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maps/map british empire 1886 map 1886 british
MAP: BRITISH EMPIRE, 1886. Map, 1886, of the British Empire by Walter Crane
maps/map scotland line engraving 19th century
MAP: SCOTLAND. Line engraving, 19th century
maps/map macedonian empire map macedonian empire following
MAP OF MACEDONIAN EMPIRE. Map of the Macedonian Empire following the conquests of
maps/map philippines 1905 map philippine islands
MAP: PHILIPPINES, 1905. Map of the Philippine Islands printed in the United States
maps/world map pre christian era c450 bc according
WORLD MAP. Pre-Christian era, c450 B.C., according to the writings of Herodotus
maps/brazil map native indians portuguese map brazil
BRAZIL: MAP AND NATIVE INDIANS. Portuguese map of Brazil, 1565, depicting a family
maps/map france c1900 inset paris surrounding area
MAP OF FRANCE, c1900. With inset detail of Paris and surrounding area
maps/map ireland 1851 engraved map ireland 1851
MAP: IRELAND, 1851. An engraved map of Ireland, 1851
maps/nina world map 1500 world map 1500 juan la cosa
NINA: WORLD MAP, 1500. World map, 1500, of Juan de la Cosa, navigator on the Nina
maps/map antartica 1647 62 map antartica terra
MAP: ANTARTICA, 1647-62. Map of Antartica (Terra Australis Incognita)
maps/civil war anaconda plan scotts great snake
CIVIL WAR: ANACONDA PLAN. 'Scott's Great Snake' or the Anaconda Plan
maps/niagara falls beavers 1715 beavers niagara falls
NIAGARA FALLS: BEAVERS, 1715. Beavers at Niagara Falls
maps/asia map c1618 engraved map asia published
ASIA: MAP, c1618. Engraved map of Asia published in Amsterdam by Willem Blaeu, circa 1618
maps/colonial america map map thirteen original american
COLONIAL AMERICA MAP. A map of the thirteen original American colonies, mid-18th century
maps/austrian empire map 1795 map prussia austrian
AUSTRIAN EMPIRE MAP, 1795. Map of Prussia and the Austrian Empire as they appeared
maps/world map 2nd century world map according roman
WORLD MAP 2ND CENTURY. World map according to Roman geographers of the 2nd century A.D
maps/map africa 1630 willem blaeus ornamental map
MAP OF AFRICA, 1630. Willem Blaeu's ornamental map of Africa Newly Described
astronomy/constellation map indian sanskrit star map 1840
CONSTELLATION MAP. An Indian Sanskrit star map, 1840, ordered as a manuscript horoscope
maps/map united states 1905 map continental united
MAP: UNITED STATES, 1905. Map of the continental United States (excluding Alaska), 1905
maps/world map 1641 engraved map world henricus hondius
WORLD MAP, 1641. Engraved map of the world by Henricus Hondius, 1641
pre columbian/tenochtitlan mexico city time spanish conquest
TENOCHTITLAN (MEXICO CITY) at the time of the Spanish Conquest: colored woodcut, 1556
maps/new england map c1775 engraved map c1775 colonial
NEW ENGLAND MAP, c1775. Engraved map, c1775, of colonial New England
maps/hague map c1650 engraved map city hague netherlands
THE HAGUE: MAP, c1650. Engraved map of the city of The Hague in the Netherlands, c1650
maps/map america 1582 map south america juan martinez
MAP: AMERICA, 1582. Map of South America by Juan Martinez, 1582
maps/world map 1587 map world juan martinez atlas
WORLD MAP, 1587. Map of the world by Juan Martinez from 'Atlas Portulano,' Madrid
maps/map italy c1585 ignazio danti sistine chapel
MAP OF ITALY, c1585. By Ignazio Danti from Sistine Chapel Gallery of Maps
maps/map jamaica 1893 british map jamaica colin liddell
MAP: JAMAICA, 1893. British map of Jamaica by Colin Liddell, published 1893
maps/map vancouver island 1859 map vancouver island
MAP: VANCOUVER ISLAND, 1859. Map of Vancouver Island and Washington Territory
maps/map hawaii 1905 map hawaiian islands printed
MAP: HAWAII, 1905. Map of the Hawaiian Islands printed in the United States in 1905
maps/world map 1529 western hemisphere world map
WORLD MAP, 1529. The Western Hemisphere in the world map by Franciscus Monachus
maps/map americas c1630 map north south america
MAP: AMERICAS, c1630. A map of North and South America created by Dutch cartographer
maps/map nebraska 1867 map nebraska dakota portions
MAP: NEBRASKA, 1867. Map of Nebraska and Dakota and portions of the states
maps/map thirteen states map thirteen original american
