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landmarks monuments/new york flatiron 1905 flatiron building new
NEW YORK: FLATIRON, 1905. Flatiron Building, New York City: photograph, 1905, by Edward
landmarks monuments/canaletto thames 18th c giovanni antonio canaletto
CANALETTO: THAMES, 18th C. Giovanni Antonio Canaletto (1697-1768). Italian painter
landmarks monuments/london piccadilly circus view piccadilly circus
LONDON: PICCADILLY CIRCUS. View of Piccadilly Circus with the statue of 'Eros
statue liberty/statue liberty construction paris c1884
THE STATUE OF LIBERTY. Under construction in Paris c1884
impressionism/seurat eiffel tower 1889 georges seurat eiffel
SEURAT: EIFFEL TOWER, 1889. Georges Seurat: The Eiffel Tower. Oil on panel, 1889
landmarks monuments/himalayas mount everest
Himalayas: Mount Everest
landmarks monuments/egypt pyramids 1670 fanciful view pyramids
EGYPT: PYRAMIDS, 1670. Fanciful view of the Pyramids and Nile River in Egypt. Line engraving
landmarks monuments/new york flatiron 1919 madison square flatiron
NEW YORK: FLATIRON, 1919. 'Madison Square (Flatiron Building)
landmarks monuments/great wall china photograph nd
THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA. Photograph, n.d
landmarks monuments/new york flatiron 1912 flatiron building photographed
NEW YORK: FLATIRON, 1912. The Flatiron Building, photographed in 1912 by Alvin Langdon
hot air balloons dirigibles/lincoln beachey sailing new york c1914
Lincoln Beachey sailing over New York, c1914
landmarks monuments/church niagara falls 1857 frederic edwin church
CHURCH: NIAGARA FALLS, 1857. Frederic Edwin Church: Niagara Falls. Oil on canvas, 1857
native americans/little bighorn monument monument custers hill
LITTLE BIGHORN MONUMENT. Monument on Custer's Hill, containing all the bones found
landmarks monuments/mexico tulum 1844 castle mayan ruins tulum
MEXICO: TULUM, 1844. The castle at the Mayan ruins of Tulum on the Yucatan Pensinsula
paris/paris eiffel tower eiffel tower trocadero
PARIS: EIFFEL TOWER. Eiffel Tower and Trocadero Fountains
landmarks monuments/china cenotaph c1900 cenotaph erected banjin
CHINA: CENOTAPH, c1900. Cenotaph erected to the banjin (or panchen) lama of Tibet
landmarks monuments/san francisco streetcar cable car sutter street
SAN FRANCISCO: STREETCAR. A cable car on Sutter Street in San Francisco, California
landmarks monuments/monument bunker hill steel engraving 19th
The Monument at Bunker Hill. Steel engraving, 19th century
landmarks monuments/rendering 155 feet obelisk completed 1882 commemorating
A rendering of the 155 feet obelisk, completed in 1882, commemorating the American
landmarks monuments/germany berlin c1961 brandenburg gate barbed
GERMANY: BERLIN, c1961. The Brandenburg Gate with barbed wire in the foreground
landmarks monuments/marble sculpture abraham lincoln daniel chester french
Detail of marble sculpture of Abraham Lincoln by Daniel Chester French, in Lincoln Memorial
landmarks monuments/marble statue abraham lincoln daniel chester french
Marble statue of Abraham Lincoln by Daniel Chester French, in the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D
bridges/tomb ulysses s grant riverside drive 123rd street
The tomb of Ulysses S. Grant on Riverside Drive at 123rd Street in upper Manhattan
landmarks monuments/mckinley monument niagara square buffalo new york
McKinley Monument at Niagara Square, Buffalo, New York. Photopostcard, c1910
landmarks monuments/marble sculpture abraham lincoln daniel chester french
