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religious icons/saint john climacus 550 649 abbot mount sinai
SAINT JOHN CLIMACUS (550-649). Abbot of Mount Sinai
jesus/christ holy roman emperor otto ii empress theophano
Christ, Holy Roman Emperor Otto II, and Empress Theophano. Ivory, 10th century
jesus/egypt coptic art christ abbot mena painting wood
EGYPT: COPTIC ART: CHRIST and abbot Mena. Painting on wood, 7th century A.D
jesus/duccio marys marys tomb christ oil wood duccio
DUCCIO: THREE MARYS. The three Marys at the tomb of Christ. Oil on wood by Duccio di Buoninsegna
jesus/el greco saviour oil canvas
EL GRECO: THE SAVIOUR. Oil on canvas
jesus/entry jerusalem right hand page addis ababa
The Entry into Jerusalem (right-hand page). Addis Ababa manuscript. Ethiopia. Before 1350
jesus/jesus prays garden gethsemane apostles sleep
Jesus prays in the garden of Gethsemane as the Apostles sleep (Matthew 26: 39)
jesus/tanner saviour oil wood henry ossawa tanner
TANNER: THE SAVIOUR. Oil on wood by Henry Ossawa Tanner (1859-1937)
jesus/trinity seraphim cherubim angels adoring wood
The Trinity with Seraphim, Cherubim and Angels Adoring
jesus/initial letter christ page book kells c800 ad
Initial letter from the Christ Page of the Book of Kells, c800 A.D
jesus/christ majesty royal door chartres cathedral
Christ in majesty over the Royal Door, Chartres Cathedral, France
jesus/noli tangere oil wood style orcagna restricted
Noli Me Tangere. Oil on wood in the style of Orcagna. RESTRICTED OUTSIDE US
jesus/desiderio da settignano christ child marble
Desiderio da Settignano: Christ Child. Marble
jesus/wood giovanni bellini restricted outside
Wood by Giovanni Bellini. RESTRICTED OUTSIDE US
jesus/jesus disciples going emmaus luke 2431
Jesus and the disciples going to Emmaus (Luke 24:31). Wood engraving after Gustave DorÃ
jesus/jesus healing man possessed devil luke 436
Jesus healing the man possessed with a devil (Luke 4:36)
jesus/jesus preaching sea galilee luke 51 3
Jesus Preaching at the Sea of Galilee (Luke 5:1, 3). Wood engraving after Gustave DorÃ
jesus/book kells christ folio 32v portrait christ
BOOK OF KELLS: CHRIST. Folio 32v: The Portrait of Christ, c800 AD
religious icons/iconostasis 16th century portable iconostasis
ICONOSTASIS, 16TH CENTURY. Portable iconostasis of a Russian Orthodox church. Tempera on wood
religious icons/savior icon assumption cathedral 14th century
THE SAVIOR. Icon from the Assumption Cathedral. 14th century
religious icons/russian icons saviour andrei rublev c1400
RUSSIAN ICONS: THE SAVIOUR. By Andrei Rublev, c1400
jesus/luke 249 color engraving gustave dora
(Luke 2:49). Color engraving after Gustave DorÃ
jesus/reenactment crucifixion jesus photographed fred
A reenactment of the crucifixion of Jesus. Photographed by Fred Holland Day, 1898
jesus/jesus healing lunatic matthew 1715 color engraving
Jesus healing the lunatic (Matthew 17:15). Color engraving after Gustave DorÃ
jesus/pharisee publican luke 18 11 13 wood engraving
The Pharisee and the Publican (Luke 18: 11, 13). Wood engraving after Gustave DorÃ
jesus/alberto sozio crucifix wood 13th century
Alberto Sozio: Crucifix. Wood, 13th century
jesus/raphael la belle jardiniere wood 1507
Raphael: La Belle Jardiniere. Wood, 1507
jesus/crucified jesus laid rest sepulchre john 19 41 42
The crucified Jesus is laid to rest in the sepulchre (John 19: 41-42). Wood engraving
jesus/canvas titian restricted outside
jesus/life christ noli tangere french miniature manuscript
Life of Christ: Noli Me Tangere. French miniature manuscript illumination, late 12th
jesus/jesus healing dumb man possessed matthew 1222
Jesus Healing the Dumb Man Possessed (Matthew 12:22). Color engraving after Gustave DorÃ
jesus/fresco scrovegni chapel 1304 06
Fresco detail from Scrovegni Chapel, 1304-06
jesus/betrayal christ judas iscariot mark 1414
The betrayal of Christ by Judas Iscariot (Mark: 14:14). Wood engraving after Gustave DorÃ
