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handcolored/uncle toms cabin 1852 george eliza harry
UNCLE TOM'S CABIN, 1852. George, Eliza, and Harry in an illustration for a 19th
#media dmcs-13132941
handcolored/austen persuasion 1898 looking face pallid
AUSTEN: PERSUASION, 1898. 'Looking on her with a face as pallid as her own
#media dmcs-13136751
handcolored/canterbury tales c1490 woodcut knight edition
CANTERBURY TALES, c1490. Woodcut of the Knight from the edition of Chaucer's
#media dmcs-13135779
handcolored/thomas edison 1847 1931 american inventor
THOMAS EDISON (1847-1931). American inventor. Oil over a photograph, 1880
#media dmcs-13134413
handcolored/verne 20 000 leagues only arms wriggled air
VERNE: 20, 000 LEAGUES. 'Only one of its arms wriggled in the air, brandishing the
#media dmcs-13136995
handcolored/ark covenant return ark covenant beth shemesh i samuel 6
ARK OF THE COVENANT. The return of the Ark of the Covenant to Beth-Shemesh (I Samuel 6
#media dmcs-13136985
handcolored/samuel morse 1791 1872 telegraph mezzotint
SAMUEL MORSE (1791-1872) with his telegraph. Mezzotint by John Sartain
#media dmcs-13133059
handcolored/presidential campaign c1844 native american
PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN, c1844. A 'Native American' ('Know Nothing')
#media dmcs-13137003
handcolored/jackson native americans 1833 meeting white
JACKSON AND NATIVE AMERICANS. The 1833 meeting at the White House of President Andrew
#media dmcs-13136999
handcolored/continental congress 1774 george washington
CONTINENTAL CONGRESS, 1774. George Washington, Patrick Henry, and Edmund Pendleton
#media dmcs-13136997
handcolored/ascension christ ascending heaven illustration
THE ASCENSION. Christ ascending to heaven. Illustration, c18th century
#media dmcs-13136987
handcolored/james gang 1876 shootout raid first national
JAMES GANG, 1876. A shootout after the raid on the First National Bank of Northfield
#media dmcs-13136979
handcolored/germany muses c1535 klagred der neun
GERMANY: MUSES, c1535. 'Klagred der Neun Muse oder kunst uber Teutschlandt' or
#media dmcs-13136975
handcolored/cartoon anti trust 1897 how long stand
CARTOON: ANTI-TRUST, 1897. 'How long can he stand it?' Cartoon by Homer Davenport
#media dmcs-13136973
handcolored/cartoon anti trust 1902 two ends national table
CARTOON: ANTI-TRUST, 1902. 'Two ends of the national table
#media dmcs-13136971
handcolored/battle saint gotthard battle mount saint
BATTLE OF SAINT GOTTHARD. The Battle of Mount Saint Gotthard during the Austro Turkish
#media dmcs-13136967
handcolored/cartoon wwi germany 1917 what were going
CARTOON: WWI GERMANY, 1917. 'What we're going to do to those neutrals will break
#media dmcs-13136965
handcolored/cowboys 1887 a row cattle town
COWBOYS, 1887. 'A Row in a Cattle Town
#media dmcs-13136963
handcolored/uncle sam 1902 uncle sam greets cuba
UNCLE SAM, 1902. 'Uncle Sam greets Cuba.' Cartoon by Thomas Fleming, 1902
#media dmcs-13136961
handcolored/botany grapes woodcut
#media dmcs-13136945
handcolored/native american canoe 1547 native american
NATIVE AMERICAN CANOE, 1547. A Native American man paddling a dugout canoe
#media dmcs-13136907
handcolored/austen emma 1896 emma sorry opportunity
AUSTEN: EMMA, 1896. 'Emma was not sorry to have such an opportunity of survey
#media dmcs-13136803
handcolored/david goliath goliath philistine warrior
DAVID AND GOLIATH. Goliath, the Philistine warrior, prepares to do battle against David
#media dmcs-13136801
handcolored/peasant preacher 1524 peasant delivering sermon nuremberg
PEASANT PREACHER, 1524. A peasant delivering a sermon at Nuremberg, Germany. Woodcut
#media dmcs-13136799
handcolored/clemens huck finn 1885 practicing king duke
CLEMENS: HUCK FINN, 1885. 'Practicing.' The king and the duke, a pair of con men