Detail of marble sculpture of Abraham Lincoln by Daniel Chester French, in the Lincoln Memorial
landmarks monuments/lincoln memorial statue
Lincoln Memorial: Statue
landmarks monuments/abraham lincoln statue
Abraham Lincoln Statue
landmarks monuments/lincoln memorial statue
Lincoln Memorial: Statue
landmarks monuments/george washington
George Washington
landmarks monuments/william shakespeare 1564 1616 monument erected
WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE (1564-1616). Monument erected in 1740 in Westminster Abbey, London
neolithic paleolithic eras/petroglyphs utah petroglyph hunting scene newspaper
PETROGLYPHS, UTAH. Petroglyph hunting scene at Newspaper Rock, Canyonland National Park
landmarks monuments/london bridge 1852 view london bridge london
LONDON BRIDGE, 1852. View of London Bridge, London, England. Steel engraving, English
landmarks monuments/london westminster abbey steel engraving french
LONDON: WESTMINSTER ABBEY. Steel engraving, French, c1850
landmarks monuments/paris pont neuf view pont neuf pont des arts
PARIS: PONT NEUF. View of the Pont Neuf from Pont des Arts, Paris, France. Steel engraving
landmarks monuments/cleopatras needle removal cleopatras needle
CLEOPATRA'S NEEDLE. Removal of Cleopatra's Needle from Alexandria, Egypt
landmarks monuments/germany munich c1845 view odeonsplatz munich
GERMANY: MUNICH, c1845. View of the Odeonsplatz in Munich, Germany, showing the Hall of Generals
landmarks monuments/washington monument c1885 washington monument
WASHINGTON MONUMENT, c1885. The Washington Monument, Washington, D
landmarks monuments/england stonehenge stonehenge salisbury plain
ENGLAND: STONEHENGE. Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain, England. Line engraving, English
landmarks monuments/pyramids giza 1882 pyramids giza egypt inundation
PYRAMIDS AT GIZA, 1882. The pyramids at Giza, Egypt, during an inundation of the Nile River
landmarks monuments/texas alamo 1900 alamo san antonio colored
TEXAS: ALAMO, 1900. The Alamo at San Antonio: colored line engraving, c1900
landmarks monuments/angkor wat 1868 western facade great temple
ANGKOR WAT, 1868. The western facade of the great temple of the Khmer Empire in present
landmarks monuments/brooklyn bridge 1885 banknote engraving
BROOKLYN BRIDGE, 1885. Banknote engraving, American
landmarks monuments/view london 1550 london appeared 1550 viewed
VIEW OF LONDON, 1550. London as it appeared in 1550, viewed from the southeast across
landmarks monuments/ny brooklyn bridge 1883 bridge traffic side
NY: BROOKLYN BRIDGE, 1883. Bridge traffic on the five side by side roads - two for
landmarks monuments/washington square arch wooden arch washington square
WASHINGTON SQUARE ARCH. The wooden arch in Washington Square, New York, designed by
landmarks monuments/jean jacques rousseau 1721 1778 ashes rousseau
JEAN-JACQUES ROUSSEAU (1721-1778). The ashes of Rousseau are brought to be interred
landmarks monuments/brooklyn bridge 1882 under towers unfinished
BROOKLYN BRIDGE, 1882. "Under the Towers": The unfinished Brooklyn Bridge
landmarks monuments/rome colosseum colosseum rome copper engraving
ROME: COLOSSEUM. The Colosseum at Rome: copper engraving, Italian, 17th century
landmarks monuments/germany weimar herderplatz weimar engraving
GERMANY: WEIMAR. Herderplatz at Weimar. Engraving, mid-19th century
landmarks monuments/view london 1707 surrey thames river original
VIEW OF LONDON, 1707. From the Surrey side of the Thames River; the original London
