c1588 attributed
Queen Elizabeth I of England. Oil on panel, c1588, attributed to George Gower
world leaders/1815 1898 prussian statesman first chancellor
(1815-1898). Prussian statesman and first chancellor of Germany. English caricature lithograph
world leaders/king franks 768 814 emperor west 800 814
King of the Franks (768-814) and Emperor of the West (800-814)
world leaders/fragment egyptian pillar karnak 18th dynasty
Fragment of an Egyptian pillar, from Karnak, 18th Dynasty
world leaders/king germany 1764 1790 holy roman emperor 1765 1790
King of Germany, 1764-1790, and Holy Roman Emperor, 1765-1790
world leaders/1496 1566 sultan ottoman empire 1520 1566
(1496?-1566). Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, 1520-1566. Canvas by a follower of Titian
russian revolution/vladimir ilich ulyanov known lenin russian communist
Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov, known as Lenin. Russian Communist leader
world leaders/mummified head king ramses ii egypt
Mummified head of King Ramses II of Egypt
world leaders/indonesian nationalist leader politician
Indonesian nationalist leader and politician
world leaders/sultan egypt syria saladin left supervising
Sultan of Egypt and Syria. Saladin (left) supervising the siege of Jerusalem, 1187
world leaders/king england 1483 1485 oil panel 1590 1610
King of England, 1483-1485. Oil on panel, 1590-1610, by an unknown artist
world leaders/emperor colored spanish engraving 1684
Emperor: colored Spanish engraving, 1684
world leaders/oil canvas guido reni 1635 40
Oil on canvas by Guido Reni, 1635-40
labor/vladimir ilich ulyanov known lenin russian communist
Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov, known as Lenin. Russian Communist leader
world leaders/known vlad impaler prince wallachia so called
Known as Vlad the Impaler. Prince of Wallachia. After the so-called Ambras portrait
world leaders/king henry viii england oil copper c1536 hans
King Henry VIII of England. Oil on copper, c1536, after Hans Holbein the Younger
world leaders/roman general statesman roman marble relief
Roman general and statesman. Roman marble relief
world leaders/inca king peru illustration spanish album
Last Inca king of Peru. Illustration from a Spanish album
world leaders/1917 1984 indian political leader photographed
(1917-1984). Indian political leader. Photographed by Warren K
world leaders/1519 1589 queen henry ii france oil wood
(1519-1589). Queen of Henry II of France. Oil on wood, 16th century
world leaders/napoleons first abdication fontainebleau 6 april
Napoleon's first abdication at Fontainebleau, 6 April 1814. Oil on canvas, 1845
world leaders/spanish conqueror mexico oil painting unknown
Spanish conqueror of Mexico. Oil painting by an unknown 16th century artist
world leaders/baptism clovis i 496 ad oil wood c1500 master
Baptism of Clovis I in 496 A.D.: oil on wood, c1500, by Master of Saint Gilles
world leaders/wood framed throne covered carved ivory plates
Wood-framed throne covered with carved ivory plates depicting scenes from mythology
occult/king franks 768 814 emperor west 800 814
King of the Franks, 768-814, and Emperor of the West, 800-814. Gold talisman of Charlemagne
religious icons/1530 1584 called ivan terrible ruler russia
(1530-1584). Called Ivan the Terrible. Ruler of Russia as grand duke (1533-1547) and czar
world leaders/king france 1774 1792 oil canvas joseph siffred
King of France, 1774-1792. Oil on canvas by Joseph Siffred Duplessis, late 18th century
world leaders/ulysses passing isle sirens roman relief 2nd
Ulysses passing the isle of the Sirens. Roman relief, 2nd century A.D
world leaders/israeli stateswoman prime minister photograph
Israeli stateswoman and Prime Minister. Photograph, 1969
world leaders/erected asoka d 238 232 bc indian king who
erected by Asoka (d. 238 or 232 B.C.), the Indian king who was a zealous supporter
world leaders/egyptian queen painted limestone head 18th
Egyptian queen. Painted limestone head, 18th Dynasty
medieval/turkic conqueror born near samarkand indian ms
Turkic conqueror, born near Samarkand. Indian ms. illumination
world leaders/chinese statesman revolutionary leader oil photograph
Chinese statesman and revolutionary leader. Oil over a photograph, 19th century
world leaders/chinese general politician oil photograph c1930
Chinese general and politician. Oil over a photograph, c1930
american presidents/1809 1865 16th president united states
(1809-1865). 16th President of the United States. Photographed at Chicago by Samuel M
american presidents/1882 1945 32nd president united states
(1882-1945). 32nd President of the United States. Photographed c1936
american presidents/crossing delaware
Crossing the Delaware
athletes/president nomination 1904 terrible teddy waits
PRESIDENT NOMINATION, 1904. 'Terrible Teddy' waits for 'the Unknown