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native americans/geronimo 1829 1909 american apache leader
GERONIMO (1829-1909). American Apache leader. Photographed in 1887
native americans/cheyenne chief c1910 cheyenne chief moons
CHEYENNE CHIEF, c1910. The Cheyenne chief Two Moons. Photographed by Edward S. Curtis
native americans/king menominee 1835 chenannoquot menominee
KING: MENOMINEE, 1835. Chenannoquot. Menominee. Oil on wood, 1835, by Charles Bird King
native americans/cheyenne chief c1910 cheyenne chief moons
CHEYENNE CHIEF, c1910. The Cheyenne chief Two Moons. Photographed by Edward S. Curtis
native americans/sitting bull 1834 1890 sioux native american leader
SITTING BULL (1834-1890). Sioux Native American leader. Photographed by David F. Barry
native americans/navajo man c1915 the dawn day navajo man
NAVAJO MAN, c1915. 'The Dawn of the Day
native americans/haida village 1878 totem poles canoes haida
HAIDA VILLAGE, 1878. Totem poles and canoes in the Haida village of Skidegate in
native americans/sequoya 1770 1843 native american scholar
SEQUOYA (1770?-1843). Native American scholar, with his printed Cherokee alphabet
native americans/alaska dugout canoe 1905 tlingit native american
ALASKA: DUGOUT CANOE, 1905. Tlingit Native American men in a large dugot canoe
native americans/map reservations 1892 indian reservations united
MAP: RESERVATIONS, 1892. Indian reservations within the United States and territories
native americans/map nebraska 1899 indian land cessions nebraska
MAP: NEBRASKA, 1899. Indian land cessions in Nebraska. Lithograph, 1899
native americans/map reservations 1888 indian reservations united
MAP: RESERVATIONS, 1888. Indian reservations within the United States and territories
native americans/oregon indian reservation native american women
OREGON: INDIAN RESERVATION. Three Native American women on the Warm Springs Indian
native americans/dawes act 1877 an act provide allotment lands
DAWES ACT, 1877. 'An Act to Provide for the Allotment of Lands in Severalty to
native americans/wasco man 1903 wasco man photographed dalles
WASCO MAN, 1903. Wasco man photographed at The Dalles, Oregon, by D.D. Wilder, 1903
native americans/quinault woman c1913 quinault woman picking
QUINAULT WOMAN, c1913. Quinault woman picking berries in the Pacific Northwest
native americans/little bighorn 1876 troopers driven river battle
LITTLE BIGHORN, 1876. US Troopers being driven across the river during the Battle
native americans/quinault girl c1913 portrait quinault girl pacific
QUINAULT GIRL, c1913. Portrait of a Quinault girl from the Pacific Northwest by Edward S
native americans/quinault woman c1913 portrait young quinault
QUINAULT WOMAN, c1913. Portrait of a young Quinault woman from the Pacific Northwest
native americans/yaqui girl c1907 portrait yaqui girl photograph
YAQUI GIRL, c1907. Portrait of a Yaqui girl. Photograph by Edward S. Curtis, c1907
native americans/yaqui woman c1907 portrait yaqui woman
YAQUI WOMAN, c1907. Portrait of a Yaqui woman. Photograph by Edward S. Curtis, c1907
native americans/yaqui man c1907 portrait yaqui man photograph
YAQUI MAN, c1907. Portrait of a Yaqui man. Photograph by Edward S. Curtis, c1907
native americans/munsee man 1882 chief munsee native americans
MUNSEE MAN, 1882. A chief of the Munsee Native Americans from the northern United States
native americans/nast native americans 1879 america red man
NAST: NATIVE AMERICANS, 1879. 'America for the Red Man
native americans/oregon missionary 1853 missionary preaching
OREGON: MISSIONARY, 1853. A missionary preaching to Native Americans in Oregon
native americans/native american surrender lakota native americans
NATIVE AMERICAN SURRENDER. Lakota Native Americans under Chief Gall traveling to
native americans/trading post 1875 native americans frontier
TRADING POST, 1875. Native Americans at a frontier trading post. Wood engraving
native americans/ghost dance 1890 ghost dance ceremony plains
GHOST DANCE, 1890. Ghost Dance ceremony of Plains Native Americans. Sketch by J
native americans/native american unrest exodus half native american
NATIVE AMERICAN UNREST. Exodus of half-Native American men and white men married
native americans/cattle drivers 1890 cattle drivers bunching
CATTLE DRIVERS, 1890. Cattle drivers bunching up their cattle for protection, during
native americans/native american peace talk native american chief
NATIVE AMERICAN PEACE TALK. A Native American chief discussing negotiations of peace
native americans/native american family white man married native
NATIVE AMERICAN FAMILY. A white man married to a Native American is visited by
