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silent film stills/chaplin modern times 1936 charlie chaplin paulette
CHAPLIN: MODERN TIMES, 1936. Charlie Chaplin and Paulette Goddard in the final scene from the film
famous faces/bette davis 1908 1989 american actress
BETTE DAVIS (1908-1989). American actress
famous faces/anita ekberg 1931 swedish cinema actress
ANITA EKBERG (1931- ). Swedish cinema actress. Publicity still from 'Artists and Models
poets writers/gabriele dannunzio 1863 1938 italian author
GABRIELE D'ANNUNZIO (1863-1938). Italian author and soldier
famous faces/anita ekberg 1931 swedish cinema actress
ANITA EKBERG (1931- ). Swedish cinema actress. Publicity still from 'Artists and Models
poets writers/william cobbett 1763 1835 english political
WILLIAM COBBETT (1763-1835). English political journalist and essayist. Lithograph
poets writers/noel coward 1899 1973 english actor playwright
NOEL COWARD (1899-1973). English actor and playwright
jean paul marat 1743 1793 french revolutionary
JEAN-PAUL MARAT (1743-1793). French Revolutionary politician. Line and stipple engraving
great expectations wood engraving 19th century
GREAT EXPECTATIONS. Wood engraving from a 19th-century American edition of Charles
mount kilimanjaro 1884 mount kilimanjaro highest
MOUNT KILIMANJARO, 1884. Mount Kilimanjaro and its highest peak, Kibo, the highest point in Africa
famous faces/richard burton 1925 1984 welsh actor
RICHARD BURTON (1925-1984). Welsh actor
american civil war/george custer 1839 1876 american army officer
GEORGE CUSTER (1839-1876). American army officer. Custer, left, as a Captain in the Union Army
daguerreotypes/louis jacques mande daguerre french painter inventor
Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre. French painter and inventor. Wood engraving, American, 1881
world war ii/the way save democracy american cartoon 1939
'The Only Way We Can Save Her [Democracy].' American cartoon, 1939, by Carey Orr against U
daguerreotypes/louis jacques mande daguerre french painter inventor
Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre. French painter and inventor of the daguerreotype. French lithograph
whats new/durer measurement man drawing recumbent woman
DURER: MEASUREMENT. A man drawing a recumbent woman, in foreshortening through
whats new/durer measurement artist drawing seated man
DURER: MEASUREMENT. An artist drawing a seated man on to a pane of glass through a
whats new/durer measurement man drawing vessel aid
DURER: MEASUREMENT. A man drawing a vessel with the aid of a sight-vane
whats new/billboard camp 1938 families camped southern
BILLBOARD CAMP, 1938. Three families camped behind a Southern Pacific Railway billboard on U
whats new/child workers 1939 sons migrant workers employed
CHILD WORKERS, 1939. Sons of migrant workers employed by the Works Projects Administration
miscellaneous/elizabeth ii 1926 queen england 1952
ELIZABETH II (1926- ). Queen of England, 1952
miscellaneous/feodor chaliapin 1873 1938 russian operatic
FEODOR CHALIAPIN (1873-1938). Russian operatic basso
miscellaneous/hugo eckener 1869 1954 german aeronaut
HUGO ECKENER (1869-1954). German aeronaut. Photographed August 1929
miscellaneous/emile coue 1857 1926 french psychotherapist
EMILE COUE (1857-1926). French psychotherapist
miscellaneous/julian byng vimy 1862 1935 julian hedworth
JULIAN BYNG OF VIMY (1862-1935). Julian Hedworth George Byng
miscellaneous/sir austen chamberlain 1863 1937 british politician
SIR AUSTEN CHAMBERLAIN (1863-1937). British politician. Photographed in 1923
miscellaneous/edward viii 1894 1972 king great britain 1936
EDWARD VIII (1894-1972). King of Great Britain, 1936. When Prince of Wales
miscellaneous/kenya dinesen farm 1925 aerial photograph farm
KENYA: DINESEN FARM, 1925. Aerial photograph of the farm owned by Karen Blixen
miscellaneous/lincoln ellsworth 1880 1951 american polar explorer
LINCOLN ELLSWORTH (1880-1951.) American polar explorer. Photograph, c1920
handcolored/john andre 1751 1780 english soldier mezzotint
JOHN ANDRE (1751-1780). English soldier. Mezzotint, American, 19th century
us cities/new york tin pan alley corner broadway west
NEW YORK: TIN PAN ALLEY. The corner of Broadway and West 28th Street, New York City
world geography/berlin beer garden 1914 family party krolls
