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inventors scientists/robert hutchings goddard 1882 1945 american
ROBERT HUTCHINGS GODDARD (1882-1945), American physicist, far left, and assistants (Jungquist
inventors scientists/alexander aristotle aristotle 384 322 bc
ALEXANDER & ARISTOTLE. Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) tutoring Alexander the Great (356-323 B
inventors scientists/albert einstein 1879 1955 american german born
ALBERT EINSTEIN (1879-1955). American (German-born) theoretical physicist
inventors scientists/jacques cousteau 1910 1997 french oceanographer
JACQUES COUSTEAU (1910-1997). French oceanographer
inventors scientists/chinese astronomer 1675
Chinese Astronomer, 1675
inventors scientists/1873 1932 brazilian aviation pioneer english
(1873-1932). Brazilian aviation pioneer. English caricature, 1901
inventors scientists/nicolaus copernicus 1473 1543 polish astronomer
NICOLAUS COPERNICUS (1473-1543). Polish astronomer
inventors scientists/robert hutchings goddard 1882 1945 american
ROBERT HUTCHINGS GODDARD (1882-1945). American physicist
inventors scientists/maria mitchell 1818 1889 american astronomer
MARIA MITCHELL (1818-1889). American astronomer
inventors scientists/alexis carrel 1873 1944 french surgeon physiologist
ALEXIS CARREL (1873-1944). French surgeon and physiologist
inventors scientists/1864 1943 american botanist chemist educator
(1864-1943). American botanist, chemist, and educator
inventors scientists/1904 1967 american physicist oppenheimer testifying
(1904-1967). American physicist. Oppenheimer testifying before the Joint Congressional
inventors scientists/leonardo da vinci 1452 1519 italian painter
LEONARDO DA VINCI (1452-1519). Italian painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, and scientist
inventors scientists/james watt 1736 1819 scottish engineer inventor
JAMES WATT (1736-1819). Scottish engineer and inventor
inventors scientists/sir isaac newton 1642 1727 english physicist
SIR ISAAC NEWTON (1642-1727). English physicist and mathematician
inventors scientists/ptolemy 2nd century ad alexandrian astronomer
PTOLEMY (2nd CENTURY A.D.). Alexandrian astronomer, mathematician and geographer
inventors scientists/sir isaac newton 1642 1727 english physicist
SIR ISAAC NEWTON (1642-1727). English physicist and mathematician
inventors scientists/lee forest 1873 1961 american inventor
LEE DE FOREST (1873-1961). American inventor. Oil over a photograph, 1907
inventors scientists/benjamin franklin 1706 1790 american printer
BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (1706-1790). American printer, publisher, scientist, inventor, statesman
inventors scientists/igor ivan sikorsky 1889 1972 american ukrainian born
IGOR IVAN SIKORSKY (1889-1972). American (Ukrainian-born) aeronautical engineer
inventors scientists/florence rena sabin 1871 1953 oil photograph c
FLORENCE RENA SABIN (1871-1953): oil over a photograph, c. 1928
inventors scientists/jean henri fabre 1823 1915 french entomologist
JEAN HENRI FABRE (1823-1915). French entomologist
inventors scientists/mileva maric 1875 1948 serbian physicist mathematician
MILEVA MARIC (1875-1948). Serbian physicist and mathematician; first wife of Albert
inventors scientists/jonas salk 1914 1995 american medical scientist
JONAS SALK (1914-1995). American medical scientist; developer of polio vaccine
inventors scientists/archimedes discovering relationship weight displacement
ARCHIMEDES discovering the relationship between weight and displacement of water: German woodcut
inventors scientists/sir hiram stevens maxim 1840 1916 american
SIR HIRAM STEVENS MAXIM (1840-1916). American (naturalized British) inventor. Albert Edward
inventors scientists/carl g jung 1875 1961 swiss psychologist psychiatrist
CARL G. JUNG (1875-1961). Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist. Oil over a photograph, n.d
inventors scientists/chaim weizmann 1874 1952 russian chemist zionist
CHAIM WEIZMANN (1874-1952). Russian chemist and Zionist leader
inventors scientists/charles robert darwin 1809 1882 caricature
CHARLES ROBERT DARWIN (1809-1882). Caricature, 1872, by Frederick Waddy
inventors scientists/talbotype 1845 talbotype photograph taken 1845
TALBOTYPE, 1845. A Talbotype photograph taken in 1845 showing Fox Talbot's printing
inventors scientists/galileo galilei 1564 1642 italian mathematician
GALILEO GALILEI (1564-1642). Italian mathematician, astronomer, and physicist. Drawing
inventors scientists/sonya kovalevsky 1850 1891 known sofya kovalevskaya
SONYA KOVALEVSKY (1850-1891). Also known as Sofya Kovalevskaya. Russian mathematician
inventors scientists/vladimir k zworykin 1889 1982 russian naturalized
VLADIMIR K. ZWORYKIN (1889-1982). Russian (naturalized U.S.) engineer and inventor
inventors scientists/elie metchnikoff 1845 1916 russian zoologist
ELIE METCHNIKOFF (1845-1916). Russian zoologist. In his laboratory. Oil over a photograph
inventors scientists/thomas edison 1847 1931 american inventor
THOMAS EDISON (1847-1931). American inventor
inventors scientists/albert schweitzer 1875 1965 french theologian
ALBERT SCHWEITZER (1875-1965). French theologian, physician, and musicologist in Africa
inventors scientists/louis pasteur 1822 1895 french chemist microbiologist
LOUIS PASTEUR (1822-1895). French chemist and microbiologist
inventors scientists/marie stopes 1880 1958 english paleobotanist
MARIE STOPES (1880-1958). English paleobotanist and birth-control advocate
inventors scientists/alexander graham bell 1847 1922 american scottish born
ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL (1847-1922). American (Scottish-born) teacher and inventor
inventors scientists/johann gutenberg c1395 1468 german printer
JOHANN GUTENBERG (c1395-1468). German printer
inventors scientists/sir alexander fleming 1881 1955 laboratory wright
SIR ALEXANDER FLEMING (1881-1955) in his last laboratory at the Wright Fleming Institute
inventors scientists/james van allen 1914 2006 american physicist
JAMES VAN ALLEN (1914-2006). American physicist
inventors scientists/max planck 1858 1947 german physicist
MAX PLANCK (1858-1947). German physicist. Photographed 1929
inventors scientists/marie pierre curie english caricature lithograph
MARIE AND PIERRE CURIE. English caricature lithograph, 1904
inventors scientists/marie curie 1867 1934 laboratory sorbonne paris
MARIE CURIE (1867-1934) in her laboratory at the Sorbonne, Paris: oil over a photograph
inventors scientists/wright brothers orville left 1871 1948 wilbur
WRIGHT BROTHERS. Orville (left) (1871-1948) and Wilbur Wright (1867-1912)