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fine art/fantin latour peonies 1872 peonies blue white vase
FANTIN-LATOUR: PEONIES, 1872. Peonies in a blue and white vase
#media dmcs-6208199
botany/thornton dragon arum dragon arum dracunculus
THORNTON: DRAGON ARUM. The Dragon Arum (Dracunculus vulgaris Schott)
#media dmcs-6208383
botany/lily of the valley convallaria majalis
LILY-OF-THE-VALLEY (Convallaria majalis). St. Bruno's lily (Paradisea liliastrum)
#media dmcs-7517417
botany/carnation lavender 1613 carnation caryophyllaceae
CARNATION & LAVENDER, 1613. Carnation (Caryophyllaceae) and lavender (Labiatae)
#media dmcs-7516837
botany/mandrake solanaceae left buttercup rannunculaceae
Mandrake (Solanaceae), left, and buttercup (Rannunculaceae): engraving for Basilius
#media dmcs-8865669
florals/seidlitz powders american patent medicine
Seidlitz powders, an American patent medicine. Merchant's trade card, c1880
#media dmcs-8865445
post impressionism/redon vase flowers pastel drawing odilon redon
REDON: VASE OF FLOWERS. Pastel drawing by Odilon Redon (1840-1916)
#media dmcs-6237337
flora fauna/sunflower etching basilius beslers hortus eystettensis
SUNFLOWER. Etching from Basilius Besler's "Hortus Eystettensis," 1613
#media dmcs-6208313
florals/helen adams keller 1880 1968 american writer lecturer
HELEN ADAMS KELLER (1880-1968). American writer and lecturer. Oil over a photograph
#media dmcs-7596127
botany/botany flowers 1613 round leaved sundew droseraceae
BOTANY: FLOWERS, 1613. Round-leaved sundew (Droseraceae), Florist's carnation
#media dmcs-7547637
botany/bluebell morning glory common morning glory
BLUEBELL AND MORNING GLORY. Common morning glory (Convolvulaceae), Bluebell (Campanulaceae)
#media dmcs-7547089
florals/botany sea lavender buckhorn left sea lavender
BOTANY: SEA LAVENDER. Buckhorn (left), sea lavender (center), and small calamint
#media dmcs-7545489
florals/forget me not forget me not myosotis scorpioides
FORGET-ME-NOT. Forget-me-not (Myosotis scorpioides)
#media dmcs-7543375
florals/botany saffron crocus sativus engraving
BOTANY: SAFFRON. (Crocus sativus). Engraving after a painting by Pierre Joseph Redout
#media dmcs-7543061
botany/rosa gallica engraving painting pierre joseph
ROSA GALLICA. Engraving after a painting by Pierre Joseph Redout
#media dmcs-7535375
botany/sunflower engraving basilius beslers hortus eystettensis
SUNFLOWER. Engraving from Basilius Besler's "Hortus Eystettensis," 1613
#media dmcs-7532145
botany/sunflower helianthus annus john miller
SUNFLOWER. Helianthus annus. John Miller: colored engraving from "Illustratio
#media dmcs-7530035
botany/water lily 1613 left right european white water lily
WATER LILY, 1613. Left and right: European white water lily (Nymphaea alba), center
#media dmcs-7527186
botany/valerian flowers 1613 white jacobs ladder
VALERIAN FLOWERS, 1613. White Jacob's Ladder (Greek Valerian), Cretan spikenard
#media dmcs-7525942
florals/water lily 1805 sweet scented water lily
WATER LILY, 1805. Sweet-scented water lily (Nymphea odorata): engraving, 1805, for
#media dmcs-7525858
botany/water lily 1806 sacred bean india nelumbium speciosum
WATER LILY, 1806. Sacred bean of India (Nelumbium speciosum)
#media dmcs-7525050
botany/lilac box 1613 white lilac oleaceae box
LILAC AND BOX, 1613. White lilac (Oleaceae), box (Buxaceae) and mauve lilac (Oleaceae)
#media dmcs-7523464
botany/cyclamen lavender 1613 ivy leaved cyclamen
CYCLAMEN & LAVENDER, 1613. Ivy-leaved cyclamen (Primulaceae) and French lavender (Labitae)
#media dmcs-7515515
botany/audubon warbler canada warbler wilsonia canadensis
AUDUBON: WARBLER. Canada warbler (Wilsonia canadensis), from John James Audubon's
#media dmcs-7511645
botany/galardia engraving painting pierre joseph
GALARDIA. Engraving after a painting by Pierre-Joseph Redoute for his "Choix
#media dmcs-7510423
botany/redoute pansy 1833 johnny jump up pansies
REDOUTE: PANSY, 1833. Johnny-jump-up pansies (Viola tricolor)
#media dmcs-7510151
botany/redoute anemone 1833 called windflower
REDOUTE: ANEMONE, 1833. Also called a Windflower
#media dmcs-7510149
botany/redoute bouquet 1833 common camellia camellia japonica
REDOUTE: BOUQUET, 1833. Common camellia (Camellia japonica), narcissus (Narcissus x incomparabilis)
#media dmcs-7510145
botany/redoute roses 1833 yellow rose rosa lutea
REDOUTE: ROSES, 1833. Yellow rose (Rosa "Lutea Maxima") and China rose (Rosa chinensis)
