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mesopotamia/sumerian gold helmet gold wig helmet meskalam
SUMERIAN GOLD HELMET. Gold wig helmet of Meskalam dug from the royal tombs at Ur, c2500 B
mesopotamia/palace khorsabad reconstruction palace khorsabad
PALACE AT KHORSABAD. Reconstruction of the palace at Khorsabad of King Sargon II of Assyria
mesopotamia/code hammurabi black basalt stele c1792 1750
CODE OF HAMMURABI. Detail of top of black basalt stele, c1792-1750. B.C
mesopotamia/sumerian headdress restoration drawing headdress
SUMERIAN HEADDRESS. Restoration (drawing) of the headdress of Queen Shubad from the
mesopotamia/lilith c1950 bc burney relief babylonian cult
LILITH, c1950 B.C. The Burney Relief, a Babylonian cult plaque of the demoness Lilith
mesopotamia/babylonian calendar calendar listing lucky unlucky
BABYLONIAN CALENDAR. Calendar listing the lucky and unlucky days of the year in cuneiform
mesopotamia/neo sumerian prince gudea diorite statuette gudea
NEO-SUMERIAN PRINCE GUDEA. Diorite statuette of Gudea, Prince of Lagash, c2150 B.C
mesopotamia/babylon lion glazed brick lion processional
BABYLON: LION. Glazed brick lion from the processional route at Babylon, 6th century B.C
mesopotamia/uruk innin temple facade tile c1413 bc
Uruk: Innin Temple Facade. Tile, C1413 B.C
mesopotamia/assyria bull scultpure bull guardian palace
ASSYRIA: BULL SCULTPURE. Bull guardian from the palace of Ashurnasirpal II at Nimrud
mesopotamia/sumer tablet accounts reign enentarzi c2350 bc
SUMER TABLET OF ACCOUNTS from the reign of Enentarzi, c2350 B.C
mesopotamia/assyrian jug jug ivory nimrud assyria
ASSYRIAN JUG. Jug made of ivory. From Nimrud, Assyria. 9th-8th century B.C
mesopotamia/israelite submission submission israelites shalmaneser
ISRAELITE SUBMISSION. Submission of the Israelites to Shalmaneser III of Assyria
mesopotamia/assyrian king 730 bc king tiglath pileser iii
ASSYRIAN KING, 730 B.C. King Tiglath Pileser III of Assyria hunting lions. Fresco from Til Barsip
mesopotamia/babylonian temple reconstruction babylonian temple
BABYLONIAN TEMPLE. Reconstruction of Babylonian temple of Ish-tar-Kititum at Ischali, c1800 B
mesopotamia/sumer ur ningirsu neo sumerian alabaster head
SUMER: UR-NINGIRSU. Neo-Sumerian alabaster head of Ur-Ningirsu, son of Gudea, c2100 B.C
mesopotamia/assyrian king c720 bc king assyria presents
ASSYRIAN KING, c720 B.C. A King of Assyria presents himself before a statue of the god Nabu
mesopotamia/babylonian clay tablet describing babylonian account
BABYLONIAN CLAY TABLET describing Babylonian account of the creation of the world
mesopotamia/gilgamesh 7th century bc tablet xi epic gilgamesh
GILGAMESH, 7th CENTURY B.C. Tablet XI of the Epic of Gilgamesh inscribed in cuneiform
mesopotamia/mesopotamian cuneiform letter king tusratta mitanni
MESOPOTAMIAN CUNEIFORM. Letter from King Tusratta of Mitanni (N
mesopotamia/cuneiform sumerian pictographic tablet property deed
CUNEIFORM. Sumerian pictographic tablet of a property deed. Third millenium B.C
mesopotamia/babylonian clay tablet describing fall assyrian
BABYLONIAN CLAY TABLET describing fall of Assyrian capital of Nineveh in 612 B.C. From Babylon
mesopotamia/nineveh bronze head akkadian bronze head nineveh
NINEVEH: BRONZE HEAD. Akkadian bronze head from Nineveh, c2350 B
mesopotamia/assyrian queen 645 bc queen attendants feasting
ASSYRIAN QUEEN, 645 B.C. Queen with attendants feasting in a garden
mesopotamia/apocalypse c950 babylon spanish manuscript
APOCALYPSE, c950. Babylon: Spanish manuscript illumination, c950, from Commentary
mesopotamia/assyrian statue assyrian royal statue ashurnasirpal
ASSYRIAN STATUE. Assyrian royal statue (Ashurnasirpal?) of amber. 9th century B.C
mesopotamia/cuneiform babylonian stone tablet king nabu apla iddina
CUNEIFORM. Babylonian stone tablet of King Nabu-apla-iddina and seated sun-god Samas
mesopotamia/neo babylonian clay tablet tablet documenting
NEO-BABYLONIAN CLAY TABLET. Tablet documenting the prices of various commodities, 6th century B
mesopotamia/babylonian recipies babylonian clay tablet listing
BABYLONIAN RECIPIES. Babylonian clay tablet listing recipes for various kinds of glass or glaze
mesopotamia/assyrian cylindrical seal 2350 2150 bc
Assyrian Cylindrical Seal. 2350-2150 B.C
mesopotamia/sumerian jewelry gold earrings royal tomb ur
SUMERIAN JEWELRY. Gold earrings from a royal tomb at Ur. c2500 B.C
mesopotamia/assyrian temple reconstruction assyrian temple
ASSYRIAN TEMPLE. Reconstruction of an Assyrian temple doorway at Khorsabad, 721-705 B.C
mesopotamia/hammurabi d 1750 bc king babylon diorite
HAMMURABI (d. 1750 B.C.). King of Babylon. Diorite stone head, c1792-1750 B.C
mesopotamia/apocalypse babylon fall babylon rev 146 13
APOCALYPSE: BABYLON. Fall of Babylon (Rev. 14:6-13): Spanish manuscript illumination, c950 A
mesopotamia/hammurabis code black basalt stele late larsa
HAMMURABI'S CODE. Black basalt stele. Late Larsa, c1792-1750 B.C
mesopotamia/sandstone stele sandstone stele victory naramsuin
SANDSTONE STELE. Sandstone stele of the Victory of Naramsu'in, King of Akkad, c2389-2353 B
mesopotamia/sumerian cuneiform list fields sumerian circular
SUMERIAN CUNEIFORM. List of five fields on a Sumerian circular plano-convex clay tablet
mesopotamia/dish halaf ware arpachiyah upper tigris near mosul
DISH OF HALAF WARE. From Arpachiyah on the upper Tigris, near Mosul, c4100 B.C
mesopotamia/iraq ziggurat ur partially restored sumerian
IRAQ: ZIGGURAT IN UR. The partially restored Third Sumerian Dynasty ziggurat in Ur
mesopotamia/tiglath pileser iii 8th century bc bas relief
TIGLATH PILESER III on an 8th century B.C. bas-relief from Nimrud
mesopotamia/deportation jews king salmanazar v assyria taking
DEPORTATION OF JEWS. King Salmanazar V of Assyria taking ten tribes of Jews prisoners