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explorers/sir edmund hillary 1919 2008 new zealand mountaineer
SIR EDMUND HILLARY (1919-2008). New Zealand mountaineer and explorer. Sir Edmund Hillary
silent film stills/chaplin modern times 1936 charlie chaplin paulette
CHAPLIN: MODERN TIMES, 1936. Charlie Chaplin and Paulette Goddard in the final scene from the film
halloween/beardsley salome the black cape pen and ink
BEARDSLEY: SALOME. 'The Black Cape.' Pen-and-ink drawing by Aubrey Vincent
portraits/austen pride prejudice mrs long nieces
AUSTEN: PRIDE & PREJUDICE. Mrs. Long and her nieces
poets writers/george orwell 1903 1950 pseudonym eric blair
GEORGE ORWELL (1903-1950). Pseudonym of Eric Blair. English novelist and essayist
travel/ships hms victoria hms victoria launched 1859
SHIPS: HMS 'VICTORIA.' HMS 'Victoria,' launched in 1859, the last
poets writers/rupert brooke 1887 1915 english poet photographed
RUPERT BROOKE (1887-1915). English poet. Photographed in 1913 by Sherril Schell
famous faces/bette davis 1908 1989 american actress
BETTE DAVIS (1908-1989). American actress
athletes/muhammed ali b 1942
MUHAMMED ALI (b. 1942)
poets writers/james joyce 1882 1941 irish writer caricature
JAMES JOYCE (1882-1941). Irish writer. Caricature of Leopold Bloom, drawn in Myron C
temperance movement 1887 devils toboggan slide
TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT, 1887. 'Devil's Toboggan Slide.' Temperance broadsheet published
famous faces/ingrid bergman 1915 1982 swedish actress
INGRID BERGMAN (1915-1982). Swedish actress
music musicians/billie holiday 1915 1959 american jazz singer
BILLIE HOLIDAY (1915-1959). American jazz singer
famous faces/anita ekberg 1931 swedish cinema actress
ANITA EKBERG (1931- ). Swedish cinema actress. Publicity still from 'Artists and Models
poets writers/gabriele dannunzio 1863 1938 italian author
GABRIELE D'ANNUNZIO (1863-1938). Italian author and soldier
bruegel st georges day line engraving c1600 h
BRUEGEL: ST. GEORGE'S DAY. Line engraving, c1600, by H
famous faces/anita ekberg 1931 swedish cinema actress
ANITA EKBERG (1931- ). Swedish cinema actress. Publicity still from 'Artists and Models
poets writers/1874 1965 sir winston leonard spencer churchill
(1874-1965). Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill
philosophers/greek mathematician inventor archimedes tub
Greek mathematician and inventor. Archimedes in his tub, discovering the relationship
american presidents/soviet political leader brezhnev white house
Soviet political leader. Brezhnev at a White House meeting with President Richard Nixon
poets writers/alexander solzhenitsyn 1918 russian writer
ALEXANDER SOLZHENITSYN (1918- ). Russian writer. Photographed in exile at Dueren, West Germany
poets writers/robert burns 1759 1796 scottish poet oil panel
ROBERT BURNS (1759-1796). Scottish poet. Oil on panel by Alexander Nasmyth (1758-1840)
poets writers/friedrich schiller 1759 1805 johann christoph
FRIEDRICH SCHILLER (1759-1805). Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller. German poet
poets writers/isabelle charriere 1740 1805 n
ISABELLE de CHARRIERE (1740-1805). N
poets writers/charlotte bronte 1816 1855 english novelist
CHARLOTTE BRONTË (1816-1855). English novelist. Line and stipple engraving, 19th century
poets writers/william cobbett 1763 1835 english political
WILLIAM COBBETT (1763-1835). English political journalist and essayist. Lithograph
poets writers/noel coward 1899 1973 english actor playwright
NOEL COWARD (1899-1973). English actor and playwright
cocoa branch cocoa tree theobroma cacao
COCOA. Branch of a cocoa tree (Theobroma cacao)
jean paul marat 1743 1793 french revolutionary
JEAN-PAUL MARAT (1743-1793). French Revolutionary politician. Line and stipple engraving
charles bonnet 1720 1793 swiss naturalist philosopher
CHARLES BONNET (1720-1793). Swiss naturalist and philosopher. Stipple engraving, English
great expectations wood engraving 19th century
GREAT EXPECTATIONS. Wood engraving from a 19th-century American edition of Charles
mount kilimanjaro 1884 mount kilimanjaro highest
MOUNT KILIMANJARO, 1884. Mount Kilimanjaro and its highest peak, Kibo, the highest point in Africa
famous faces/richard burton 1925 1984 welsh actor
RICHARD BURTON (1925-1984). Welsh actor
american civil war/george custer 1839 1876 american army officer
GEORGE CUSTER (1839-1876). American army officer. Custer, left, as a Captain in the Union Army
music musicians/dave brubeck 1920 american musician
DAVE BRUBECK (1920- ). American musician
portraits/sir francis galton 1822 1911 english scientist
SIR FRANCIS GALTON (1822-1911). English scientist. Oil on panel, 1882, by Gustav Graef
daguerreotypes/louis jacques mande daguerre french painter inventor
Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre. French painter and inventor. Wood engraving, American, 1881