native americans/native american rations distribution rations
NATIVE AMERICAN RATIONS. Distribution of rations to Comanche Native Americans at
native americans/cheyenne captives 1891 band cheyenne native
CHEYENNE CAPTIVES, 1891. A band of Cheyenne Native Americans on the way to the
native americans/seventh cavalry 1891 a company seventh cavalry
SEVENTH CAVALRY, 1891. 'A company of the Seventh Cavalry, which participated in
native americans/native american dancers part eighth united states
NATIVE AMERICAN DANCERS. 'Part of the Eighth United States Cavalry at the Great
native americans/cheyenne scouts 1891 group cheyenne native american
CHEYENNE SCOUTS, 1891. A group of Cheyenne Native American scouts. Engraving, American
native americans/cavalry drill 1890 troops u
CAVALRY DRILL, 1890. Troops with the U
native americans/native american dancers ready dance native
native americans/remington scout 1890 indian soldier crow scout
REMINGTON: SCOUT, 1890. 'Indian Soldier in the Crow Scout Corps
native americans/remington lieutenant 1890 lieutenant casey
REMINGTON: LIEUTENANT, 1890. Lieutenant Casey, Commandant of Cheyenne Scouts
native americans/remington lieutenant 1890 lieutenant sc robertson
REMINGTON: LIEUTENANT, 1890. Lieutenant S.C. Robertson, Chief of the Crow Scouts
native americans/remington scout 1890 fort keogh scout
REMINGTON: SCOUT, 1890. 'Fort Keogh Scout.' Painting by Frederic Remington, 1890
native americans/remington scout 1890 an apache scout
REMINGTON: SCOUT, 1890. 'An Apache Scout.' Painting by Frederic Remington, 1890
native americans/fetterman fight 1866 troops u
FETTERMAN FIGHT, 1866. Troops of the U
native americans/remington soldier 1890 ideal uniform indian
REMINGTON: SOLDIER, 1890. 'Ideal Uniform for Indian Soldier
native americans/native americans sled 1875 native american
NATIVE AMERICANS: SLED, 1875. A Native American family traveling by sled and snowshoe
native americans/sioux reservation 1890 settlers arriving newly
SIOUX RESERVATION, 1890. Settlers arriving in newly opened territory on a Sioux
native americans/apache wars 1883 apache chief nana surrendering
APACHE WARS, 1883. The Apache Chief Nana surrendering to General George Crook
native americans/remington navajo 1890 the navajo indians
REMINGTON: NAVAJO, 1890. 'The Navajo Indians
native americans/moving camp c1908 gros ventre people moving
MOVING CAMP, c1908. Gros Ventre people moving camp with horses and travois in Montana
native americans/burial tipi c1890 tipi grave crow chiefs wife
BURIAL TIPI, c1890. A tipi over the grave of a Crow chief's wife. Photograph, c1890
native americans/alberta reserve c1890 first nations woman reserve
ALBERTA: RESERVE, c1890. A First Nations woman at a reserve in Alberta, Canada
native americans/rain in the face c1835 1905 lakota sioux chief
RAIN-IN-THE-FACE (c1835-1905). Lakota Sioux chief. Photograph, c1893
native americans/zuni c1890 zuni people american southwest
ZUNI, c1890. Zuni people in the American Southwest. Photograph, c1890
native americans/minnesota execution 1862 execution thirty sioux
MINNESOTA: EXECUTION, 1862. Execution of the thirty eight Sioux men at Mankato
native americans/flying hawk 1854 1931 oglala sioux chief
FLYING HAWK (1854-1931). Oglala Sioux chief. Photograph by Gertrude Kasebier, c1900
native americans/basket weaving c1904 native american woman weaving
BASKET WEAVING, c1904. A Native American woman weaving a basket. Photograph by C
native americans/hampton institute c1899 louis firetail crow
HAMPTON INSTITUTE, c1899. Louis Firetail, a Crow Creek Sioux man, wearing tribal clothing
native americans/arikara medicine men c1908 group arikara medicine
ARIKARA MEDICINE MEN, c1908. A group of Arikara medicine men in North Dakota
native americans/crow family c1906 crow family inside tipi
CROW FAMILY, c1906. A Crow family inside their tipi. Photograph by T.A. Morris, c1906
native americans/south american indian south american indian woman
SOUTH AMERICAN INDIAN. A South American Indian woman using a sewing machine in her hut
native americans/bone necklace c1899 oglala sioux chief
BONE NECKLACE, c1899. Oglala Sioux chief. Hand colored platinum print photograph, c1899
native americans/strikes nose c1899 oglala sioux chief hand
STRIKES WITH NOSE, c1899. Oglala Sioux chief. Hand colored platinum print photograph
native americans/left hand bear c1899 oglala sioux chief
LEFT HAND BEAR, c1899. Oglala Sioux chief. Hand colored platinum print photograph
native americans/badlands c1905 sioux indians horseback badlands
BADLANDS, c1905. Three Sioux Indians on horseback in the Badlands, South Dakota
native americans/sioux family c1910 sioux family photograph j
