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nature/san francisco earthquake damaged house grove street
SAN FRANCISCO EARTHQUAKE. Damaged house on Grove Street, following the earthquake
nature/germany riesengebirge path riesengebirge mountain
GERMANY: RIESENGEBIRGE. Path in the Riesengebirge mountain range, Germany. Photograph
nature/germany riesengebirge riesengebirge mountain range
GERMANY: RIESENGEBIRGE. The Riesengebirge mountain range, Germany. Photograph, c1900
nature/iceberg 1887 passengers board steamship north
ICEBERG, 1887. Passengers on board a steamship in the North Atlantic observing an iceberg
nature/brooklyn prospect park people heavily snow covered
BROOKLYN: PROSPECT PARK. People among heavily snow-covered trees in Prospect Park
nature/yellowstone river c1890 rapids yellowstone river
YELLOWSTONE RIVER, c1890. Rapids on the Yellowstone River above the falls. Photograph
nature/mississippi river c1890 palisades mississippi river
MISSISSIPPI RIVER, c1890. The Palisades on the Mississippi River. Photograph, c1890
nature/lower yellowstone falls lower yellowstone falls
LOWER YELLOWSTONE FALLS. The Lower Yellowstone Falls in Yellowstone National Park
nature/niagara falls c1890 view niagara falls photograph
NIAGARA FALLS, c1890. A view of Niagara Falls. Photograph, c1890
nature/arizona flood 1891 men observing damage shore
ARIZONA: FLOOD, 1891. Men observing the damage from the shore of the Salt River in
nature/arizona flood 1891 men seated wreckage railroad
ARIZONA: FLOOD, 1891. Men seated on the wreckage of a railroad bridge on the Salt
nature/snowstorm 1862 view snowstorm october photograph
SNOWSTORM, 1862. View of a snowstorm in October. Photograph by Frederick Ferris Thompson
nature/alps mont blanc c1908 alpinists ascent mont blanc
ALPS: MONT BLANC, c1908. Alpinists during the ascent of Mont Blanc. Stereograph, c1908
nature/swiss alps c1908 view town zermatt visp district
SWISS ALPS, c1908. View of the town of Zermatt in the Visp district of Switzerland
nature/alps aiguille verte c1908 hamlet les frasserands
ALPS: AIGUILLE VERTE, c1908. The hamlet of Les Frasserands and the Aiguille Verte
nature/ohio flood 1913 flood waters ludlow street dayton
OHIO: FLOOD, 1913. Flood waters on Ludlow Street in Dayton, Ohio, during the Great
nature/illinois flood c1907 flooding railroad tracks
ILLINOIS: FLOOD, c1907. Flooding along the railroad tracks in Illinois. Photograph
nature/potomac flood c1915 ice potomac river flood
POTOMAC FLOOD, c1915. Ice on the Potomac River after a flood. Photograph, c1915
nature/potomac flood c1915 flood potomac river georgetown
POTOMAC FLOOD, c1915. The flood of the Potomac River in Georgetown, Washington D
nature/potomac flood c1915 flood refugees possessions
POTOMAC FLOOD, c1915. Flood refugees with their possessions after the Potomac River flood
nature/flood c1915 boats debris stuck ice potomac river
FLOOD, c1915. Boats and debris stuck in the ice of the Potomac River after a flood
nature/flood 1922 children porch flooded house photograph
FLOOD, 1922. Children on the porch of a flooded house. Photograph, 2 September 1922
nature/maryland flood 1921 flooded street bladensburg
MARYLAND: FLOOD, 1921. A flooded street in Bladensburg, Maryland
nature/ohio flood 1913 flood damaged houses dayton
OHIO: FLOOD, 1913. Flood damaged houses in Dayton, Ohio, after the Great Dayton Flood
nature/cincinnati flood 1913 flooded houses east end
CINCINNATI: FLOOD, 1913. Flooded houses in the east end of Cincinnati, Ohio. Photograph
nature/dayton flood 1913 workers rescuing elderly couple
DAYTON FLOOD, 1913. Workers rescuing an elderly couple in a rowboat after the flood
nature/dayton flood 1913 workers rescuing family rowboat
DAYTON FLOOD, 1913. Workers rescuing a family in a rowboat after the flood in Dayton
nature/flood refugees 1912 refugees flood louisiana
FLOOD REFUGEES, 1912. Refugees from a flood in Louisiana cooking government rations
nature/cleveland flood c1913 bridge swept away flood
CLEVELAND: FLOOD, c1913. A bridge being swept away during a flood in Cleveland, Ohio
nature/flood refugees 1912 flood refugees louisiana
FLOOD REFUGEES, 1912. Flood refugees from Louisiana at a cotton compress being
nature/pennsylvania flood 1911 view ruined railroad
PENNSYLVANIA: FLOOD, 1911. A view of the ruined railroad station in Costello, Pennsylvania
nature/pennsylvania flood 1911 wrecked railroad train
PENNSYLVANIA: FLOOD, 1911. A wrecked railroad train in Austin, Pennsylvania, after
nature/pennsylvania flood 1911 ruined houses austin
PENNSYLVANIA: FLOOD, 1911. Ruined houses in Austin, Pennsylvania, after the failure