landmarks monuments/visscher london 1616 cornelius visschers 1616
VISSCHER: LONDON, 1616. Detail from Cornelius Visscher's 1616 view of London
landmarks monuments/visscher london 1616 cornelius visschers 1616
VISSCHER: LONDON, 1616. Detail from Cornelius Visscher's 1616 view of London
landmarks monuments/visscher london 1616 cornelius visschers 1616
VISSCHER: LONDON, 1616. Detail from Cornelius Visscher's 1616 view of London
landmarks monuments/st peter florence 1750 view church piazza st
ST. PETER AT FLORENCE 1750. A view of the church and piazza of St. Peter at Florence, Italy
landmarks monuments/paris exposition 1889 birds eye view eiffel
PARIS EXPOSITION, 1889. Bird's-eye view of the Eiffel Tower and the grounds of
landmarks monuments/vienna palace 1823 square imperial palace vienna
VIENNA: PALACE, 1823. Square of the Imperial Palace, Vienna, Austria. Steel engraving
landmarks monuments/vienna 1823 palace schonbrunn vienna austria
VIENNA, 1823. The Palace of Schonbrunn, Vienna, Austria. Steel engraving, English
landmarks monuments/landmarks monuments
Landmarks and Monuments
landmarks monuments/mexico palenque temple sun c690 ad mayan
MEXICO: PALENQUE. The Temple of the Sun, c690 A.D., at the Mayan ruins of Palenque
landmarks monuments/eiffel tower construction building eiffel tower
EIFFEL TOWER: CONSTRUCTION. Building the Eiffel Tower on the Champ de Mars in Paris
landmarks monuments/statue liberty c1890 recently inaugurated statue
STATUE OF LIBERTY, c1890. The recently inaugurated Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor
landmarks monuments/peru huascaran mountain huascaran nevado huascaran
PERU: HUASCARAN MOUNTAIN. Huascaran or Nevado Huascaran, a mountain in the Andes of Peru
landmarks monuments/bierstadt rockies rocky mountains oil canvas
BIERSTADT: ROCKIES. The Rocky Mountains. Oil on canvas, 1863, by Albert Bierstadt
landmarks monuments/rome colosseum colosseum rome italy photographed
ROME: COLOSSEUM. The Colosseum in Rome, Italy
landmarks monuments/egypt great sphinx 1908 great sphinx pyramid giza
EGYPT: GREAT SPHINX, 1908. The Great Sphinx and pyramid at Giza: stereograph, 1908
landmarks monuments/coysevox fame pegasus fame riding pegasus
COYSEVOX: FAME AND PEGASUS. Fame Riding Pegasus. Sculpture in the Tuilerie Gardens in Paris
landmarks monuments/st louis waterfront dredge us army corps
ST. LOUIS: WATERFRONT. A dredge of the U
landmarks monuments/fratelli cairoli monument monument fratelli cairoli
FRATELLI CAIROLI MONUMENT. Monument to Fratelli Cairoli at Monte Pincio, Rome. Photograph
landmarks monuments/mexico chichen itza view serpent column past
MEXICO: CHICHEN ITZA, View from a serpent column past a Chac-mool statue to the Castillo
landmarks monuments/virginia cave 1856 sightseers cataract weyers
VIRGINIA: CAVE, 1856. Sightseers in the 'cataract' of Weyers Cave in the Blue
landmarks monuments/egypt cheops pyramid view great pyramid cheops giza
EGYPT: CHEOPS PYRAMID. View of the Great Pyramid of Cheops at Giza, Egypt. Photograph
landmarks monuments/landmarks monuments
Landmarks and Monuments
landmarks monuments/grand canyon 1907 tourist camp grand canyon arizona
GRAND CANYON, 1907. Tourist camp in the Grand Canyon in Arizona, 3, 100 feet below the rim
landmarks monuments/paris palais royal c1830 lithograph french
PARIS: PALAIS ROYAL, c1830. Lithograph, French, c1830
paris/arc triomphe paris france
ARC DE TRIOMPHE. Paris, France
landmarks monuments/sakura island sakurajima woodcut ando hiroshige
SAKURA ISLAND: SAKURAJIMA. Woodcut by Ando Hiroshige depicting the volcano Sakurajima
