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A collection of Explorers images

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explorers/wyeth sacajawea guide sacajawea lewis clark
WYETH: SACAJAWEA. The guide Sacajawea with Lewis and Clark
explorers/apollo 11 buzz aldrin astronaut edwin buzz
APOLLO 11: BUZZ ALDRIN. Astronaut Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin standing on moon. Neil Armstrong
explorers/sir edmund hillary 1919 2008 new zealand
SIR EDMUND HILLARY (1919-2008). New Zealand mountaineer and explorer. Sir Edmund Hillary
explorers/cabeza vaca 1490 1557 desert painting
CABEZA de VACA (1490?-?1557) in the desert. Painting, 1906, by Frederic Remington
explorers/hudson new york 1609 arrival henry hudson bay new york
HUDSON: NEW YORK, 1609. The arrival of Henry Hudson in the bay of New York, 12 September 1609
explorers/knud rasmussen 1879 1933 knud johan victor rasmussen
KNUD RASMUSSEN (1879-1933). Knud Johan Victor Rasmussen. Danish arctic explorer and ethnologist
explorers/american explorer teacher politician photographed
American explorer, teacher, and politician
explorers/ferdinand magellan navigating strait bears 1520
FERDINAND MAGELLAN navigating through the strait that now bears his name in 1520
explorers/christopher columbus sailing uncharted seas
CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS sailing through uncharted seas: colored engraving, c
explorers/cook easter island 1774 cooks second voyage
COOK: EASTER ISLAND, 1774. Cook's Second Voyage: Easter Island, 1774
explorers/fridtjof nansen 1861 1930 norwegian arctic
FRIDTJOF NANSEN (1861-1930). Norwegian arctic explorer and stateman
explorers/matthew calbraith perry 1794 1858 american naval officer
MATTHEW CALBRAITH PERRY (1794-1858). American naval officer. Japanese woodcut, c1853
explorers/shackletons endurance sinking ice weddell
SHACKLETON'S "ENDURANCE" sinking in the ice of the Weddell Sea of Antarctica
explorers/robert henry nelson british army officer explorer
ROBERT HENRY NELSON. British Army officer and explorer. Photographed c1880
explorers/jacques cousteau 1910 1997 french oceanographer
JACQUES COUSTEAU (1910-1997). French oceanographer. Photographed in 1974
explorers/henry hudson son voyage henry hudson d
HENRY HUDSON AND SON. The last voyage of Henry Hudson (d. 1611). Oil on canvas by John Collier
explorers/robert peary 1856 1920 american arctic
ROBERT PEARY (1856-1920). American arctic explorer
explorers/david livingstone 1813 1873 scottish missionary explorer
DAVID LIVINGSTONE (1813-1873). Scottish missionary and explorer. Photographed c1864-65
explorers/jacques cousteau 1910 1997 french oceanographer
JACQUES COUSTEAU (1910-1997). French oceanographer
explorers/robert peary 1856 1920 american newspaper cartoon
ROBERT PEARY (1856-1920). American newspaper cartoon, 1902, on Peary's attempt
explorers/perrys expedition japan ships commodore
PERRY'S EXPEDITION TO JAPAN. One of the ships in Commodore Matthew Perry's
explorers/richard evelyn byrd 1888 1957 american polar explorer
RICHARD EVELYN BYRD (1888-1957). American polar explorer
explorers/richard evelyn byrd 1888 1957 american polar explorer
RICHARD EVELYN BYRD (1888-1957). American polar explorer. Trying his old corncob pipe
explorers/cabeza vaca expedition alvar nunez cabeza
CABEZA de VACA EXPEDITION. Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca and his men during their eight-year
explorers/stanleys portable boat lady alice sir h
explorers/coronados march 1540 francisco vasquez
CORONADO'S MARCH, 1540. Francisco Vasquez de Coronado explores southwestern America
explorers/robert falcon scott 1868 1912 english antarctic explorer
ROBERT FALCON SCOTT (1868-1912). English Antarctic explorer
explorers/fridtjof nansen 1861 1930 norwegian arctic
FRIDTJOF NANSEN (1861-1930). Norwegian arctic explorer and statesman
explorers/cook tahiti 1773 cooks second voyage
COOK: TAHITI, 1773. Cook's Second Voyage
explorers/father louis hennepin 1640 1701 french
FATHER LOUIS HENNEPIN (1640-1701?). French missionary and explorer in North America
explorers/christopher columbus 1451 1506 italian navigator
CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS (1451-1506). Italian navigator
explorers/sieur la salle 1643 1687 french explorer
SIEUR DE LA SALLE (1643-1687). French explorer. La Salle's party feasting in Illinois Village
explorers/terra nova expedition left right edward wilson
TERRA NOVA EXPEDITION. Left to right: Edward Wilson, Captain Robert Falcon Scott
explorers/leif ericsson c970 1020 leif ericsson
LEIF ERICSSON (c970-1020). Leif Ericsson, Norse explorer, discovers America
explorers/alfred percival maudslay 1850 1931 english diplomat
ALFRED PERCIVAL MAUDSLAY (1850-1931). English diplomat, explorer and archaeologist
explorers/alexandra david nafael 1868 1969 french explorer
ALEXANDRA DAVID-NÉEL (1868-1969). French explorer, Buddhist, and writer. Photographed in Nepal
explorers/roald amundsen 1872 1928 norwegian polar explorer
ROALD AMUNDSEN (1872-1928). Norwegian polar explorer. Captain Amundsen at the wheel of his ship
explorers/terra nova expedition sled dogs deck ship
TERRA NOVA EXPEDITION. Sled dogs on the deck of a ship during Robert Falcon Scott's
explorers/edward wilson 1872 1912 english physician
EDWARD WILSON (1872-1912). English physician and member of Robert Falcon Scott's
explorers/meriwether lewis 1774 1809 american explorer
MERIWETHER LEWIS (1774-1809). American explorer. Watercolor by Charles Saint-Mémin
explorers/peary expedition 1906 robert e peary expedition
PEARY EXPEDITION, 1906. Robert E. Peary and his expedition photographed near, but not at
explorers/harriet chalmers adams 1875 1937 american explorer
HARRIET CHALMERS ADAMS (1875-1937). American explorer, writer and photographer
explorers/robert peary 1856 1920 american arctic explorer
ROBERT PEARY (1856-1920). American arctic explorer. Peary on deck of his ship, 'Roosevelt
explorers/pierre savorgnan brazza 1852 1905 name
PIERRE SAVORGNAN de BRAZZA (1852-1905). Full name: Pierre Paul Francois Camille Savorgnan de Brazza
explorers/hernando soto c1500 1542 spanish explorer america
HERNANDO DE SOTO (c1500-1542). Spanish explorer in America. Spanish painting
explorers/edgar evans 1876 1912 member robert falcon
EDGAR EVANS (1876-1912). Member of Robert Falcon Scott's expedition to the South Pole
explorers/hernando soto 1496 42 spanish explorer
HERNANDO de SOTO (1496?-42). Spanish explorer. De Soto putting into Tampa Bay, Florida, in 1539
explorers/marco polo ruby hunters marco polo ruby hunters badakshan
MARCO POLO: RUBY HUNTERS. Marco Polo and the ruby hunters of Badakshan. Miniature