nature/pennsylvania flood 1911 view austin pennsylvania
PENNSYLVANIA: FLOOD, 1911. A view of Austin, Pennsylvania, after the failure of the
nature/dayton flood 1913 rescue workers carrying woman
DAYTON FLOOD, 1913. Rescue workers carrying a woman after the flood in Dayton, Ohio
nature/st louis flood 1909 horse drawn wagon flooded
ST. LOUIS: FLOOD, 1909. A horse-drawn wagon at the flooded levee in St. Louis, Missouri
nature/galveston hurricane 1900 relief workers carrying
GALVESTON HURRICANE, 1900. Relief workers carrying a dead body to be burned in Galveston
nature/egypt flood c1898 flood nile river cairo egypt
EGYPT: FLOOD, c1898. A flood of the Nile River in Cairo, Egypt. Stereograph, c1898
nature/galveston hurricane 1900 looking north ursuline
GALVESTON HURRICANE, 1900. Looking north from Ursuline Academy, showing wrecked
nature/galveston flood c1900 people leaving city hurricane
GALVESTON FLOOD, c1900. People leaving the city after the hurricane in Galveston, Texas
nature/kentucky flood 1912 people inside sullivan
KENTUCKY: FLOOD, 1912. People inside the Sullivan Brothers' store in Hickman
nature/galveston flood c1900 armed guards protecting
GALVESTON FLOOD, c1900. Armed guards protecting a food delivery outside the Commissary
nature/flood c1904 train missouri kansas texas railroad
FLOOD, c1904. A train of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad under flood waters
nature/missouri flood c1912 black refugees baptist
MISSOURI: FLOOD, c1912. Black refugees in a Baptist church in New Madrid, Missouri
nature/johnstown flood 1889 pontoon bridge conemaugh
JOHNSTOWN FLOOD, 1889. A pontoon bridge across Conemaugh River in Johnstown, Pennsylvania
nature/johnstown flood 1889 ruined club house johnstown
JOHNSTOWN FLOOD, 1889. The ruined Club House in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, after
nature/johnstown flood 1889 ruined club house morrell
JOHNSTOWN FLOOD, 1889. The ruined Club House and Morrell Institute in Johnstown
nature/johnstown flood 1889 debris pennsylvania railroad
JOHNSTOWN FLOOD, 1889. Debris at the Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge in Johnstown
nature/dayton flood 1913 dead horses streets flood dayton
DAYTON FLOOD, 1913. Dead horses in the streets after the flood in Dayton, Ohio
nature/dayton flood 1913 view dayton ohio flood
DAYTON FLOOD, 1913. A view of Dayton, Ohio, after the flood. Photograph, March 1913
nature/johnstown flood 1889 view broken south fork
JOHNSTOWN FLOOD, 1889. A view of the broken South Fork Dam in Johnstown, Pennsylvania
nature/johnstown flood 1889 view johnstown pennsylvania
JOHNSTOWN FLOOD, 1889. A view of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, after the Johnstown Flood
nature/johnstown flood 1889 view wrecked houses johnstown
JOHNSTOWN FLOOD, 1889. A view of wrecked houses in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, after
nature/johnstown flood 1889 wreck pullman cars engines
JOHNSTOWN FLOOD, 1889. A wreck of Pullman cars and engines at Conemaugh in Johnstown
nature/johnstown flood 1889 camp relief corps johnstown
JOHNSTOWN FLOOD, 1889. A camp of relief corps in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, after
nature/johnstown flood 1889 bed lake conemaugh looking
JOHNSTOWN FLOOD, 1889. Bed of Lake Conemaugh, looking from top of the broken South
nature/johnstown flood 1889 house george hamilton
JOHNSTOWN FLOOD, 1889. The house of George Hamilton, assistant superintendent at
nature/johnstown flood 1889 ruins cambria iron mills
JOHNSTOWN FLOOD, 1889. Ruins of Cambria Iron Mills in Johnstown, Pennsylvania
nature/johnstown flood 1889 military post kernville
JOHNSTOWN FLOOD, 1889. Military post on Kernville Hill overlooking the ruins of
nature/mount vesuvius 1872 eruption mount vesuvius
MOUNT VESUVIUS, 1872. The eruption of Mount Vesuvius as seen from Capri, 1872
nature/new york niagara falls american falls niagara
NEW YORK: NIAGARA FALLS. The American Falls at Niagara Falls in New York State
nature/silesia waterfall hayn waterfall riesengebirge
SILESIA: WATERFALL. The Hayn waterfall in the Riesengebirge region in Silesia, Germany
nature/canada niagara falls horseshoe falls niagara
CANADA: NIAGARA FALLS. Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls in Canada. Engraving, English
nature/forest 1872 a tropic forest engraving granville
FOREST, 1872. 'A Tropic Forest.' Engraving by Granville Perkins, 1872
nature/waterspout 1896 waterspout forming beneath thundercloud
WATERSPOUT, 1896. A waterspout forming beneath a thundercloud over Vineyard Sound
nature/camping c1872 men possibly surveyors camp
CAMPING, c1872. Men, possibly surveyors, in their camp during the geological surveys
