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political dissent/title page thomas paines pamphlet common sense
Title-page of Thomas Paine's pamphlet 'Common Sense, ' which urged Americans
philosophers/1889 1951 british austrian born philosopher
(1889-1951). British (Austrian born) philosopher
philosophers/greek mathematician inventor archimedes tub
Greek mathematician and inventor. Archimedes in his tub, discovering the relationship
philosophers/theophrastus plato socrates epicurus pythagoras
Theophrastus, Plato, Socrates, Epicurus, Pythagoras, and Zeno. Roman mosaic from Pompeii
philosophers/martin heidegger 1889 1976
philosophers/chinese wiseman holding sword riding tiger
A Chinese wiseman holding a sword and riding on the back of a tiger. Color woodcut
philosophers/limestone head gandhara northwest pakistan
Limestone head from Gandhara (northwest Pakistan), 4th -5th century A.D
philosophers/cicero pronouncing first oration catiline roman
Cicero pronouncing his first oration against Catiline in the Roman Senate in 64 B
philosophers/socrates teaching people agora engraving 19th
Socrates teaching the people in the Agora: engraving, 19th century, after a bas-relief
poets writers/assumed francois marie arouet french man letters
Assumed name of Francois Marie Arouet. French man of letters
philosophers/frontispiece title page 1717 edition logic or
Frontispiece and title page of a 1717 edition of 'Logic; or, the Art of Thinking
philosophers/greek philosopher late 5th 4th century b
Greek philosopher of late 5th and 4th century B.C. Copper engraving, English, 18th cent
philosophers/known ibn rushd lithograph french 19th century
Also known as ibn-Rushd: lithograph, French, 19th century
philosophers/1469 1527 italian statesman political philosopher
(1469-1527). Italian statesman and political philosopher
philosophers/106 43 bc roman orator statesman philosopher
(106-43 B.C.). Roman orator, statesman, and philosopher. 'The Young Cicero Reading
philosophers/greek mathematician inventor archimedes invention
Greek mathematician and inventor. Archimedes' invention of a system of mirrors
philosophers/hermits hut 1922
philosophers/arabic physician philosopher avicenna massaging
Arabic physician and philosopher. Avicenna massaging a patient
angels/c1225 1274 italian scholastic philosopher
(c1225-1274). Italian scholastic philosopher
philosophers/1813 1855 danish philosopher drawing c1845
(1813-1855). Danish philosopher. Drawing, c1845, by Peter Klaestrup
philosophers/chinese philosopher ink rubbing chinese stele xian
Chinese philosopher. Ink rubbing from a Chinese stele found at Xian, 1734
poets writers/1860 1935 american feminist writer reformer
(1860-1935). American feminist, writer, and reformer. Photograph, c1900
philosophers/1803 1882 american philosopher man letters
(1803-1882). American philosopher and man of letters. Photographed in London in 1873
poets writers/1863 1952 american poet philosopher photographed
(1863-1952). American poet and philosopher. Photographed, c1950
philosophers/known ibn rushd spanish arabian philosopher physician
Also known as ibn-Rushd. Spanish-Arabian philosopher and physician
poets writers/1861 1941 hindu artist philosopher writer
(1861-1941). Hindu artist, philosopher and writer
philosophers/lapis polaris magnes
'Lapis Polaris, Magnes.'
philosophers/school philosophy constantinople illumination
A school in philosophy at Constantinople
philosophers/diapason closing man copper engraving jean theodore
The Diapason closing full in man. Copper engraving by Jean Theodore de Bry from Robert
philosophers/membership certificate american philosophical
Membership certificate of the American Philosophical Society issued to Benjamin Henry Latrobe
philosophers/greek philosopher roman marble copy lost greek
Greek philosopher. Roman marble copy of a lost Greek work of the mid-3rd century B.C
philosophers/group pythagoras heraclitus school athens raphael
Group with Pythagoras and Heraclitus. Detail from The School of Athens by Raphael
philosophers/snakes representing life skull representing
Snakes (representing life) and a skull, representing the duality of life and death
founding fathers/american printer publisher scientist inventor
American printer, publisher, scientist, inventor, statesman and diplomat. Mezzotint
philosophers/greek philosopher ring stone carnelian intaglio
Greek philosopher. Ring stone, Carnelian intaglio, Greco-Roman period
philosophers/french encyclopedist philosopher oil canvas 1769
French encyclopedist and philosopher. Oil on canvas, 1769, by Jean-HonorÃ
philosophers/greek statesman practicing oratory seashore
Greek statesman. Practicing his oratory by the seashore
philosophers/french philosopher photographed c1905
French philosopher. Photographed c1905
philosophers/1844 1900 german philosopher poet etching
(1844-1900). German philosopher and poet. Etching by Hans Olde
philosophers/hermit sitting stylite indian mughal miniature
A hermit sitting on a stylite. Indian mughal miniature painting from the Hamzanama, c1570
poets writers/assumed francois marie arouet french man letters
Assumed name of François Marie Arouet, French man of letters
philosophers/dutch philosopher bronze bust moissaye marans
Dutch philosopher. Bronze bust by Moissaye Marans, early 20th century
philosophers/1788 1860 german philosopher
(1788-1860). German philosopher
philosophers/seated writing english ms illumination 13th
(seated, writing). English ms. illumination, 13th century
philosophers/1806 1873 english philosopher economist
(1806-1873). English philosopher and economist. English caricature lithograph, 1873
philosophers/french mathematician philosopher lithograph
French mathematician and philosopher. Lithograph, 19th century
philosophers/1875 1965 french protestant clergyman philosopher
(1875-1965). French Protestant clergyman, philosopher, physician, and music scholar
poets writers/1838 1910 russian writer philosopher
(1838-1910). Russian writer and philosopher
philosophers/austrian philosopher social reformer photograph
Austrian philosopher and social reformer. Photograph, 1919
philosophers/greek philosopher roman marble bust
Greek philosopher. Roman marble bust
philosophers/inscribed stones reputed writings confucius
Inscribed stones, the reputed writings of Confucius
philosophers/greek philosopher wood engraving late 19th century
Greek philosopher. Wood engraving, late 19th century, after the painting, 1860, by
philosophers/american german born philosopher political scientist
American (German-born) philosopher and political scientist. Photographed c1930
philosophers/1872 1970 philosopher mathematician nobel
(1872-1970). Philosopher, mathematician, and Nobel Prize laureate. Photographed in 1935
philosophers/line engraving french 1541
Line engraving, French, 1541
philosophers/greek philosopher roman marble copy lost greek
Greek philosopher. Roman marble copy of a lost Greek bust of the 4th century B.C
philosophers/roman philosopher led wisdom throne god french
Roman philosopher. Led by Wisdom to throne of God: French manuscript illumination
philosophers/alchemical doctrine contraries illumination 16th
The alchemical doctrine of Two Contraries in an illumination from the 16th century ms
philosophers/american philosopher psychologist
American philosopher and psychologist
philosophers/c2900 bc legendary chinese emperor holding
(c2900 B.C.). The legendary Chinese emperor holding the yin yang symbol. Watercolor
philosophers/chinese philosopher chinese incense burner shape
Chinese philosopher. Chinese incense burner in the shape of a water buffalo and its rider
philosophers/german political philosopher
German political philosopher
philosophers/english philosopher statesman author steel
English philosopher, statesman, and author. Steel engraving, English, 19th century
occult/diagram chakras wheels psychic energy awaken
Diagram of chakras, wheels of psychic energy that awaken the greater energy of kundalini
philosophers/persian religious leader known zarathustra
Persian religious leader, also known as Zarathustra