jesus/wood ascribed lo spagna restricted outside
Wood ascribed to Lo Spagna. RESTRICTED OUTSIDE US
jesus/oil wood style dieric bouts restricted outside
Oil on wood in the style of Dieric Bouts. RESTRICTED OUTSIDE US
jesus/christ feeding multitude matthew 1417 18
Christ Feeding the Multitude (Matthew 14:17, 18). Color engraving after Gustave DorÃ
jesus/illumination italian missal 1463
Illumination from an Italian Missal, 1463
jesus/mexican manuscript illumination 18th century
Detail from a Mexican manuscript illumination, 18th century
jesus/woodcut illustration christ apostles storm sea
Woodcut illustration of Christ and the Apostles during the storm on the Sea of Galilee (Mark 4:38)
jesus/13th century deesis mosaic south gallery hagia
The 13th century Deesis mosaic in the South Gallery of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul
jesus/mary magdalene washes jesus feet hair stone relief
Mary Magdalene washes Jesus' feet with her hair. Stone relief, Burgundy, France
jesus/ivory pisan early 14th century height 6 1 8
Ivory, Pisan, early 14th century. Height: 6 1/8 inches
jesus/barnaba da modena wood restricted outside
Barnaba da Modena. Wood. RESTRICTED OUTSIDE US
jesus/reenactment crucifixion jesus photographed fred
A reenactment of the crucifixion of Jesus. Photographed by Fred Holland Day, 1898
jesus/bust christ crucified marble 1395 99 claus
Bust of Christ Crucified. Marble, 1395-99, by Claus Sluter
jesus/griselle 1634 rembrandt restricted outside
Griselle, 1634, by Rembrandt. RESTRICTED OUTSIDE US
jesus/john 19 2 wood engraving gustave dora
(John 19: 2): wood engraving after Gustave DorÃ
jesus/wood ascribed francesco francia restricted
Wood ascribed to Francesco Francia. RESTRICTED OUTSIDE US
jesus/entry jesus jerusalem matthew 21 8 9
The entry of Jesus into Jerusalem (Matthew 21: 8, 9)
jesus/temptation christ oil wood c1500 juan flandes
The Temptation of Christ: oil on wood, c1500, by Juan de Flandes
jesus/giovanni battista faenza incredulity saint thomas
Giovanni Battista of Faenza: The Incredulity of Saint Thomas. Wood. RESTRICTED OUTSIDE US
jesus/reenactment crucifixion jesus photographed fred
A reenactment of the crucifixion of Jesus. Photographed by Fred Holland Day, 1898
jesus/jesus washes apostles feet john 135 wood
Jesus washes the Apostle's feet (John 13:5). Wood engraving, American, 1884
jesus/conversion saint paul conversion saint paul road
CONVERSION OF SAINT PAUL. The conversion of Saint Paul on the road to Damascus
jesus/fresco c1305 scrovegni chapel padua
Fresco, c1305. Scrovegni Chapel, Padua
jesus/panel polyptych poplar carlo crivelli restricted
Panel from a polyptych. Poplar by Carlo Crivelli. RESTRICTED OUTSIDE US
jesus/disciples plucking corn sabbath mark 227
The Disciples Plucking Corn on the Sabbath (Mark 2:27). Wood engraving after Gustave DorÃ
jesus/ascension french book hours c1480
The Ascension from a French Book of Hours, c1480
jesus/mark 1243 color engraving gustave dora
(Mark 12:43). Color engraving after Gustave DorÃ
jesus/christ carrying cross tempera wood 1336 42
Christ Carrying the Cross. Tempera on wood, 1336-42, by Simone Martini
jesus/christ ancestor david psalter illumination english
Christ and His Ancestor David. Psalter illumination, English, c1240
jesus/christ majesty rendered entirely feathers mexican
Christ in Majesty rendered entirely out of feathers, by a Mexican Indian artist, 16th
jesus/supper oil canvas philippe champaigne 1602 1674
The Last Supper. Oil on canvas by Philippe de Champaigne (1602-1674)
jesus/descent jesus cross joseph arimathaea mark 15 43
The Descent of Jesus from the Cross by Joseph of Arimathaea (Mark 15: 43, 46)
jesus/people oil canvas 1837 57 alexander ivanoff
to the people. Oil on canvas, 1837-57, by Alexander Ivanoff
jesus/canvas wood garofalo restricted outside
Canvas, from wood, by Garofalo. RESTRICTED OUTSIDE US