nature/yosemite valley 1872 view yosemite valley california
YOSEMITE VALLEY, 1872. A view of the Yosemite Valley in California, from Mosquito Camp
nature/yellowstone ranch 1872 major peases ranch
YELLOWSTONE: RANCH, 1872. Major Pease's ranch on the Yellowstone River in Montana
nature/yosemite glacier point william henry jackson
YOSEMITE: GLACIER POINT. William Henry Jackson photographing from a rock ledge
nature/muir yosemite c1890 mount maclure mount lyell
MUIR: YOSEMITE, c1890. Mount Maclure, Mount Lyell and the highest Yosemite fountain
nature/yosemite valley 1855 the great yo semite valley
YOSEMITE VALLEY, 1855. 'The Great Yo-semite Valley.' View from Inspiration Point
nature/arkansas levees 1922 construction levees using
ARKANSAS: LEVEES, 1922. Construction of levees using tractor-drawn wagons near Wyanoke
nature/volcano krakatau dark portions map indicate
VOLCANO: KRAKATAU. The dark portions of the map indicate the coastal regions of Sumatra
nature/st louis flood 1858 view mississipi river
ST. LOUIS: FLOOD, 1858. A view of the Mississipi River waterfront in St. Louis
nature/tornado 1884 first known photograph tornado
TORNADO, 1884. The first known photograph of a tornado, taken in South Dakota
nature/waterspout 1896 waterspout vineyard sound off
WATERSPOUT, 1896. A waterspout over Vineyard Sound off Martha's Vineyard, Massachusets
nature/mount rainier national park tourist guide cutting
MOUNT RAINIER NATIONAL PARK. A tourist guide cutting steps on ice slope in Mount
nature/mount rainier national park horseback riders
MOUNT RAINIER NATIONAL PARK. Horseback riders on the trail of Van Trump Park in
nature/texas hurricane 1915 destruction 28th infantry
TEXAS: HURRICANE, 1915. Destruction of the 28th Infantry Camp at Fort Crockett
nature/galveston hurricane 1900 path debris following
GALVESTON HURRICANE, 1900. A path through the debris, following the hurricane of
nature/yosemite north dome reflection trees mountains
YOSEMITE: NORTH DOME. Reflection of trees and mountains in a stream with North
nature/yosemite brothers view stream trees brothers
YOSEMITE: THREE BROTHERS. View of stream and trees with the Three Brothers mountain
nature/snowdonia national park view cader idris dyssyni
SNOWDONIA NATIONAL PARK. View of Cader Idris and Dyssyni Valley (cattle study)
nature/snowdonia national park view miners bridge fairy
SNOWDONIA NATIONAL PARK. View of miner's bridge of Fairy Glen, Betws-y-Coed (Prayer
nature/yellowstone tourists tourists exploring land
YELLOWSTONE: TOURISTS. Tourists exploring land formations in Yellowstone National Park
nature/snowdonia national park scenic view betws y coed
SNOWDONIA NATIONAL PARK. Scenic view of Betws-y-Coed (Prayer house in the wood)
nature/yellowstone stagecoach c1913 old horse drawn
YELLOWSTONE: STAGECOACH, c1913. An old horse drawn stagecoach in Yellowstone National
nature/yosemite arch rock c1913 horse drawn carriage
YOSEMITE: ARCH ROCK, c1913. A horse drawn carriage traveling through Arch Rock
nature/yellowstone tourists c1904 tourists walking
YELLOWSTONE: TOURISTS, c1904. Tourists walking across a footbridge among the geysers
nature/yosemite valley c1901 man standing overhanging
YOSEMITE VALLEY, c1901. A man standing on a overhanging rock facing Half Dome at
nature/grand canyon c1908 panoramic view colorado river
GRAND CANYON, c1908. Panoramic view along the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon in
nature/grand canyon 1903 man horse pack mules grand
GRAND CANYON, 1903. A man with a horse and two pack mules on the Grand View Trail
nature/grand canyon c1906 man standing ledge limestone
GRAND CANYON, c1906. A man standing on the ledge of a limestone cliff overlooking
nature/grand canyon sightseers view grand canyon arizona
GRAND CANYON: SIGHTSEERS. A view of the Grand Canyon in Arizona looking toward Zoroaster
nature/grand canyon sightseers woman man cliff overlooking
GRAND CANYON: SIGHTSEERS. A woman and a man on a cliff overlooking the Grand Canyon
nature/grand canyon c1913 man donkey tanner ledge
GRAND CANYON, c1913. A man and his donkey on Tanner Ledge, overlooking the Grand
nature/grand canyon c1907 woman edge grand view point
GRAND CANYON, c1907. A woman on the edge of Grand View Point overlooking the Grand
nature/grand canyon c1903 woman seated cliff overlooking
GRAND CANYON, c1903. A woman seated on a cliff overlooking the Grand Canyon in Arizona
nature/grand canyon c1913 view grand canyon arizona
GRAND CANYON, c1913. A view of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Photographed c1913


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