plans diagrams/modern diagram cross section filippo brunelleschis
Modern diagram of the cross section of Filippo Brunelleschi's dome for the Cathedral
plans diagrams/plan acropolis athens greece appeared 5th century b
Plan of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, as it appeared in the 5th century B
world war ii/the way save democracy american cartoon 1939
'The Only Way We Can Save Her [Democracy].' American cartoon, 1939, by Carey Orr against U
world geography/wittenberg germany 1509 castle church schlosskirche
WITTENBERG, GERMANY, 1509. The Castle Church (Schlosskirche) at Wittenberg, Germany
mythology/homer odyssey odysseus bending bow contest suitors
HOMER: THE ODYSSEY. Odysseus bending his bow in contest with the suitors of his wife
the devilfish egyptian waters american cartoon
'The Devilfish in Egyptian Waters.' An American cartoon from 1882 depicting John Bull
daguerreotypes/louis jacques mande daguerre french painter inventor
Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre. French painter and inventor of the daguerreotype. French lithograph
whats new/flea woodcut
FLEA. Woodcut
miscellaneous/harry a franck 1881 1962 american travel author
HARRY A. FRANCK (1881-1962). American travel author and 'Czar of Tramps
miscellaneous/florida miami c1925 coral walls miami park
FLORIDA: MIAMI, c1925. Coral walls in a Miami park, c1925
miscellaneous/emile coue 1857 1926 french psychotherapist
EMILE COUE (1857-1926). French psychotherapist
miscellaneous/julian byng vimy 1862 1935 julian hedworth
JULIAN BYNG OF VIMY (1862-1935). Julian Hedworth George Byng
miscellaneous/sir austen chamberlain 1863 1937 british politician
SIR AUSTEN CHAMBERLAIN (1863-1937). British politician. Photographed in 1923
miscellaneous/edward viii 1894 1972 king great britain 1936
EDWARD VIII (1894-1972). King of Great Britain, 1936. When Prince of Wales
miscellaneous/kenya dinesen farm 1925 aerial photograph farm
KENYA: DINESEN FARM, 1925. Aerial photograph of the farm owned by Karen Blixen
miscellaneous/lincoln ellsworth 1880 1951 american polar explorer
LINCOLN ELLSWORTH (1880-1951.) American polar explorer. Photograph, c1920
handcolored/john andre 1751 1780 english soldier mezzotint
JOHN ANDRE (1751-1780). English soldier. Mezzotint, American, 19th century
miscellaneous/miami florida 1920s miami building construction
MIAMI, FLORIDA, 1920s. Miami building construction in progress during the land
us cities/new york tin pan alley corner broadway west
NEW YORK: TIN PAN ALLEY. The corner of Broadway and West 28th Street, New York City
us cities/new york lower east side notorious points lower
NEW YORK: LOWER EAST SIDE. The notorious Five Points in lower Manhattan, New York, 1859
us states/louisville tornado 1890 great tornado fire
LOUISVILLE: TORNADO, 1890. The great tornado and fire at Louisville, Kentucky, of
us states/louisville central park central park louisville
LOUISVILLE: CENTRAL PARK. Central Park, Louisville, Kentucky, designed by Frederick
us states/alaska sitka sound 1814 harbor new archangel
ALASKA: SITKA SOUND, 1814. The harbor of New Archangel (Sitka) in Sitka or Norfolk Sound
us states/alaska whaling ship whaler alexander straight
ALASKA: WHALING SHIP. The whaler 'Alexander' straight up to the ice floor
us states/alaska sitka harbor 1887 harbor sitka alaska
ALASKA: SITKA HARBOR, 1887. The harbor at Sitka, Alaska, 1887
us states/pikes peak 1845 view pikes peak colorado
PIKE'S PEAK, 1845. View of Pike's Peak, Colorado, 40 miles from the summit
world geography/berlin beer garden 1914 family party krolls
BERLIN: BEER GARDEN, 1914. A family party in Kroll's famous beer garden, Berlin
world history/daumier balance power the european balance
DAUMIER: BALANCE OF POWER. 'The European Balance of Power
zoology/prairie dogs prairie dog city american plains
PRAIRIE DOGS. Prairie dog city on the American plains. Wood engraving, American, c1870
zoology/insects bee earwig woodcut thomas bewick
INSECTS: BEE & EARWIG. Woodcut by Thomas Bewick, early 19th century
zoology/grasshopper woodcut thomas bewick early 19th
GRASSHOPPER. Woodcut by Thomas Bewick, early 19th century
zoology/elephant broadsheet c1629 german woodcut broadsheet
ELEPHANT BROADSHEET, c1629. German woodcut broadsheet, c1629
religion/saint valentine late 3rd century christian martyr
SAINT VALENTINE. Late 3rd century Christian martyr. Woodcut, German, 1493
science/flax 1597 woodcut john gerards herball
FLAX, 1597. Woodcut, from John Gerard's Herball
science/botany sea lavender statice limonium
BOTANY: SEA LAVENDER. (Statice limonium). Woodcut from John Gerard's 'Herball
science/thin leafed wild flax woodcut john gerards herball
THIN-LEAFED WILD FLAX. Woodcut from John Gerard's 'Herball,' 1597
science/thin leafed flax 1597 woodcut 1597 john gerards
THIN-LEAFED FLAX, 1597. Woodcut, 1597, from John Gerard's 'Herball.'