MAP: THIRTEEN STATES. A map of the thirteen original American states, the Northwest
maps/map jamaica 1752 british map island jamaica
MAP: JAMAICA, 1752. British map of the island of Jamaica, divided into its principal
maps/map jamaica 1764 french map port royal jamaica
MAP: JAMAICA, 1764. French map of Port Royal, Jamaica, by Jacques Nicolas Bellin
maps/map jamaica 1767 french map islands jamaica bermuda
MAP: JAMAICA, 1767. French map of the islands of Jamaica and Bermuda, published 1767
maps/map jamaica 1763 british map island jamaica
MAP: JAMAICA, 1763. British map of the island of Jamaica, published 1763
maps/map jamaica 1756 british map harbors port royal
MAP: JAMAICA, 1756. British map of the harbors of Port Royal and Kingston, Jamaica
maps/map jamaica 1755 british map jamaica surveys mr
MAP: JAMAICA, 1755. British map of Jamaica from surveys by Mr
maps/map jamaica 1755 french map port royal jamaica
MAP: JAMAICA, 1755. French map of Port Royal in Jamaica by Georges Louis Le Rouge, 1755
maps/map usa 1783 the united states according definitive
MAP: USA, 1783. 'The United States according to the definitive treaty of peace
maps/shaker village map 1849 diagram south shaker
SHAKER VILLAGE MAP, 1849. Diagram of the South part of Shaker Village in Canterbury
maps/map caribbean 1511 first map bermuda showing
MAP: CARIBBEAN, 1511. The first map to show Bermuda, also showing coastline detail
maps/isogonic map 1888 isogonic map showing lines
ISOGONIC MAP, 1888. Isogonic map showing the lines of magnetic declination in the
maps/holy land 1695 map holy land passover haggadah
HOLY LAND, 1695. Map of the Holy Land from a Passover Haggadah, 1695
maps/map waldseemueller 1507 universalis cosmographia
MAP: WALDSEEMUELLER, 1507. 'Universalis Cosmographia Secundum Ptholomaei Traditionem
maps/map oahu 1881 map oahu hawaiian islands map c
MAP: OAHU, 1881. Map of Oahu, Hawaiian Islands. Map by C.J. Lyons, 1881
maps/map maui 1885 map maui hawaiian islands map f
MAP: MAUI, 1885. Map of Maui, Hawaiian Islands. Map by F.S. Dodge, 1885
maps/ireland 1797 map ireland daniel augustus beaufort
IRELAND, 1797. Map of Ireland by Daniel Augustus Beaufort, 1797
maps/new york city 1912 panoramic view new york city
NEW YORK CITY, 1912. Panoramic view of New York City and vicinity. Lithograph, c1912
maps/new york city c1879 birds eye view new york city
NEW YORK CITY, c1879. Bird's-eye view of New York City. Map drawn by J.W. Williams
maps/new york city 1884 birds eye view new york
NEW YORK CITY, 1884. Bird's-eye view of New York and parts of Brooklyn
maps/map florida 1898 the east coast florida paradise
MAP: FLORIDA, 1898. 'The east coast of Florida is paradise regained
maps/andersonville prison 1864 plan confederate prison
ANDERSONVILLE PRISON, 1864. Plan of the Confederate prison at Andersonville, Georgia
maps/map civil war 1864 map united states showing
MAP: CIVIL WAR, 1864. 'Map of the United States, showing the territory in possession
maps/map civil war 1861 map showing division north
MAP: CIVIL WAR, 1861. Map showing the division of the North and South in 1861. Lithograph
maps/map brooklyn 1890 map kings county new york
MAP: BROOKLYN, 1890. Map of Kings County, New York. Lithograph, 1890
maps/map american indians map linguistic stocks
MAP: AMERICAN INDIANS. 'Map of linguistic stocks of American Indians.' Lithograph
maps/map brooklyn 1897 birds eye view brooklyn
MAP: BROOKLYN, 1897. Bird's eye view of Brooklyn, New York. Lithograph, 1897
maps/map brooklyn 1908 birds eye view brooklyn
MAP: BROOKLYN, 1908. Bird's eye view of Brooklyn, New York. Lithograph, 1908
maps/map reservations 1888 map showing location
MAP: RESERVATIONS, 1888. 'Map showing the location of the Indian reservations within
maps/map reservations 1892 map showing indian reservations
MAP: RESERVATIONS, 1892. 'Map showing Indian reservations within the limits of
maps/map north pacific the russian discoveries map
MAP: NORTH PACIFIC. 'The Russian discoveries from the map published by the Imperial
maps/map north pacific nouvelle carte des ecouvertes
MAP: NORTH PACIFIC. 'Nouvelle Carte des ecouvertes faites par des Vaisseaux Russiens
maps/map north south 1861 map showing comparitive
MAP: NORTH AND SOUTH, 1861. 'Map showing the comparitive area of the Northern
maps/map maryland 1863 the new war map maryland