#media dmcs-13136797
handcolored/gottlieb daimler 1834 1900 german engineer inventor
GOTTLIEB DAIMLER (1834-1900). German engineer and inventor. Oil over a photograph
#media dmcs-13136795
handcolored/austen emma 1896 deedily occupied spectacles
AUSTEN: EMMA, 1896. 'Deedily occupied about her spectacles
#media dmcs-13136793
handcolored/david goliath david prepares hurl stone goliath
DAVID AND GOLIATH. David prepares to hurl his stone at Goliath, the Philistine warrior
#media dmcs-13136791
handcolored/austen emma 1896 he stopped look question
AUSTEN: EMMA, 1896. 'He stopped to look the question
#media dmcs-13136783
handcolored/karl benz 1844 1929 german automotive engineer
KARL BENZ (1844-1929). German automotive engineer. Oil over a photograph, 1869
#media dmcs-13136781
handcolored/tree life 1515 yggdrasil tree life norse teutonic
TREE OF LIFE, 1515. Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life in Norse-Teutonic mythology. Woodcut
#media dmcs-13136779
handcolored/canes c1738 englishmen carrying fashionable
CANES, c1738. Englishmen carrying fashionable canes with carved heads, c1738. Drawing
#media dmcs-13136775
handcolored/colonialism cartoon 1889 slow but sure
COLONIALISM CARTOON, 1889. 'Slow-But Not Sure'
#media dmcs-13136773
handcolored/pride prejudice 1894 but jane happened look round
PRIDE & PREJUDICE, 1894. 'But Jane happened to look round, and happened to smile
#media dmcs-13136765
handcolored/etcher engraver 1643 etcher engraver work
ETCHER AND ENGRAVER, 1643. An etcher and an engraver at work in a French copperplate
#media dmcs-13136763
handcolored/monopoly tariffs 1888 the consumer consumed
MONOPOLY AND TARIFFS, 1888. 'The Consumer Consumed
#media dmcs-13136761
handcolored/clemens huck finn 1885 thinking drawing
CLEMENS: HUCK FINN, 1885. 'Thinking.' Drawing by Edward Windsor Kemble for
#media dmcs-13136741
handcolored/salvation army 1894 scene prayer service
SALVATION ARMY, 1894. Scene at a prayer service of the Salvation Army in the slum
#media dmcs-13136739
handcolored/austen emma 1896 oh mr knightley moment
AUSTEN: EMMA, 1896. 'Oh, Mr. Knightley, one moment more
#media dmcs-13136735
handcolored/country store 1847 store selling west indian
COUNTRY STORE, 1847. Store selling West Indian goods in Worcester, Massachusetts
#media dmcs-13136733
handcolored/second afghan war 1878 save friends
SECOND AFGHAN WAR, 1878. 'Save Me From My Friends!' Amir Sher Ali of Afghanistan
#media dmcs-13136729
handcolored/pilgrims 17th century pilgrims travelling jerusalem
PILGRIMS, 17th CENTURY. Pilgrims travelling to Jerusalem
#media dmcs-13136709
handcolored/archery 1886 young archers pen and ink drawing
ARCHERY, 1886. Young archers. Pen-and-ink drawing, 1886, by Albert Edward Sterner
#media dmcs-13136693
handcolored/norman warship 1066 ship william conquerer
NORMAN WARSHIP, 1066. The ship in which William the Conquerer crossed the English
#media dmcs-13136691
handcolored/moscow c1845 view moscow russia c1845
MOSCOW, c1845. View of Moscow, Russia, c1845
#media dmcs-13136681
handcolored/anders celsius 1701 1744 swedish astronomer
ANDERS CELSIUS (1701-1744). Swedish astronomer. After a painting by an unknown artist
#media dmcs-13136679
handcolored/cessolis chess 1493 94 woodcut frontispiece
CESSOLIS: CHESS, 1493-94. Woodcut frontispiece to Jacobus de Cessolis' 'Libro di
#media dmcs-13136677
handcolored/california railroad c1910 boarding los
CALIFORNIA: RAILROAD, c1910. Boarding the Los Angeles Limited at an unidentified
#media dmcs-13136661
handcolored/cantonese mandarin son cantonese mandarin father son
CANTONESE MANDARIN & SON. Cantonese Mandarin father and son. Oil over a photograph
#media dmcs-13136657


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