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entertainment/vaudeville poster c1899 lithograph poster joseph
VAUDEVILLE POSTER, c1899. Lithograph poster for the Joseph Hart Vaudeville Company
entertainment/doyly carte poster c1894 poster gilbert sullivans
D'OYLY CARTE POSTER, c1894. Poster for Gilbert & Sullivan's 'Utopia, Limited
entertainment/sideshow camel girl 1886 sideshow pitch card
SIDESHOW: CAMEL GIRL, 1886. Sideshow pitch card featuring Ella Harper, the 'Camel
entertainment/nude posing 1920s olga desmond 1891 1964 posing
NUDE POSING, 1920s. Olga Desmond (1891-1964) posing as living statuary
entertainment/nude posing 19th century stereograph view
NUDE POSING, 19th CENTURY. From a stereograph view
entertainment/sloan nickelodeon 1907 movies cents oil
SLOAN: NICKELODEON, 1907. 'Movies Five Cents.' Oil on canvas by John Sloan, 1907
entertainment/nude posing 1921 olga desmond 1891 1964 posing
NUDE POSING, 1921. Olga Desmond (1891-1964) posing as living statuary
entertainment/tiller girls c1920 tiller girls posing aboard ship
TILLER GIRLS, c1920. The Tiller Girls posing aboard a ship. Photograph, c1920
entertainment/riding costume c1914 actress riding costume
RIDING COSTUME, c1914. An actress in a riding costume. Photograph, c1914
entertainment/butterfly dance 1920 katherine deming alice
BUTTERFLY DANCE, 1920. Katherine Deming, Alice Deming and Evelyn Lechler in the
entertainment/carolina twins c1866 millie christine mckoy
THE CAROLINA TWINS, c1866. Millie and Christine McKoy, American conjoined twins
entertainment/carolina twins c1869 title page the history
THE CAROLINA TWINS, c1869. Title page of 'The History of the Carolina Twins,' the
entertainment/carolina twins 1866 millie christine mckoy
THE CAROLINA TWINS, 1866. Millie and Christine McKoy, American conjoined twins
entertainment/circus elephants 1884 the great elephant
CIRCUS ELEPHANTS, 1884. 'The Great Elephant Controversy
entertainment/sangers circus 1884 acrobat practicing act
SANGER'S CIRCUS, 1884. An acrobat practicing an act on horseback, with the aid
entertainment/barnum bailey 1898 scenes barnum baileys circus
BARNUM AND BAILEY, 1898. Scenes from Barnum and Bailey's Circus as performed at
entertainment/party toast 1872 the toast evening wood
PARTY: TOAST, 1872. 'The Toast of the Evening
entertainment/drury lane theatre 1854 scene mozarts opera
DRURY LANE THEATRE, 1854. Scene from Mozart's opera, 'Il Seraglio,' at
entertainment/drury lane theatre 1846 scene opera don quixote
DRURY LANE THEATRE, 1846. Scene from the opera of 'Don Quixote,' at the Drury
entertainment/performer c1880 portrait unidentified performer
PERFORMER, c1880. Portrait of an unidentified performer, probably for a circus, c1880
entertainment/puppeteer thomas holden british puppeteer thomas
PUPPETEER: THOMAS HOLDEN. The British puppeteer, Thomas Holden, maneuvering his
entertainment/dancers c1340 medieval dancers engraving manuscript
DANCERS, c1340. Medieval dancers. Engraving after a manuscript illumination, English
entertainment/radio operator 1922 radio operator hotel vanderbilt
RADIO OPERATOR, 1922. The radio operator at the Hotel Vanderbilt in New York City
entertainment/tightrope walker 1860 william leonard hunt
TIGHTROPE WALKER, 1860. William Leonard Hunt, known as The Great Farini, crossing
entertainment/france st johns day 1867 villagers dancing
FRANCE: ST. JOHN'S DAY, 1867. Villagers dancing around bonfires in Alsatia, France
entertainment/ad pt barnum 1873 american ad p
AD: P.T. BARNUM, 1873. American advertisement for P
entertainment/tarentella capri photogravure 1881 painting e
TARENTELLA IN CAPRI. Photogravure, 1881, after a painting by E. Alexander Sain
entertainment/leopard trainer c1906 big cat trainer dolores
LEOPARD TRAINER, c1906. Big cat trainer Dolores Vallecita and a leopard. Photograph
entertainment/theatre sapho 1900 poster ad olga nethersoles
THEATRE: SAPHO, 1900. Poster advertising Olga Nethersole's role in 'Sapho'
entertainment/circus performer c1910 jack wc barnett circus
CIRCUS PERFORMER, c1910. Jack W.C. Barnett, a circus performer with Barnum
entertainment/ohio circus c1905 circus luna park cleveland ohio
OHIO: CIRCUS, c1905. The circus at Luna Park in Cleveland, Ohio. Photograph, c1905
entertainment/coney island circus c1910 open air circus coney
CONEY ISLAND: CIRCUS, c1910. The open-air circus at Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York
