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occult/head medusa caravaggio oil canvas 1596
HEAD OF MEDUSA by Caravaggio: oil on canvas, 1596
#media dmcs-6217485
occult/spirits sleepy hollow watercolor arthur
SPIRITS IN SLEEPY HOLLOW. Watercolor by Arthur Rackham for Washington Irving's
#media dmcs-6202353
occult/medium safaance 1912 the medium eva c
MEDIUM DURING SÉANCE, 1912. 'The medium Eva C. with a materialization on her head
#media dmcs-6191591
occult/harry houdini 1874 1926 american magician
HARRY HOUDINI (1874-1926). American magician
#media dmcs-6190147
occult/tarot card hanged man the hanged man woodcut
TAROT CARD: HANGED MAN. 'The Hanged Man.' Woodcut, French, 16th century
#media dmcs-12323530
occult/tarot card fool the fool atonement woodcut
TAROT CARD: THE FOOL. 'The Fool (Atonement).' Woodcut, French, Marseille
#media dmcs-12323514
occult/crane horseman ichabod crane headless horseman
CRANE AND HORSEMAN. Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman, attributed to William John Wilgus
#media dmcs-6191563
occult/fuseli nightmare 1781 nightmare oil canvas henry fuseli
FUSELI: NIGHTMARE, 1781. The Nightmare. Oil on canvas by Henry Fuseli, 1781
#media dmcs-6190001
occult/witchcraft 1584 first page reginald scots
WITCHCRAFT, 1584. First page of Reginald Scot's 'The Discouerie of Witchcraft
#media dmcs-12323542
occult/vampirism text 1679 title page philip rohrs
VAMPIRISM TEXT, 1679. Title page of Philip Rohr's dissertation on vampirism, 'De
#media dmcs-12323540
occult/barnacle geese myth spontaneous generation
BARNACLE GEESE MYTH. Spontaneous Generation
#media dmcs-12323536
occult/fama fraternitatis 1614 title page first
FAMA FRATERNITATIS, 1614. Title page of the first edition of 'Fama Fraternitatis'
#media dmcs-12323534
occult/superstition 1493 spontaneous generation
SUPERSTITION, 1493. Spontaneous Generation. A monster born from the Biblical Deluge
#media dmcs-12323532
occult/tarot card fortune the wheel fortune fate
TAROT CARD: FORTUNE. 'The Wheel of Fortune (Fate).' Woodcut, French, 16th century
#media dmcs-12323528
occult/tarot card devil the devil disease woodcut
TAROT CARD: THE DEVIL. 'The Devil (Disease).' Woodcut, French, 16th century
#media dmcs-12323526
occult/tarot card moon the moon disappointment
TAROT CARD: THE MOON. 'The Moon (Disappointment).' Woodcut, French, 16th century
#media dmcs-12323524
occult/tarot card death death woodcut french
TAROT CARD: DEATH. 'Death.' Woodcut, French, 16th century
#media dmcs-12323522
occult/tarot card ace cups the ace cups family
TAROT CARD: THE ACE OF CUPS. 'The Ace of Cups (Family).' Woodcut, French
#media dmcs-12323520
occult/tarot card ace swords the ace swords
TAROT CARD: ACE OF SWORDS. 'The Ace of Swords (Struggle)
#media dmcs-12323518
occult/tarot card ace rods the ace rods action
TAROT CARD: ACE OF RODS. 'The Ace of Rods (Action)
#media dmcs-12323516
occult/tarot card juggler the juggler the male inquirer
TAROT CARD: THE JUGGLER. 'The Juggler (The Male Inquirer).' Woodcut, French
#media dmcs-12323512
occult/tarot card hermit the hermit prudence
TAROT CARD: THE HERMIT. 'The Hermit (Prudence)
#media dmcs-12323510
occult/astrologer oil canvas 1916 nc wyeth
The Astrologer. Oil on canvas, 1916, by N
#media dmcs-8857369
occult/spirit photograph 1863 french illusionist
SPIRIT PHOTOGRAPH, 1863. French illusionist Henri Robin with a ghost, in a double
#media dmcs-6191733
occult/superstition 1493 spontaneous generation
SUPERSTITION, 1493. Spontaneous Generation. A monster born from the Biblical Deluge
#media dmcs-12323538
