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athletes/muhammed ali b 1942
MUHAMMED ALI (b. 1942)
portraits/austen pride prejudice mrs long nieces
AUSTEN: PRIDE & PREJUDICE. Mrs. Long and her nieces
philosophers/greek mathematician inventor archimedes tub
Greek mathematician and inventor. Archimedes in his tub, discovering the relationship
poets writers/friedrich schiller 1759 1805 johann christoph
FRIEDRICH SCHILLER (1759-1805). Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller. German poet
mythology/homer odyssey odysseus bending bow contest suitors
HOMER: THE ODYSSEY. Odysseus bending his bow in contest with the suitors of his wife
whats new/oil lamp symbol oil lamp symbol knowledge
OIL LAMP SYMBOL. An oil lamp as the symbol of knowledge and philosophy
whats new/new mexico adobe house replastering adobe house
NEW MEXICO: ADOBE HOUSE. Replastering an adobe house at Chamisal, New Mexico. Photograph
miscellaneous/karl abraham 1877 1925 german psychoanalyst
KARL ABRAHAM (1877-1925). German psychoanalyst
miscellaneous/franklin pierce adams 1881 1960 american journalist
FRANKLIN PIERCE ADAMS (1881-1960). American journalist and humorist
miscellaneous/radio show 1920s professor ambrose weems cuckoo
RADIO SHOW, 1920s. 'Professor Ambrose Weems' and the Cuckoo Program in the early
miscellaneous/bori mccormack lucrezia bori john mccormack new
BORI AND MCCORMACK. Lucrezia Bori and John McCormack at New York City radio station
miscellaneous/mary hunter austin 1868 1934 american writer
MARY HUNTER AUSTIN (1868-1934). American writer. Photographed by Ansel Adams, c1929
us cities/texas city austin 1840 view city austin capital
TEXAS: CITY OF AUSTIN, 1840. A view of the city of Austin, capital of the Republic
us states/map south carolina c1700 a perticuler map
MAP: SOUTH CAROLINA, c1700. 'A Perticuler Map for the going into Ashley and Cooper
us states/colonial land grants 1674 list land grants south
COLONIAL LAND GRANTS, 1674. A list of land grants in South Carolina from 1674
us states/new mexico santa fe trail map santa fe trail
NEW MEXICO: SANTA FE TRAIL. Map of the Santa Fe Trail from Independence, Missouri
us states/seattle washington 1880s street scene seattle
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, 1880s. Street scene in Seattle, Washington State, 1880s
us states/seattle washington 1880s street seattle washington
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, 1880s. A street in Seattle, Washington State, 1880s
us states/new jersey newark 1855 park market park place
NEW JERSEY: NEWARK, 1855. The park and market on Park Place at Newark, New Jersey
us states/oklahoma boomers 1891 private dennis f
OKLAHOMA BOOMERS, 1891. Private Dennis F
us states/oklahoma land rush 1889 tent serving post office
OKLAHOMA LAND RUSH, 1889. Tent serving as a post office at Guthrie, Oklahoma Territory
us states/oklahoma land rush 1893 homesteaders arkansas city
OKLAHOMA LAND RUSH, 1893. Homesteaders at Arkansas City, Kansas, sit on 'registration
us states/oklahoma land rush 1893 homesteaders registration
OKLAHOMA LAND RUSH, 1893. Homesteaders at registration booths south of Arkansas City
us states/oklahoma land rush 1893 selling water homesteaders
OKLAHOMA LAND RUSH, 1893. Selling water to homesteaders on their way to the opening
us states/oklahoma land rush 1893 homesteaders way opening
OKLAHOMA LAND RUSH, 1893. Homesteaders on their way to the opening of the Cherokee
us states/oklahoma land rush 1889 direction u
OKLAHOMA LAND RUSH, 1889. At the direction of U
us states/petroleum oil city 1864 view oil city pennsylvania
PETROLEUM: OIL CITY, 1864. A view of Oil City, Pennsylvania, refining and shipping
us states/pennsylvania title page title page the frame
PENNSYLVANIA: TITLE PAGE. Title page of 'The Frame of the Government of the Province
us states/view newport c1900 view baileys beach newport
VIEW OF NEWPORT, c1900. View at Bailey's Beach, Newport, Rhode Island. Photograph
us states/pennsylvania title page title page some account
PENNSYLVANIA: TITLE PAGE. Title page of 'Some Account of the Province of Pennsilvania
us states/map south carolina c1730 copy cherokee map
MAP: SOUTH CAROLINA, c1730. Copy of a Cherokee map of South Carolina drawn on a deer skin
us states/act toleration 1649 act toleration passed province