entertainment/luna park circus c1900 circus rings luna park
LUNA PARK, CIRCUS, c1900. The circus rings at Luna Park, Coney Island in Brooklyn
entertainment/madison square garden workers setting circus
MADISON SQUARE GARDEN. Workers setting up for Circus Week at Madison Square Garden
entertainment/vaudeville poster 1901 american theater poster
VAUDEVILLE POSTER, 1901. An American theater poster for a traveling vaudeville
entertainment/vaudeville poster c1899 lithograph poster joseph
VAUDEVILLE POSTER, c1899. Lithograph poster for a show by the Joseph Hart Vaudeville
entertainment/vaudeville audience 1912 line people waiting
VAUDEVILLE AUDIENCE, 1912. Line of people waiting to see a Vaudeville show at Fall River
entertainment/theater melodrama c1899 poster melodrama play
THEATER: MELODRAMA, c1899. Poster for the melodrama play, 'The Bowery After Dark
entertainment/country dance 19th century canvas dance floor
COUNTRY DANCE, 19th CENTURY. A canvas dance floor at an outdoor party in western America
entertainment/st louis movie theater movie theater boys spend
ST. LOUIS: MOVIE THEATER. A movie theater where boys spend their wages during leisure
entertainment/wylds great globe 1851 cross section giant
WYLD'S GREAT GLOBE, 1851. Cross-section of the giant globe designed by James Wyld
entertainment/new york city parade c1909 re enactment 1735
NEW YORK CITY: PARADE, c1909. A re-enactment of the 1735 trial of John Peter Zenger
entertainment/tea party c1900 girls having tea party dolls garden
TEA PARTY, c1900. Two girls having a tea party with their dolls in a garden. Photograph
entertainment/japan tea party children having tea party table
JAPAN: TEA PARTY. Three children having a tea party around a table in Japan. Photograph
entertainment/hairy maid 17th century barbara urslerin german
HAIRY MAID, 17th CENTURY. Barbara Urslerin, German bearded lady know as the Hairy Maid
entertainment/turtle boy c1895 george williams born misshapen
TURTLE BOY, c1895. George Williams, born with misshapen limbs and standing 18 inches tall
entertainment/quaker giants 1849 quaker giant giantess exhibited
QUAKER GIANTS, 1849. The Quaker giant and giantess, exhibited at P
entertainment/drunkards progress c1874 drinkers progress
DRUNKARD'S PROGRESS, c1874. The drinker's progress
entertainment/reno casino 1910 crowded casino reno days
RENO: CASINO, 1910. A crowded casino in Reno, on one the last days of legal gambling
entertainment/china gambling men gambling game fantan canton
CHINA: GAMBLING. Men gambling on a game of fantan in Canton, China
entertainment/reno gambling 1910 spectators observing game
RENO: GAMBLING, 1910. Spectators observing a game of faro at a casino in Reno, Nevada
entertainment/reno gambling 1910 men gambling game faro casino
RENO: GAMBLING, 1910. Men gambling on a game of faro at a casino in Reno, Nevada, 1910
entertainment/reno gambling 1910 men placing bets overland
RENO: GAMBLING, 1910. Men placing bets on an overland roulette game at a casino in Reno
entertainment/card game 1916 group young portuguese american
CARD GAME, 1916. A group of young Portuguese-American mill workers from Fall River
entertainment/american circus 1874 the circus oil canvas
AMERICAN CIRCUS, 1874. 'The Circus.' Oil on canvas, 1874, by A. Logan
entertainment/entertainer 1901 entertainer goose display log
ENTERTAINER, 1901. An entertainer and a goose in a display of log cabins at the
entertainment/peep theater 1890s automatic cent vaudeville
PEEP SHOW THEATER, 1890s. The Automatic One Cent Vaudeville, a peep show arcade
entertainment/vaudeville theater 1895 bf keiths union square
VAUDEVILLE THEATER, 1895. B.F. Keith's Union Square Theatre in New York City, 1895
entertainment/dancing pig 14th century performing sow litter
DANCING PIG, 14th CENTURY. A performing sow with a litter of piglets
entertainment/dancing goat 14th century performing goat dancing
DANCING GOAT, 14th CENTURY. A performing goat, dancing to a drum on its hind legs
entertainment/trained horse 14th century man performing horse
TRAINED HORSE, 14th CENTURY. A man with a performing horse and ape
entertainment/jumbo c1882 jumbo elephant photographed time
JUMBO, c1882. Jumbo the elephant, photographed around the time he was purchased by P
entertainment/barnum admiral dot c1870 admiral dot member p
BARNUM: ADMIRAL DOT, c1870. Admiral Dot, a member of P
entertainment/dwarf c1880 original cabinet photograph american
DWARF, c1880. Original cabinet photograph, American, c1880