occult/vampire book 1679 title page philip rohrs
VAMPIRE BOOK, 1679. Title-page of Philip Rohr's dissertation on vampirism, "De
#media dmcs-6246754
occult/hopi kachina doll talavai morning singer
HOPI KACHINA DOLL. Talavai (Morning Singer), a Hopi spirit or Kachina, dressed in a cape
#media dmcs-6215961
occult/goya witches sabbath witches sabbath oil canvas
GOYA: WITCHES SABBATH. The Witches' Sabbath
#media dmcs-6202287
occult/king franks 768 814 emperor west 800 814
King of the Franks, 768-814, and Emperor of the West, 800-814. Gold talisman of Charlemagne
#media dmcs-8244549
occult/diagram chakras wheels psychic energy awaken
Diagram of chakras, wheels of psychic energy that awaken the greater energy of kundalini
#media dmcs-7794145
flora fauna/vampire bat vampyrus spectrum wood engraving
VAMPIRE BAT (Vampyrus spectrum). Wood engraving, 19th century
#media dmcs-7546353
occult/babylon sun worship cult sun worship ancient babylon
BABYLON: SUN WORSHIP. The cult of sun worship in ancient Babylon. Line engraving, 1733
#media dmcs-7539357
occult/ordeal water witch apparently remaining afloat water
ORDEAL BY WATER. A 'witch' apparently remaining afloat on the water, while
#media dmcs-7527538
occult/durer witches 1497 witches line engraving
DURER: FOUR WITCHES, 1497. The Four Witches. Line engraving, 1497, by Albrecht Durer
#media dmcs-7497393
occult/elves fairies painting unknown artist
ELVES AND FAIRIES. Painting by an unknown artist
#media dmcs-6618005
occult/voodoo dance 1885 voodoo dance drawing e
VOODOO DANCE, 1885. The Voodoo Dance: drawing by E.W. Kemble, 1885
#media dmcs-6256995
occult/cotton mather 1693 title page 1693 london
COTTON MATHER, 1693. Title-page of the 1693 London edition of Cotton Mather's
#media dmcs-6256367
occult/salem witch trial 1692 witch trial salem
SALEM WITCH TRIAL, 1692. A witch trial at Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692: lithograph
#media dmcs-6252711
occult/grigori efimovich rasputin c1871 1916
GRIGORI EFIMOVICH RASPUTIN (c1871-1916). Russian monk
#media dmcs-6250523
occult/babylonian cuneiform babylonian clay model
BABYLONIAN CUNEIFORM. Babylonian clay model of a sheep's liver inscribed with
#media dmcs-6250029
occult/vlad iii 1431 1477 known vlad impaler
VLAD III (1431-1477). Known as Vlad the Impaler. Prince of Wallachia. German woodcut
#media dmcs-6249357
occult/la tour fortune teller georges la tour fortune teller
LA TOUR: FORTUNE TELLER. Georges de La Tour: The Fortune Teller. Canvas, c1630
#media dmcs-6249003
occult/astrology fates french cabalistic illuminated
ASTROLOGY WITH FATES. French cabalistic illuminated manuscript
#media dmcs-6248549
occult/travels merlin illustration 14th century
TRAVELS OF MERLIN. Illustration from a 14th century French manuscript
#media dmcs-6246228
occult/england stonehenge salisbury plain england
ENGLAND: STONEHENGE Salisbury Plain, England
#media dmcs-6245612
occult/arthur conan doyle 1859 1930 british physician writer
ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE (1859-1930). British physician and writer
#media dmcs-6244377
occult/dawson city c1900 laundress fortune teller
DAWSON CITY, c1900. A laundress and fortune teller in the doorway of her shop in
#media dmcs-6217479
occult/bolivia native mask devil dance mask native
BOLIVIA: NATIVE MASK. Devil dance mask made by native Bolivians
#media dmcs-6217477
occult/mexico vampire goddess bat vampire goddess
MEXICO: VAMPIRE GODDESS. Bat vampire goddess. Black ceramic figure typical of the Zapotec culture
#media dmcs-6217475


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