ACT OF TOLERATION, 1649. The Act of Toleration, passed by the Province of Maryland
us states/gloucester c1835 view gloucester massachusetts
GLOUCESTER, c1835. View of Gloucester, Massachusetts
us states/new york map c1776 map southern new york hudson
NEW YORK: MAP, c1776. A map of Southern New York and the Hudson River Valley, c1776
us states/new hampshire colony seal seal new hampshire colony
NEW HAMPSHIRE COLONY SEAL. Seal of the New Hampshire Colony, 1680
us states/albany dutch colonial house first dutch governor
ALBANY: DUTCH COLONIAL. The house of the first Dutch governor at Albany, New York
us states/cartoon oklahoma 1891 in boom city oklahoma
CARTOON: OKLAHOMA, 1891. 'In Boom City, Oklahoma
us states/oklahoma boomer 1889 boomers wife awaiting
OKLAHOMA BOOMER, 1889. A 'boomer's' wife awaiting the opening of homestead
us states/new jersey 1905 wesley lake ocean grove new jersey
NEW JERSEY, 1905. Wesley Lake, Ocean Grove, New Jersey, in 1905
us states/texas letter 1836 letter andrew jackson donelson
TEXAS: LETTER, 1836. Letter to Andrew Jackson Donelson written by Stephen F
us states/wisconsin lutherans 1875 congregation norwegian
WISCONSIN: LUTHERANS, 1875. A congregation of Norwegian immigrants gathered for
us states/oklahoma land rush 1889 laying lots guthrie
OKLAHOMA LAND RUSH, 1889. Laying out lots in Guthrie, Oklahoma Territory, on the
us states/oklahoma land rush 1889 arrival first train guthrie
OKLAHOMA LAND RUSH, 1889. Arrival of the first train at Guthrie, Oklahoma Territory
us states/new mexico 1885 san francisco street santa fe
NEW MEXICO, 1885. San Francisco Street in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Photograph, c1885
us states/oklahoma map 1889 map oklahoma surrounding portions
OKLAHOMA MAP, 1889. Map of Oklahoma and surrounding portions of the Indian Territory
us states/new mexico company store gross blackwell
NEW MEXICO: COMPANY STORE. Gross, Blackwell & Company store in Las Vegas, New Mexico
us states/north carolina cottage cottage northern settler
NORTH CAROLINA: COTTAGE. Cottage of a northern settler in central North Carolina
us states/north carolina ploughing man powered plough
NORTH CAROLINA: PLOUGHING. A man-powered plough in central North Carolina. Drawing
us states/north carolina mountains farm french broad river
NORTH CAROLINA: MOUNTAINS. A farm on the French Broad River, North Carolina
us states/oklahoma boomers 1889 boomer family awaiting
OKLAHOMA BOOMERS, 1889. A 'boomer' family awaiting the opening of homestead lands
us states/war texas 1836 title page benjamin lundys the
WAR IN TEXAS, 1836. Title page of Benjamin Lundy's 'The War in Texas,'
us states/santa fe trail pack train pack train santa fe
SANTA FE TRAIL: PACK TRAIN. 'Pack Train to Santa Fe, 1820
us states/oklahoma land rush 1893 homestead claimants
OKLAHOMA LAND RUSH, 1893. Homestead claimants rushing into the Cherokee strip
us states/oklahoma land rush 1893 passengers aboard rock
OKLAHOMA LAND RUSH, 1893. Passengers aboard a Rock Island Train at the state line
us states/kansas council grove main street looking west
KANSAS: COUNCIL GROVE. Main Street looking West in Council Grove, Kansas, forming
us states/kansas dodge city 1873 street dodge city
KANSAS: DODGE CITY, 1873. Front Street, Dodge City, looking east from Third Avenue
us states/nevada main street 1903 main street goldfield
NEVADA: MAIN STREET, 1903. Main Street, Goldfield, Nevada, photographed in 1903
world history/new france grain mill seigneurial grain 17th century
NEW FRANCE: GRAIN MILL. A seigneurial grain mill in 17th-century New France
world history/cuba revolution 1895 1897 insurgent cavalry
CUBA: REVOLUTION, 1895-1897. An insurgent cavalry charge at the Battle of De La Caoba
world history/english resolution 1588 resolution english commanders
ENGLISH RESOLUTION, 1588. Resolution of the English commanders after the defeat
world history/china boxer rebellion russian sailors defending
CHINA: BOXER REBELLION. Russian sailors defending a barricade before the Peking legation
world history/china boxer rebellion fighting ramparts peking
CHINA: BOXER REBELLION. Fighting on the ramparts of Peking. Drawing, 1900
zoology/salamander woodcut french 16th century
SALAMANDER. Woodcut, French, 16th century
zoology/beehive woodcut dutch 1488
BEEHIVE. Woodcut, Dutch, 1488
