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Korean War

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korean war/battleship uss missouri bombards chong ji
The battleship "U.S.S. Missouri" bombards Chong Ji, Korea, with 16-inch
korean war/korean war shell casings brass artillery shell
KOREAN WAR: SHELL CASINGS. Brass artillery shell casings at a U.S. Army salvage yard in Korea
korean war/korean war 1950 american infantryman comforted
KOREAN WAR, 1950. An American infantryman comforted by a comrade upon learning of
korean war/korean war pork chop hill american soldier
KOREAN WAR: PORK CHOP HILL. An American soldier, wounded at the Battle of Pork Chop Hill in 1953
korean war/korean war tank 1951 crew allied tank uses
KOREAN WAR: TANK, 1951. The crew of an Allied tank uses a lull in fighting near the
korean war/f 86 jet fighter plane korean war era north american
F-86 JET FIGHTER PLANE. Korean War era North American F-86 Sabre combat aircraft in
korean war/napalm raid us air force b 26 invaders railroad
Napalm raid by U.S. Air Force B-26 Invaders on a railroad junction at Munchon, North Korea
korean war/us air force b 29 superfortresses bombing mission
U.S. Air Force B-29 Superfortresses on a bombing mission over Konan, North Korea
korean war/korean war era north american f 86 sabre combat
Korean War era North American F-86 Sabre combat aircraft in flight
korean war/north american f 86 sabre combat aircraft releasing
The North American F-86 Sabre combat aircraft releasing a rocket during training operations
korean war/not generals job american cartoon dr fitzpatrick
'Not a General's Job.' American cartoon by D
korean war/korean war propaganda united nations troops
KOREAN WAR: PROPAGANDA. United Nations troops read Christmas propaganda leaflets taken
korean war/korean war 1952 american army nurse checking
KOREAN WAR, 1952. An American Army nurse checking a Chinese communist soldier, wounded
korean war/korean war 1952 us army gun crew blasts off
KOREAN WAR, 1952. A U.S. Army gun crew blasts off a howitzer at the enemy line somewhere
korean war/korean war 1952 western front battle weary
KOREAN WAR, 1952. Western Front: Battle-weary allied soldiers carry their wounded
korean war/korean war 1951 us infantry division fires
KOREAN WAR, 1951. A U.S. Infantry division fires at a group of Chinese Communists
korean war/korean war 1950 1953 crew 105mm howitzer first
KOREAN WAR (1950-1953). The crew of a 105mm Howitzer with the First Marine Division
korean war/korean war cartoon 1950 american cartoon daniel r
KOREAN WAR: CARTOON, 1950. American cartoon by Daniel R
korean war/korean war 1951 united nations artillerymen
KOREAN WAR, 1951. United Nations artillerymen firing Eighth Army 155mm guns against
korean war/korean war allied forces allied forces approaching
KOREAN WAR: ALLIED FORCES. Allied forces approaching Wonju, South Korea, in January 1951
korean war/korean war artillerymen us artillerymen firing
KOREAN WAR: ARTILLERYMEN. U.S. artillerymen firing an eight-inch self-propelled gun
korean war/korean war infantrymen american infantrymen
KOREAN WAR: INFANTRYMEN. American Infantrymen supported by tanks advance up a hill in Korea
korean war/korean war cartoon 1950 peace movement korea
KOREAN WAR: CARTOON, 1950. '"Peace" Movement in Korea.' American cartoon by D
korean war/korean war bunker hill marine observes results
KOREAN WAR: BUNKER HILL. A Marine observes the results of artillery action during
korean war/korean war ship refueling destroyer uss shelton
KOREAN WAR: SHIP REFUELING. The destroyer USS Shelton and the aircraft carrier USS
korean war/korean war 1953 exchange prisoners agreement
KOREAN WAR, 1953. An exchange of prisoners agreement at Panmunjom, April 17, 1953
korean war/korean war combat 1951 marines first u
KOREAN WAR: COMBAT, 1951. Marines from the First U.S. Division on a battlefield in Korea
korean war/korean war un troops exhausted united nations
KOREAN WAR: U.N. TROOPS. Exhausted United Nations troops take a rest during a lull
korean war/korean war marines 1953 us marines korea
KOREAN WAR: MARINES, 1953. U.S. Marines in Korea heading for helicopters to take them to the front
korean war/korean war navy mailbag mailbag sent highline
KOREAN WAR: NAVY MAILBAG. Mailbag sent along the highline from the naval destroyer U
korean war/korean war wounded photographed c1950
KOREAN WAR: WOUNDED. Photographed c1950
korean war/korean war artillery american 155mm long tom
KOREAN WAR: ARTILLERY. An American 155mm 'Long Tom' self-propelled cannon
korean war/korean war artillery american artillery central
KOREAN WAR: ARTILLERY. American artillery on the central front. Photographed 1951
korean war/korean war bunker hill bombs dropped american
KOREAN WAR: BUNKER HILL. Bombs dropped by American Corsair fighter bombers explode
korean war/korean war tank 1951 american first division
KOREAN WAR: TANK, 1951. An American First Division tank drives north through Chunchon
korean war/korean war machine gun american soldiers man
KOREAN WAR: MACHINE GUN. American soldiers man a machine gun on a hilltop position
korean war/korean war foxhole 1951 us marine central
KOREAN WAR: FOXHOLE, 1951. A U.S. Marine on the central Korean front checks a foxhole
korean war/korean war soldiers american soldiers rifle pit
KOREAN WAR: SOLDIERS. American soldiers in a rifle pit. Photographed c1950-53
korean war/korean war prisoners turkish soldiers search
KOREAN WAR: PRISONERS. Turkish soldiers search Chinese prisoners after an engagement
korean war/korean war bloody ridge american soldiers securing
KOREAN WAR: BLOODY RIDGE. American soldiers securing the top of the hill known as
korean war/korean war artillery us artillerymen firing
KOREAN WAR: ARTILLERY. U.S. artillerymen firing an 8-inch howitzer on the front in Korea
korean war/korean war church service us navy chaplain
KOREAN WAR: CHURCH SERVICE. A U.S. Navy chaplain holds service for tank crewmen at
korean war/korean war artillery us artillerymen firing
KOREAN WAR: ARTILLERY. U.S. artillerymen firing a 105mm howitzer on North Korean positions
korean war/korean war artillery us marine artillerymen
KOREAN WAR: ARTILLERY. U.S. Marine artillerymen firing in the fog on a North Korean
korean war/korean war gi 1950 gi resting serving 43
KOREAN WAR: G.I., 1950. A G.I. resting after serving 43 straight days on the front lines in Korea
korean war/korean war wounded 1950 us army soldiers
KOREAN WAR: WOUNDED, 1950. U.S. Army soldiers of the 9th Infantry aiding a wounded comrade
korean war/korean war triangle hill enemy artillery disrupted
KOREAN WAR: TRIANGLE HILL. After enemy artillery has disrupted the Allied trolley system
korean war/korean war trenches 1952 us marines seek
KOREAN WAR: TRENCHES, 1952. U.S. Marines seek shelter from enemy mortar fire deep
korean war/korean war 1950 1953 infantrymen second us
KOREAN WAR, 1950-1953. Infantrymen of the Second U