MAP: MARYLAND, 1863. 'The New War Map Of Maryland, Part Of Virginia & Pennsylvania
maps/map maryland 1795 the state maryland best
MAP: MARYLAND, 1795. 'The State Of Maryland From The Best Authorities
maps/africa map 1894 race chart no 8 showing
AFRICA: MAP, 1894. 'Race Chart No. 8, Showing the Geographical Distribution of
maps/map maryland 1893 base map maryland 1893
MAP: MARYLAND, 1893. A base map of Maryland, 1893
maps/map africa 1776 africa drawn latest best
MAP: AFRICA, 1776. 'Africa, Drawn from the latest and best Authorities by Thomas
maps/map chicago 1916 birds eye view central business
MAP: CHICAGO, 1916. Bird's eye view of the central business section of Chicago
maps/map american south 1864 coltons rail road
MAP: AMERICAN SOUTH, 1864. 'Colton's Rail Road and County Map of the Southern
maps/map gulf coast 1747 carte general toute la
MAP: GULF COAST, 1747. 'Carte general de toute la cote de la Louisianne
maps/map mississippi river 1861 map alluvial region
MAP: MISSISSIPPI RIVER, 1861. 'Map of the Alluvial Region of the Mississippi
maps/map railroad 1882 the virginia tennessee
MAP: RAILROAD, 1882. 'The Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia Air Line; the Shenandoah
maps/map birmingham alabama birmingham alabama
MAP: BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA. 'Birmingham, Alabama.' Lithograph, c1885
maps/china map 1375 catalan atlas 1375 showing
CHINA: MAP, 1375. Detail from the Catalan Atlas, 1375, showing China and the Grand
maps/world map c1490 map world incorporating discoveries
WORLD MAP, c1490. Map of the world incorporating the discoveries of Bartholomeu Diaz
maps/natchez trace 1816 map natchez road constructed
NATCHEZ TRACE, 1816. Map of the Natchez Road, constructed in the early 19th century
maps/map french indian war map captain t
Map: French and Indian War. Map by Captain T
maps/western hemisphere 1596 theodore brys map western
WESTERN HEMISPHERE, 1596. Theodore de Bry's map of the western hemisphere, 1596
maps/map john white c1585 camp englishmen st
MAP: JOHN WHITE, c1585. The camp of Englishmen on St
maps/lenox globe c1503 1510 section lenox globe
LENOX GLOBE, c1503-1510. Section of the Lenox Globe, second or third oldest known
maps/world map 1520 world map 1520 german cartographer
WORLD MAP, 1520. World map, 1520, by the German cartographer Johannes Schoener
maps/map caribbean 1599 map cuba bahamas florida
MAP: CARIBBEAN, 1599. Map of Cuba, the Bahamas, and Florida, with the Laguna de Maimi
maps/map magellans voyage gore map showing ferdinand
MAP: MAGELLAN'S VOYAGE. Gore-map showing Ferdinand Magellan's circumnavigation
maps/map atlantic ocean 1554 map europe north south
MAP: ATLANTIC OCEAN, 1554. Map of Europe and North and South America. Produced in Venice
maps/globe 1568 architectural globe etching perspectiva
GLOBE, 1568. Architectural globe. Etching from 'Perspectiva,' 1568, by Wenzel
maps/world map c1486 93 world map showing eastern
WORLD MAP, c1486-93. World map, showing only the Eastern Hemisphere
maps/world map c1492 world map showing eastern
WORLD MAP, c1492. World map showing only the Eastern Hemisphere
maps/map new england 1635 line engraving nova belgica
MAP: NEW ENGLAND, 1635. Line engraving of 'Nova Belgica et Anglia Nova'
maps/blaeus paskaert 1617 willem janszoon blaeus
BLAEU'S PASKAERT, 1617. Willem Janszoon Blaeu's first paskaart, the first printed
maps/second paskaert map 1621 map first issued shortly
SECOND PASKAERT MAP, 1621. This map was first issued shortly after the incorporation
maps/map delaware 1795 william barkers map delaware
MAP OF DELAWARE, 1795. William Barker's map of Delaware, first published in
maps/united states map 1734 map eastern united states
UNITED STATES MAP, 1734. Map of the Eastern United States (here called 'La
maps/railroad canal map 1863 railroad canal map
RAILROAD & CANAL MAP, 1863. A Railroad and Canal map of the Eastern United States, 1863
maps/map orgeon 1844
Map of Orgeon, 1844
maps/map new france 1612 westerly portion samuel
MAP OF NEW FRANCE, 1612. The westerly portion of Samuel de Champlain's 1612 map
maps/slavic population map map showing distribution
SLAVIC POPULATION MAP. Map showing the distribution of the Slav peoples in the 10th


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