SIOUX FAMILY, c1910. A Sioux family. Photograph by J.A. Anderson, c1910
native americans/ethnographic recording mountain chief piegan
ETHNOGRAPHIC RECORDING. Mountain Chief, a Piegan Blackfoot man, having his voice
native americans/tanana preacher c1908 tanana preacher alaska
TANANA PREACHER, c1908. Tanana preacher in Alaska. Photograph, c1908
native americans/sioux men c1875 group sioux men row left right
SIOUX MEN, c1875. Group of Sioux men. Back row, left to right: Joe Merrivale, Young
native americans/huna woman c1903 huna woman alaska photograph
HUNA WOMAN, c1903. A Huna woman in Alaska. Photograph by Frank La Roche, c1903
native americans/carlisle school football native american football
CARLISLE SCHOOL FOOTBALL. A Native American football team at the Carlisle Indian
native americans/mohave chiefs 1887 mohave chiefs arizona
MOHAVE CHIEFS, 1887. Four Mohave chiefs in Arizona
native americans/carlisle school c1904 young native american
CARLISLE SCHOOL, c1904. Young Native American men in the metalworking workshop
native americans/nakwaxdaxw woman c1910 nakwaxdaxw woman
'NAK'WAXDA'XW WOMAN, c1910. A 'Nak'waxda'xw woman standing
native americans/preparing cedar bark c1914 nakwaxdaxw woman
PREPARING CEDAR BARK, c1914. A 'Nak'waxda'xw woman preparing cedar bark
native americans/maricopa women c1907 maricopa women children arizona
MARICOPA WOMEN, c1907. Maricopa women and children in Arizona. Photograph by Edward S
native americans/gathering abalone c1910 nakwaxdaxw woman
GATHERING ABALONE, c1910. A 'Nak'waxda'xw woman gathering abalones off
native americans/chilkat weaving c1910 chilkat woman weaving
CHILKAT WEAVING, c1910. A Chilkat woman weaving a blanket in Alaska
native americans/oregon native american edna kash kash yakima
OREGON: NATIVE AMERICAN. Edna Kash Kash, a Yakima or Umatilla woman, in front of
native americans/maricopa women c1907 maricopa women gathering
MARICOPA WOMEN, c1907. Maricopa women gathering saguaro cactus fruit in Arizona
native americans/mohave man 1907 portrait mohave man wearing
MOHAVE MAN, 1907. Portrait of a Mohave man wearing a rabbit skin robe
native americans/hopi women c1898 hopi women mashi honka shi
HOPI WOMEN, c1898. Hopi women Mashi-honka-shi and her friend at home in Arizona
native americans/carlisle school 1901 native americans children
CARLISLE SCHOOL, 1901. Native Americans children in mathematics class at the Carlisle
native americans/cradleboards 1916 native american possibly apache
CRADLEBOARDS, 1916. Native American, possibly Apache, babies in cradleboards. Photograph
native americans/new mexico pueblo dance jemez pueblo men women
NEW MEXICO: PUEBLO DANCE. Jemez Pueblo men and women in a ceremonial dance in New Mexico
native americans/taku doctor c1899 portrait taku doctor alaska
TAKU DOCTOR, c1899. Portrait of a Taku doctor in Alaska. Photograph, c1899
native americans/mortuary 16th century carolina native american
MORTUARY, 16th CENTURY. A Carolina Native American mortuary
native americans/obibwa encampment 1858 camp ojibwa native americans
OBIBWA ENCAMPMENT, 1858. A camp of Ojibwa Native Americans near the falls of the Rainy
native americans/great sioux war 1876 sioux warriors charging
GREAT SIOUX WAR, 1876. Sioux warriors charging Colonel William Royall's cavalry
native americans/great sioux war 1876 band sioux native americans
GREAT SIOUX WAR, 1876. A band of Sioux Native Americans attempting to surprise
native americans/great sioux war 1876 arrival shoshone native
GREAT SIOUX WAR, 1876. Arrival of Shoshone Native Americans at the U
native americans/great sioux war 1876 general george crooks
GREAT SIOUX WAR, 1876. General George Crook's troops crossing Crazy Woman's
native americans/frank grouard 1850 1905 scout interpreter general
FRANK GROUARD (1850-1905). Scout and interpreter for General George Crook during
native americans/california modoc war 1873 us army soldiers
CALIFORNIA: MODOC WAR, 1873. U.S. Army soldiers discovering the entrance to the
native americans/great sioux war 1876 shoshone native americans
GREAT SIOUX WAR, 1876. Shoshone Native Americans, who fought for the U
native americans/oregon klamath lake 1873 view klamath lake
OREGON: KLAMATH LAKE, 1873. View of Klamath Lake, Oregon, the site of a massacre of U
native americans/california mount shasta mount shasta siskiyou
CALIFORNIA: MOUNT SHASTA. Mount Shasta, in Siskiyou County, California. Wood engraving
native americans/native americans 1890 excitement north american
NATIVE AMERICANS, 1890. 'Excitement among North American Indians: Interview with


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