science/charles robert darwin 1809 1882 english
CHARLES ROBERT DARWIN (1809-1882). English naturalist
technology/morse code alphabet alphabet invented samuel
MORSE CODE ALPHABET. The alphabet invented by Samuel Finley Breese Morse (1791-1872)
technology/phonograph ad c1880 new york city broadside
PHONOGRAPH AD, c1880. A New York City broadside, c1880, inviting the curious for
travel/railroad camp 1880s camp railroad construction
RAILROAD CAMP, 1880s. Camp of railroad construction workers engaged in building the
travel/railroad bridge c1870 railroad bridge american west
RAILROAD BRIDGE, c1870. A railroad bridge in the American west. Stereograph, c1870
travel/railroad bridge 1858 baltimore ohio special
RAILROAD BRIDGE, 1858. A Baltimore and Ohio special train on one of the old Bollman
travel/cable car patent 1873 original patent drawing
CABLE CAR: PATENT, 1873. Original patent drawing for Andrew Smith Hallidie's cable
travel/streetcar 19th century horse drawn street railway
STREETCAR, 19th CENTURY. A horse-drawn street railway. American typefounder's cut
travel/streetcar 19th century american typefounders cut
STREETCAR, 19th CENTURY. American typefounder's cut, 19th century
portraits/red jacket 1756 1830 seneca native american
RED JACKET (1756?-1830). Seneca Native American chief
portraits/josiah royce 1855 1916 william james josiah royce
JOSIAH ROYCE (1855-1916). William James Josiah Royce. American philosopher and idealist
portraits/emperor maximilian the triumphal procession
EMPEROR MAXIMILIAN. Detail from 'The Triumphal Procession of the Emperor Maximilian
portraits/willem einthoven 1860 1927 dutch physiologist
WILLEM EINTHOVEN (1860-1927). Dutch physiologist
portraits/hugo eckener 1868 1954 german aeronaut
HUGO ECKENER (1868-1954). German aeronaut. Photographed in 1933
portraits/queen elisabeth 1876 1965 queen belgians
QUEEN ELISABETH (1876-1965). Queen of the Belgians, 1909-1934
portraits/george eliot manuscript beginning autograph fair
GEORGE ELIOT MANUSCRIPT. The beginning of the autograph fair copy manuscript of
portraits/oliver ellsworth 1745 1807 chief justice united
OLIVER ELLSWORTH (1745-1807). Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, 1796-1799
portraits/braxton bragg 1817 1876 american army commander
BRAXTON BRAGG (1817-1876). American army commander
portraits/phillips brooks 1835 1893 american episcopal
PHILLIPS BROOKS (1835-1893). American Episcopal bishop
portraits/lady frances evelyn brooke 1861 1938 nee maynard
LADY FRANCES EVELYN BROOKE (1861-1938). Nee Maynard. Fifth Countess of Warwick
portraits/bronte jane eyre 1893 title page first russian
BRONTE: JANE EYRE, 1893. Title page of the first Russian edition of Charlotte Bronte's
portraits/john bright 1811 1889 english orator statesman
JOHN BRIGHT (1811-1889). English orator and statesman
portraits/helene von breuning frau helene von breuning children
HELENE von BREUNING. Frau Helene von Breuning with her children: Eleonore, Christoph


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