entertainment/dwarf 19th century little parson etching english
DWARF, 19th CENTURY. The little parson. Etching, English, 19th century
entertainment/eli bowen c1880 eli bowen wonderful man wife
ELI BOWEN, c1880. Eli Bowen, the wonderful man, with his wife and child
entertainment/circus program c1901 cover program frank c
CIRCUS: PROGRAM, c1901. Back cover of the program for Frank C
entertainment/parsifal design paul von joukowsky closing scene
PARSIFAL. Design by Paul von Joukowsky for the closing scene of Act III of Richard
entertainment/circus freaks c1901 chiquita doll lady esau
CIRCUS FREAKS, c1901. Chiquita the Doll Lady and Esau the Ape-Man from Africa
entertainment/circus program c1901 frank c bostocks grand
CIRCUS: PROGRAM, c1901. Frank C. Bostock's Grand Zoological Congress and Trained
entertainment/frank c bostock 1862 1912 american english born
FRANK C. BOSTOCK (1862-1912). American (English-born) animal trainer
entertainment/country dance 1901 illustration american 1901
COUNTRY DANCE, 1901. Illustration, American, 1901
entertainment/charity ball 1911 prince alexander teck right
CHARITY BALL, 1911. Prince Alexander of Teck (right) and Princess Alice of Albany
entertainment/london egyptian hall egyptian hall london england
LONDON: EGYPTIAN HALL. The Egyptian Hall, London, England, as it was when John Nevil
entertainment/magician c1470 conjurer audience lower right
MAGICIAN, c1470. The conjurer and his audience (lower right) under lunar domination
entertainment/circus poster 1899 rough riders charging american
CIRCUS POSTER, 1899. The Rough Riders charging on an American patriotic poster
entertainment/circus freaks c1880 waino plutano original
CIRCUS FREAKS, c1880. Waino and Plutano, the original Wild Men of Borneo, who were
entertainment/nude nature 1849 etching french 1849
NUDE IN NATURE, 1849. Etching, French, 1849
entertainment/circus poster 1900 lithograph american
CIRCUS POSTER, 1900. Lithograph, American
entertainment/early american actress mrs david douglass d
EARLY AMERICAN ACTRESS. Mrs. David Douglass (d
entertainment/zoffany minuet the minuet oil canvas john
ZOFFANY: THE MINUET. 'The Minuet.' Oil on canvas by John Zoffany (1733-1810)
entertainment/nude outdoors 19th ct stereograph view
NUDE OUTDOORS, 19th CT. From a stereograph view
entertainment/nude posing 19th ct stereograph view
NUDE POSING, 19th CT. From a stereograph view
entertainment/grand theatre nyc c1904 jacob p adlers grand
GRAND THEATRE, NYC, c1904. Jacob P. Adler's Grand Theatre on Grand Street. The Bowery
entertainment/magician 1560 gypsy who washes hands molten
MAGICIAN, 1560. The gypsy who washes his hands in molten lead
entertainment/blaise manfre maltese magician 17th century
BLAISE MANFRE. Maltese magician of the 17th century, known as the Maltese 'water
entertainment/white elephant c1884 poster adam forepaughs
WHITE ELEPHANT, c1884. Poster for Adam Forepaugh's Circus promoting the 'Light
entertainment/magician poster c1895 lithograph poster c1895
MAGICIAN POSTER, c1895. Lithograph poster, c1895, advertising the magic act of
entertainment/elephant acts 1880s pencil drawing e roe 1880s
ELEPHANT ACTS, 1880s. Pencil drawing by E. Roe, 1880s
entertainment/dance sequoia stump party people dancing stump
DANCE ON THE SEQUOIA STUMP. Party of people dancing on the stump of a giant sequoia
entertainment/seated nude c1900 nude light photographic study
SEATED NUDE, c1900. 'Nude Against Light
entertainment/england ventriloquist james burns squeaking tommy
ENGLAND: VENTRILOQUIST. James Burns, or Squeaking Tommy (died 1796), a well known
entertainment/jester 1568 woodcut 1568 jost amman
JESTER, 1568. Woodcut, 1568, by Jost Amman
entertainment/reclining nude c1900 nude study c1900 emile
RECLINING NUDE, c1900. Nude study, c1900, by Emile Constant Puyo (1857-1933)
entertainment/seated nude c1900
entertainment/woman mirror c1887 series nude studies c1887
WOMAN AND MIRROR, c1887. From a series of nude studies, c1887
entertainment/woman undressing c1887 series nude studies
WOMAN UNDRESSING, c1887. From a series of nude studies, c1887
entertainment/nude saint catherine nude posing saint catherine
NUDE AS SAINT CATHERINE. Nude posing as Saint Catherine of Alexandria
entertainment/nude sheer clothing caloma nude study 1914
NUDE IN SHEER CLOTHING. 'Caloma.' Nude study, 1914, by an unidentified American


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