BERLIN: BEER GARDEN, 1914. A family party in Kroll's famous beer garden, Berlin
world history/daumier balance power the european balance
DAUMIER: BALANCE OF POWER. 'The European Balance of Power
religion/saint valentine late 3rd century christian martyr
SAINT VALENTINE. Late 3rd century Christian martyr. Woodcut, German, 1493
science/botany sea lavender statice limonium
BOTANY: SEA LAVENDER. (Statice limonium). Woodcut from John Gerard's 'Herball
science/charles robert darwin 1809 1882 english
CHARLES ROBERT DARWIN (1809-1882). English naturalist
technology/morse code alphabet alphabet invented samuel
MORSE CODE ALPHABET. The alphabet invented by Samuel Finley Breese Morse (1791-1872)
technology/phonograph ad c1880 new york city broadside
PHONOGRAPH AD, c1880. A New York City broadside, c1880, inviting the curious for
portraits/josiah royce 1855 1916 william james josiah royce
JOSIAH ROYCE (1855-1916). William James Josiah Royce. American philosopher and idealist
portraits/emperor maximilian the triumphal procession
EMPEROR MAXIMILIAN. Detail from 'The Triumphal Procession of the Emperor Maximilian
portraits/willem einthoven 1860 1927 dutch physiologist
WILLEM EINTHOVEN (1860-1927). Dutch physiologist
portraits/hugo eckener 1868 1954 german aeronaut
HUGO ECKENER (1868-1954). German aeronaut. Photographed in 1933
portraits/queen elisabeth 1876 1965 queen belgians
QUEEN ELISABETH (1876-1965). Queen of the Belgians, 1909-1934
portraits/george eliot manuscript beginning autograph fair
GEORGE ELIOT MANUSCRIPT. The beginning of the autograph fair copy manuscript of
portraits/oliver ellsworth 1745 1807 chief justice united
OLIVER ELLSWORTH (1745-1807). Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, 1796-1799
portraits/arthur stanley eddington 1882 1944 english
ARTHUR STANLEY EDDINGTON (1882-1944). English astronomer. Photographed in 1904
portraits/paul ehrlich 1854 1915 german bacteriologist
PAUL EHRLICH (1854-1915). German bacteriologist
portraits/fanny elssler 1810 1884 austrian dancer
FANNY ELSSLER (1810-1884). Austrian dancer. Performing the Shadow Dance. Lithograph
portraits/franz ferdinand 1863 1914 archduke austria
FRANZ FERDINAND (1863-1914). Archduke of Austria
portraits/andrew ellicott 1754 1820 american surveyor
ANDREW ELLICOTT (1754-1820). American surveyor. Oil miniature, American, 1799
portraits/edgar degas 1834 1917 french impressionist painter
EDGAR DEGAS (1834-1917). French Impressionist painter. Self-portrait in oils, c1862
portraits/reginald koven 1859 1920 american composer
REGINALD de KOVEN (1859-1920). American composer. Photographed in 1904
portraits/thomas custer 1845 1876 american army officer
THOMAS CUSTER (1845-1876). American army officer and brother of George Armstrong Custer
portraits/thomas coke 1747 1814 british methodist
THOMAS COKE (1747-1814). British Methodist clergyman
portraits/comte clermont 1709 1770 louis bourbon prince
COMTE DE CLERMONT (1709-1770). Louis de Bourbon, prince de Conde. Etching, 19th century
portraits/antony cleopatra oil canvas c1750 giovanni
ANTONY & CLEOPATRA. Oil on canvas, c1750, by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1696-1770)
portraits/sarah disraeli 1776 1847 daughter isaac maria
SARAH D'ISRAELI (1776-1847). Daughter of Isaac and Maria D'Israeli and sister of
portraits/maria disraeli 1776 1847 wife isaac disraeli
MARIA D'ISRAELI (1776-1847). Wife of Isaac D'Israeli and mother of Benjamin
portraits/benjamin disraeli cartoon the state nation
BENJAMIN DISRAELI CARTOON. 'The state of the nation: Disraeli measuring the British
portraits/william burke 1792 1829 irish grave robber
WILLIAM BURKE (1792-1829). Irish grave-robber and murderer
portraits/saint clement i c30 c100 pope c90 c99 woodcut
SAINT CLEMENT I (c30-c100). Pope c90-c99. Woodcut, Venetian, 1592
portraits/emma wedgwood darwin 1808 1896 wife charles
EMMA WEDGWOOD DARWIN (1808-1896). Wife of Charles Robert Darwin
portraits/sir roger casement 1864 1916 irish revolutionary
SIR ROGER CASEMENT (1864-1916). Irish revolutionary patriot. Oil on canvas by Sarah H
portraits/byron manfred astarte painting k liska based
BYRON: MANFRED & ASTARTE. Painting by K. Liska based on Lord George Gordon Bryan's
portraits/camerarius title page 1694 title page first
CAMERARIUS: TITLE PAGE, 1694. Title page of the first edition of Rudolph Jacob