jesus/reenactment crucifixion jesus photographed fred
A reenactment of the crucifixion of Jesus. Photographed by Fred Holland Day, 1898
jesus/reenactment crucifixion jesus photographed fred
A reenactment of the crucifixion of Jesus. Photographed by Fred Holland Day, 1898
jesus/oil wood giovanni battista cima da conegliano c1510
Oil on wood by Giovanni Battista Cima da Conegliano, c1510. RESTRICTED OUTSIDE US
jesus/mark 439 color engraving gustave dora
(Mark 4:39). Color engraving after Gustave DorÃ
jesus/entry christ jerusalem kebran manuscript ethiopia
The Entry of Christ into Jerusalem. Kebran manuscript. Ethiopia. c1420
jesus/architectural drawing retablo el santuario chimayo
Architectural drawing for the retablo in El Santuario de Chimayó in Chimayó, New Mexico
jesus/moscow school russia mid 15th century wood
Moscow School, Russia. Mid-15th century. Wood
jesus/jesus blessing little children mark 1014
Jesus blessing the little children (Mark 10:14). Color engraving after Gustave DorÃ
jesus/john 1331 wood engraving gustave dora
(John 13:31). Wood engraving after Gustave DorÃ
jesus/jesus falling beneath cross mark 1521
Jesus falling beneath the cross (Mark 15:21). Wood engraving after Gustave DorÃ
jesus/jesus christ 13th century deesis mosaic hagia
Detail of Jesus Christ from the 13th century Deesis mosaic at the Hagia Sophia basilica
jesus/illumination french psalter c1290
Illumination from a French Psalter, c1290
jesus/christ child christkindchen line engraving
Christ Child (Christkindchen). Line engraving after a drawing by Thomas Nast
jesus/style orcagna small altarpiece crucifixion wood
Style of Orcagna: Small altarpiece of the Crucifixion. Wood. RESTRICTED OUTSIDE US
jesus/luke 2243 colored engraving gustave dora
(Luke 22:43): colored engraving after Gustave DorÃ
jesus/sermon mount matthew 6 28 29 color engraving
The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6: 28, 29). Color engraving after Gustave DorÃ
jesus/fresco giotto c1305 scrovegni chapel padua
Fresco by Giotto, c1305, Scrovegni Chapel, Padua
jesus/panel 1472 carlo crivelli
Panel, 1472, by Carlo Crivelli
jesus/wood engraving english 19th century painting
Wood engraving, English, 19th century, after a painting by Paul Delaroche
jesus/tempera canvas andrea mantegna
Tempera on canvas by Andrea Mantegna
jesus/walk emmaus wood altobello melone restricted
The Walk to Emmaus. Wood by Altobello Melone. RESTRICTED OUTSIDE US
jesus/master liesborn head christ cross canvas
Master of Liesborn: Head of Christ on the Cross. Canvas. RESTRICTED OUTSIDE US
jesus/scenes passion christ sarcophagi rome 4th century a
Scenes from the Passion of Christ. Sarcophagi, Rome, 4th century A.D
jesus/transfiguration jesus brilliant whiteness who
The Transfiguration of Jesus into a brilliant whiteness who converses with Moses
jesus/trinity christ crucified panel austrian school
Trinity with Christ Crucified. Panel, Austrian school, 15th century
jesus/jesus raising daughter jairus luke 8 54
Jesus raising up the daughter of Jairus (Luke 8: 54). Wood engraving after Gustave DorÃ
jesus/scourging jesus order pontius pilate john 191
The scourging of Jesus by the order of Pontius Pilate (John 19:1)
jesus/giotto fresco scrovegni chapel
Giotto. Fresco from the Scrovegni Chapel
jesus/ugolino di nerio painting wood restricted
Ugolino di Nerio. Painting on wood. RESTRICTED OUTSIDE US
jesus/antonello da messina wood 1475 restricted
Antonello da Messina. Wood, 1475. RESTRICTED OUTSIDE US
jesus/miraculous draught fishes john 216 color wood
The Miraculous Draught of Fishes (John 21:6). Color wood engraving after Gustave DorÃ
jesus/fourth century ad sarcophagus relief christ
Fourth century A.D. sarcophagus relief of Christ and 12 Apostles
jesus/matthew 285 6 wood engraving gustave dora
(Matthew 28:5, 6). Wood engraving after Gustave DorÃ


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