religion/china missionaries 1900 american european missionaries
CHINA: MISSIONARIES, 1900. The American and European missionaries who survived
science/nut egyptian sky goddess wood stucco painted
NUT, EGYPTIAN SKY GODDESS. Wood and stucco painted stele of Ta-Bek-En-Khonsu. Egyptian
science/egyptian universe ancient egyptian cosmos depicting
EGYPTIAN UNIVERSE. The ancient Egyptian cosmos, depicting Geb (Earth), Shu (Air)
technology/telephone 1876 electrical contact telephone 1876
TELEPHONE, 1876. Electrical contact telephone, 1876. Line engraving, late 19th century
technology/photographer c1915 american motion picture still
PHOTOGRAPHER, c1915. American motion picture still, c1915
travel/railroad land sale c1870 land sale ad union
RAILROAD LAND SALE, c1870. Land sale advertisement from the Union Pacific Railroad
portraits/sir william ramsay 1852 1916 scottish chemist
SIR WILLIAM RAMSAY (1852-1916). Scottish chemist
portraits/cecil john rhodes 1853 1902 british administrator
CECIL JOHN RHODES (1853-1902). British administrator and financier in South Africa
portraits/sieur maisonneuve 1612 1676 paul chomedey
SIEUR DE MAISONNEUVE (1612-1676). Paul de Chomedey, Sieur de Maisonneuve
portraits/albert frederick mummery 1856 1895 english
ALBERT FREDERICK MUMMERY (1856-1895). English mountaineer
portraits/albertus magnus c1193 1280 german scholastic
ALBERTUS MAGNUS (c1193-1280). German scholastic philosopher, theologian, scientist
portraits/susanna moodie 1803 1885 canadian english born
SUSANNA MOODIE (1803-1885). Canadian (English-born) pioneer and writer
portraits/edouard manet 1832 1883 french painter
EDOUARD MANET (1832-1883). French painter
portraits/albertus magnus d1280 german scholastic
ALBERTUS MAGNUS (d.1280). German scholastic philosopher
portraits/georges melies 1861 1938 french film director
GEORGES MELIES (1861-1938). French film director
performing arts/glass harmonica invented benjamin franklin 1763
GLASS HARMONICA. Invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1763
portraits/edison steinmetz 1922 american inventor thomas
EDISON & STEINMETZ, 1922. American inventor, Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931)
portraits/st augustine 354 430 early christian church
ST. AUGUSTINE (354-430). Early Christian church father and philosopher
portraits/hiram bingham 1875 1956 american explorer teacher
HIRAM BINGHAM (1875-1956). American explorer, teacher, and politician. Photographed by E
portraits/thomas davenport 1802 1851 american inventor
THOMAS DAVENPORT (1802-1851). American inventor
portraits/marcellin boule 1861 1942 pierre marcellin
MARCELLIN BOULE (1861-1942). Pierre-Marcellin Boule
portraits/phineas taylor barnum 1810 1891 american
PHINEAS TAYLOR BARNUM (1810-1891). American showman
portraits/aurangzeb 1618 1707 mughal emperor india
AURANGZEB (1618-1707). Mughal emperor of India, 1658-1707
portraits/apollinaires mother 1890 angeliska kostrowitsky
APOLLINAIRE'S MOTHER, 1890. Angeliska de Kostrowitsky, the mother of Guillaume
portraits/eveline rzewuska hanska 1800 1882 polish countess
EVELINE RZEWUSKA HANSKA (1800-1882). Polish countess and wife of French writer, Honore
portraits/abraham baldwin 1754 1807 american politician
ABRAHAM BALDWIN (1754-1807). American politician
portraits/vasco nunez balboa 1475 1519 spanish explorer
VASCO NUNEZ de BALBOA (1475-1519). Spanish explorer
portraits/bettina von arnim 1785 1859 german poet friend
BETTINA von ARNIM (1785-1859). German poet, and friend of Ludwig van Beethoven
portraits/dominique fj arago 1786 1853 french scientist
DOMINIQUE F.J. ARAGO (1786-1853). French scientist. Lithograph, French, 19th century
portraits/benedict arnold 1741 1801 american soldier
BENEDICT ARNOLD (1741-1801). American soldier and traitor
portraits/elizabteh cary agassiz 1822 1907 american
ELIZABTEH CARY AGASSIZ (1822-1907). American educator
portraits/edwin abbott 1838 1926 english clergyman writer
EDWIN ABBOTT (1838-1926). English clergyman and writer
portraits/mary paul astor 1858 1894 wife william waldorf
MARY PAUL ASTOR (1858-1894). Wife of William Waldorf Astor
portraits/king arthur knights king arthur knights round
KING ARTHUR & KNIGHTS. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table


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