portraits/vincenzo calvesi italian tenor created role
VINCENZO CALVESI. Italian tenor. Created the role of Fernando in the first performance
portraits/edward burne jones 1833 1898 english painter
EDWARD BURNE-JONES (1833-1898). English painter and designer. Oil on canvas, 1870
portraits/ole bornemann bull 18180 1880 norwegian violinist
OLE BORNEMANN BULL (18180-1880). Norwegian violinist. Original cabinet photograph
portraits/ole bornemann bull 1810 1880 norwegian violinist
OLE BORNEMANN BULL (1810-1880). Norwegian violinist. Original carte-de-visite photograph
portraits/hariclea darclee 1868 1939 romanian operatic
HARICLEA DARCLEE (1868-1939). Romanian operatic soprano
portraits/dickens martin chuzzlewit wood engraving 19th
DICKENS: MARTIN CHUZZLEWIT. Wood engraving from a 19th century American edition
portraits/columbus santa maria modern replica christopher
COLUMBUS: SANTA MARIA. A modern replica of Christopher Columbus' caravel, Santa Maria
portraits/celestine v 1215 1296 pope 1294 italian fresco
CELESTINE V (1215-1296). Pope, 1294. Detail from an Italian fresco, 15th century
portraits/john catron 1786 1865 american jurist etching
JOHN CATRON (1786-1865). American jurist. Etching, 1889, by Albert Rosenthal
portraits/gabriel duvall 1752 1844 american jurist
GABRIEL DUVALL (1752-1844). American jurist. Etching 1889, by Albert Rosenthal
portraits/john a campbell 1811 1889 american jurist
JOHN A. CAMPBELL (1811-1889). American jurist. Etching, 1889, by Max Rosenthal
portraits/anna elizabeth dickinson 1842 1932 american
ANNA ELIZABETH DICKINSON (1842-1932). American lecturer. Original cabinet photograph
portraits/anna elizabeth dickinson 1842 1932 american
ANNA ELIZABETH DICKINSON (1842-1932). American lecturer
portraits/stephen decatur 1779 1820 american naval commander
STEPHEN DECATUR (1779-1820). American naval commander. Oil on canvas by Rembrandt Peale
portraits/abraham darby 1678 1717 english ironmaster
ABRAHAM DARBY (1678-1717). English ironmaster
portraits/dickens bleak house mrs bagnet returns
DICKENS: BLEAK HOUSE. 'Mrs. Bagnet returns from her expedition
portraits/richard crowley 1836 1908 american jurist
RICHARD CROWLEY (1836-1908). American jurist and legislator
portraits/john chapman 1775 1845 known johnny appleseed
JOHN CHAPMAN (1775-1845). Known as 'Johnny Appleseed
portraits/pablo casals 1876 1973 spanish violoncellist
PABLO CASALS (1876-1973). Spanish violoncellist and conductor
portraits/emmanuel chambrier 1841 1894 french composer
EMMANUEL CHAMBRIER (1841-1894). French composer
portraits/jean henri dunant 1828 1910 swiss philanthropist
JEAN HENRI DUNANT (1828-1910). Swiss philanthropist and founder of the International
portraits/georges louis buffon 1707 1788 french naturalist
GEORGES LOUIS de BUFFON (1707-1788). French naturalist. Etching, French, 1840
portraits/bartholomew columbus c1445 c1514 italian sea
BARTHOLOMEW COLUMBUS (c1445-c1514). Italian sea captain in Spanish service
portraits/thomas chamberlin 1843 1928 thomas chrowder
THOMAS CHAMBERLIN (1843-1928). Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin
portraits/finley peter dunne 1867 1936 american humorist
FINLEY PETER DUNNE (1867-1936). American humorist. Photographed at age 32, in 1899
portraits/jacques callot 1592 1635 french engraver etcher
JACQUES CALLOT (1592-1635). French engraver and etcher
portraits/dee navigation 1577 title page general rare
DEE: NAVIGATION, 1577. Title page of 'General and Rare Memorials pertayning to
portraits/dickens david copperfield we unexpectedly mr
DICKENS: DAVID COPPERFIELD. 'We were unexpectedly at Mr
portraits/dickens oliver twist olivers reception fagin
DICKENS: OLIVER TWIST. 'Oliver's reception by Fagin and the boys
portraits/john cabot 1450 1498 italian navigator explorer
JOHN CABOT (1450-1498). Italian navigator and explorer
portraits/oliver cromwell 1599 1658 lord protector england
OLIVER CROMWELL (1599-1658). Lord Protector of England (1653-1658)
portraits/little bighorn 1876 custers charge lithograph
LITTLE BIGHORN, 1876. 'Custer's Last Charge.' Lithograph, 1876
portraits/christopher columbus 1451 1506 italian navigator
CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS (1451-1506). Italian navigator. Woodcut, Flemish, 1695


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