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Holy Land

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holy land/jerusalem wailing wall jewish jerusalem old city
JERUSALEM: WAILING WALL. Jewish Jerusalem-Old City. Western Wall (Wailing Wall)
holy land/rome arch titus relief arch titus depicting
ROME: ARCH OF TITUS. Detail of the relief on the Arch of Titus, depicting Roman soldiers
holy land/holy land gethsemane christian jerusalem
HOLY LAND: GETHSEMANE. Christian Jerusalem. Grotto of the Agony, Gethsemane
holy land/holy land jerusalem old city fruit market bazaar
HOLY LAND: JERUSALEM. The Old City. Fruit Market in Bazaar. Photographed c1970
holy land/dead sea scroll fragment temple scroll qumran
DEAD SEA SCROLL. Fragment of Temple Scroll. Qumran Cave no. 11. 1st-2nd century B.C
holy land/nazareth palestine c1920 birthplace jesus christ
NAZARETH, PALESTINE, c1920. Birthplace of Jesus Christ; the open field, oval in shape
holy land/holy land jerusalem old city mount olives
HOLY LAND: JERUSALEM. The Old City from Mount of Olives
holy land/jericho human skull human skull jericho living
JERICHO: HUMAN SKULL. Human skull found at Jericho with living features affixed in plaster
holy land/palestine colonists 1920 jewish colonists en
PALESTINE COLONISTS, 1920. Jewish colonists en route to a settlement in Palestine, 1920
holy land/holy land jerusalem old city view old city
HOLY LAND: JERUSALEM. The Old City. View over Old City
holy land/holy land masada aerial view plateau
THE HOLY LAND: MASADA. Aerial view of the plateau
holy land/holy land jerusalem christian jerusalem
HOLY LAND: JERUSALEM. Christian Jerusalem. Garden of Gethsemane, ancient olive trees
holy land/dome rock holy land jerusalem the old city
DOME OF THE ROCK. Holy Land: Jerusalem--The Old City
holy land/holy land masada mosaic floor king herod greats
HOLY LAND: MASADA. Mosaic floor in King Herod the Great's Western Palace
holy land/holy land masada masada dead sea west
HOLY LAND: MASADA. Masada and the Dead Sea from the west
holy land/holy land qumran ruins essene settlement
HOLY LAND: QUMRAN RUINS of Essene settlement
holy land/qumran dead seal scrolls cave number 4 dead
QUMRAN: DEAD SEAL SCROLLS. Cave Number 4, where some of the Dead Sea Scrolls were
holy land/holy land qumran caves exterior qumran caves
HOLY LAND: QUMRAN CAVES Exterior of the Qumran caves, in which the Dead Sea Scrolls
holy land/dome rock moriah rock moriah foundation stone
DOME OF THE ROCK: MORIAH. The Rock of Moriah, or Foundation Stone at the Dome of the
holy land/israel metal workers 1938 coppersmith nazareth
ISRAEL: METAL WORKERS, 1938. Coppersmith at Nazareth, Israel, hammering out a 'dist
holy land/arab stonemasons c1900 arab stonemasons work
ARAB STONEMASONS, c1900. Arab stonemasons at work in Jerusalem. Photochrome, c1900
holy land/jerusalem damascus gate shepherd leads flock
JERUSALEM: DAMASCUS GATE. A shepherd leads his flock of sheep past the Damascus Gate
holy land/holy land tiberias panoramic view city tiberias
HOLY LAND: TIBERIAS. A panoramic view of the city of Tiberias. Photochrome, c1895
holy land/jerusalem dolorosa view dolorosa ecce homo arch
JERUSALEM: VIA DOLOROSA. View of the Via Dolorosa and the Ecce Homo arch in the Muslim
holy land/jerusalem street 1948 princess mary avenue
JERUSALEM: STREET, 1948. Princess Mary Avenue in Jerusalem's Old City, filled
holy land/garden gethsemane old olive trees inside garden
GARDEN OF GETHSEMANE. Old olive trees inside the Garden of Gethsemane, East Jerusalem
holy land/jews jerusalem c1900 jewish men jerusalem
JEWS IN JERUSALEM, c1900. Three Jewish men in Jerusalem. Photochrome, c1900
holy land/jerusalem milk seller female milk sellers siloam
JERUSALEM: MILK SELLER. Two female milk sellers in the Siloam neighborhood of Jerusalem
holy land/bethlehem street c1911 men camels stop bethlehem
BETHLEHEM: STREET, c1911. Men with camels stop at a well in Bethlehem. Stereograph, c1911
holy land/jerusalem street scene king david street jerusalem
JERUSALEM STREET SCENE. King David Street in Jerusalem. Photograph, mid 20th century
holy land/petra transjordan cave cave petra transjordan
PETRA, TRANSJORDAN: CAVE. Cave in Petra, Transjordan. Photograph, early 20th century
holy land/jerusalem c1900 view jerusalem mount olives
JERUSALEM, c1900. View of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives. Photochrome, c1900
holy land/mount olives c1900 view garden gethsemane mount
MOUNT OF OLIVES, c1900. View of the Garden of Gethsemane and the Mount of Olives
holy land/palestine cave dwelling cave dwelling gunpower
PALESTINE: CAVE DWELLING. The cave dwelling of gunpower makers in Bayt Jibrin, Palestine
holy land/jerusalem bazaar c1900 bazaar citadel armenian
JERUSALEM: BAZAAR, c1900. A bazaar at the citadel in the Armenian quarter of the Old
holy land/jerusalem shoemaker c1900 elderly shoemaker
JERUSALEM SHOEMAKER, c1900. An elderly shoemaker at work in Jerusalem, shown with two girls
holy land/jerusalem girls c1900 photochrome
JERUSALEM GIRLS, c1900. Photochrome
holy land/jerusalem dolorosa view dolorosa remains antonia
JERUSALEM: VIA DOLOROSA. View of the Via Dolorosa and the remains of the Antonia fortress
holy land/mount olives view garden gethsemane mount olives
MOUNT OF OLIVES. View of the Garden of Gethsemane and the Mount of Olives, with the
holy land/holy land bedouin camp bedouin camp holy land
HOLY LAND: BEDOUIN CAMP. A Bedouin camp in the Holy Land. Photochrome, c1895
holy land/jerusalem jaffa gate view jaffa gate armenian
JERUSALEM: JAFFA GATE. View of the Jaffa Gate in the Armenian quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem
holy land/holy land caravansary ruins 1st century ad
HOLY LAND: CARAVANSARY. Ruins of a 1st century A
holy land/palestine cave staircase cave beit jibrin palestine
PALESTINE: CAVE. Staircase in a cave in Beit Jibrin, Palestine
holy land/middle east travelers group travelers camels
MIDDLE EAST: TRAVELERS. A group of travelers and their camels resting in the desert
holy land/pool bethesda pool bethesda jerusalem photograph
POOL OF BETHESDA. The Pool of Bethesda in Jerusalem. Photograph, early 20th century
holy land/jerusalem roman pillar pillar erected 10th roman
JERUSALEM: ROMAN PILLAR. Pillar erected by the 10th Roman legion in the 1st century B
holy land/jerusalem supper interior chamber cenacle site
JERUSALEM: LAST SUPPER. The interior chamber of the Cenacle, the site of the Last