landmarks monuments/vienna pestsaaule pestsaaule plague column
VIENNA: PESTSÃÂ?ULE. Detail from the Pestsäule (Plague Column) in Vienna, Austria
landmarks monuments/lebanon baalbek colonnade temple sun roman city
LEBANON: BAALBEK. Colonnade of the Temple of the Sun at the Roman city of Heliopolis
landmarks monuments/jerusalem absaloms pillar absaloms pillar
JERUSALEM: ABSALOM'S PILLAR. Absalom's Pillar and the city wall of Jerusalem
landmarks monuments/venice saint marks doge alvise iv saint marks
VENICE: SAINT MARK'S. Doge Alvise IV at Saint Mark's Square, being carried
landmarks monuments/grand canyon sightseer woman standing horse
GRAND CANYON: SIGHTSEER. A woman standing next to a horse as she looks out across
landmarks monuments/brooklyn bridge 1883 cable anchorage brookln side
BROOKLYN BRIDGE, 1883. Cable anchorage, Brookln side, as it appeared before completion
landmarks monuments/tower pisa italy wood engraving 19th century
TOWER OF PISA, ITALY. Wood engraving, 19th century
landmarks monuments/mexico olmec head olmec colossal head number 2
MEXICO: OLMEC HEAD. Olmec colossal head number 2, at Parque La Venta, Tabasco, Mexico, 800-200 B
landmarks monuments/zumurrud khatun tomb monumental mausoleum surrounding
ZUMURRUD KHATUN TOMB. Monumental mausoleum with a surrounding cemetery in Baghdad, Iraq
landmarks monuments/dc king car c1920 king model h car near lincoln
D.C.: KING CAR, c1920. A King Model H car near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D
landmarks monuments/egypt thebes stone columns karnak egypt ancient
EGYPT: THEBES. Stone columns at Karnak, Egypt, once part of the ancient city of Thebes
landmarks monuments/grand canyon 1872 view grand canyon arizona
GRAND CANYON, 1872. A view of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, overlooking the Colorado River
landmarks monuments/mexico teotihuacan ruins ruins mexican city
MEXICO: TEOTIHUACAN RUINS. Ruins of Mexican city of Teotihuacan, which flourished c300 B
landmarks monuments/st louis gateway arch twilight view gateway arch st
ST. LOUIS: GATEWAY ARCH. Twilight view of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri
landmarks monuments/austria innsbruck triumphal arch built 1765
AUSTRIA: INNSBRUCK. Triumphal Arch, built in 1765
bridges/view brooklyn bridge lithograph 1883 currier
VIEW OF BROOKLYN BRIDGE. Lithograph, 1883, by Currier & Ives
landmarks monuments/san francisco city hall san francisco city hall
SAN FRANCISCO: CITY HALL. San Francisco City Hall, opened in 1915
landmarks monuments/grand canyon sightseers woman holding coat near
GRAND CANYON: SIGHTSEERS. One woman holding another by the coat near the edge of a
bridges/westminster abbey 1819 view westminster abbey
WESTMINSTER ABBEY, 1819. View of Westminster Abbey and adjacent buildings as they
landmarks monuments/municipal building manhattan municipal building
MUNICIPAL BUILDING. The Manhattan Municipal Building, inaugurated in 1915, at the
landmarks monuments/london westminster bridge westminster bridge
LONDON: WESTMINSTER BRIDGE. Westminster Bridge with Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament
landmarks monuments/paris pont neuf 1637 view paris pont neuf
PARIS: PONT NEUF, 1637. View of Paris from Pont Neuf. Oil painting by Abraham de Verwer
landmarks monuments/canyon chelly 1873 canyon chelly arizona
CANYON DE CHELLY, 1873. Canyon de Chelly, Arizona. Photographed by Timothy O'Sullivan


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