#media dmcs-7510143
botany/redoute auricula 1833 auricula primula auricula
REDOUTE: AURICULA, 1833. Auricula (Primula auricula): engraving after a painting
#media dmcs-7510141
botany/redoute auricula 1833 auricula primula auricula
REDOUTE: AURICULA, 1833. Auricula (Primula auricula): engraving after a painting
#media dmcs-7510139
botany/redoute hellebore 1833 christmas rose
REDOUTE: HELLEBORE, 1833. Christmas rose, or hellebore (Helleborus niger): engraving
#media dmcs-7510137
botany/pomegranate 1613 pomegranate punica granatum
POMEGRANATE, 1613. Pomegranate (Punica granatum), wild rock rose (Cistus monospeliensis)
#media dmcs-7510125
botany/camellia 1833 red camellia camelia japonica
CAMELLIA, 1833. Red camellia (Camelia japonica)
#media dmcs-7503641
botany/white camellia camellia japonica engraving
WHITE CAMELLIA (Camellia japonica). Engraving after a painting by Pierre-Joseph Redout
#media dmcs-7503605
florals/camellia 1833 white camellia camellia japonica
CAMELLIA, 1833. White camellia (Camellia japonica)
#media dmcs-7503565
florals/honeysuckle 1613 flowering rush butomus umbellatus
HONEYSUCKLE, 1613. Flowering rush (Butomus umbellatus), left; periwinkle (Vinca major)
#media dmcs-7502427
florals/florist trade card c1890 merchants trade
FLORIST TRADE CARD, c1890. Merchant's trade card for the New Grocery Store, Brooklyn, New York
#media dmcs-6512697
florals/perfume trade card 1890 ladies perfumed calendar
PERFUME TRADE CARD, 1890. Ladies perfumed calendar, published by E.W. Hoyt & Co
#media dmcs-6512631
florals/hummingbird batik design hummingbird feeding hibiscus
HUMMINGBIRD. Batik design of a hummingbird feeding at a hibiscus, from Saint Kitts
#media dmcs-6251477
music musicians/joplin chrysanthemum lithograph sheet music
JOPLIN: CHRYSANTHEMUM. Lithograph sheet music cover of Scott Joplin's "The
#media dmcs-6247378
florals/nile lily pads lily pads water lily nile river egypt
NILE: LILY PADS. Lily pads and water lily along the Nile River in Egypt
#media dmcs-6208443
botany/jeffersonia diphylla twinleaf jeffersonia diphylla
JEFFERSONIA DIPHYLLA. Twinleaf, or 'Jeffersonia diphylla,' a plant named
#media dmcs-6208435
botany/thornton aloe aloe plant agave americana l
THORNTON: ALOE. The aloe plant (Agave americana L
#media dmcs-6208419
botany/thornton superb lily superb lily lilium superbum l
THORNTON: SUPERB LILY. The Superb Lily (Lilium superbum L
#media dmcs-6208403
florals/rosedown plantation view old barn rosedown plantation
ROSEDOWN PLANTATION. A view of the old barn at Rosedown Plantation, near St. Francisville
#media dmcs-6208377
botany/botany lily amaryllis equestris engraving painting
BOTANY: LILY. Amaryllis equestris. Engraving after painting, c1800, by Pierre Joseph
#media dmcs-6208369
florals/flower sunset flower banks mississippi river sunset
FLOWER AT SUNSET. A flower on the banks of the Mississippi River at sunset
#media dmcs-6208363
florals/lotus lily american lotus lily nelumbo
LOTUS LILY. American lotus lily (Nelumbo lutea) along the Yazoo River in Mississippi
#media dmcs-6208343
florals/sewing trade card c1880 sewing machine
SEWING TRADE CARD, c1880. Sewing machine. American merchant's trade card, c1880
#media dmcs-6208307
florals/dc white house c1970 white house washington d
D.C.: WHITE HOUSE, c1970. The White House in Washington, D.C. in the spring, c1970
#media dmcs-6208213
botany/seaside sparrow 1858 seaside sparrow ammospiza maritima
SEASIDE SPARROW, 1858. Seaside Sparrow (Ammospiza maritima)
#media dmcs-6206275
flora fauna/india garden indian miniature painting udaipur
INDIA: GARDEN. Indian miniature painting from Udaipur
#media dmcs-6201033
florals/rosedown plantation azalea bushes fence
ROSEDOWN PLANTATION. Azalea bushes behind a fence along a dirt road at Rosedown Plantation, near St
#media dmcs-6195431
florals/danube plant life plant life near hedwaters
DANUBE: PLANT LIFE. Plant life near the hedwaters of the Danube River in the Black Forest
#media dmcs-6194027
florals/nile water lily purple water lily nile river egypt
NILE: WATER LILY. Purple water lily along the Nile River in Egypt. Photographed c1970
#media dmcs-6193533
florals/little idas flowers the beautiful roses
LITTLE IDA'S FLOWERS. 'The two most beautiful roses seat themselves on the throne
#media dmcs-6192761
florals/fantin latour roses 1884 oil canvas henri fantin latour
FANTIN-LATOUR: ROSES, 1884. Oil on canvas by Henri Fantin-Latour, 1884
#media dmcs-6192745