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End of the World

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end world/day earth stood still robot gort scene film
DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL. The robot, Gort, in a scene from the film, 'The Day
end world/manuscript illumination god great architect universe
MANUSCRIPT ILLUMINATION. God as the great Architect of the Universe
end world/bruegel triumph death triumph death tempera panel
BRUEGEL: TRIUMPH OF DEATH. Triumph of Death; tempera on panel, c1562, by Peter Bruegel
end world/world war ii bomb shelter woman kneeling girl
WORLD WAR II: BOMB SHELTER. A woman kneeling beside a girl in a bunk bed in a bomb
animals/hicks noahs ark 1846 oil canvas edward hicks
HICKS: NOAH'S ARK, 1846. Oil on canvas by Edward Hicks, 1846
end world/sinners suffer hells buddhism japanese scroll
Sinners suffer in one of the hells of Buddhism. Japanese scroll, late 12th century
end world/peruvian incan cosmogram representing sun center
Peruvian Incan cosmogram, representing the sun as the center, the condors of the compass points
end world/william gilbert 1540 1603 english physician
William Gilbert (1540-1603). English physician and physicist. Motion in magnetic field
end world/1904 1967 american physicist oppenheimer
(1904-1967). American physicist. Oppenheimer (left) as scientific director of the
end world/volcanic lightning 1963 lightning clouds surtsey
VOLCANIC LIGHTNING, 1963. Lightning in the clouds above the Surtsey volcano, off the
end world/view utopia colored woodcut sir thomas mores utopia
THE VIEW OF UTOPIA. Colored woodcut from Sir Thomas More's "Utopia," 1518
end world/billy sunday 1862 1935 william ashley billy
BILLY SUNDAY (1862-1935). William Ashley 'Billy' Sunday. American evangelist
astronomy/astrology 16th century medieval astrologer attempting
ASTROLOGY, 16th CENTURY. Medieval astrologer attempting to discover the secrets behind
end world/burying plague victims coffins tournai 1349
BURYING PLAGUE VICTIMS in coffins at Tournai in 1349
disease healthcare/costume worn members brotherhood mercy dealing
Costume worn by members of the Brotherhood of Mercy when dealing with victims of the plague
end world/american atomic bomb test bikini atoll pacific ocean
American atomic bomb test at Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean, 1946
vintage ads/warning sign nuclear radiation
Warning sign for nuclear radiation
end world/exodus plague hail plague hail locusts exodus 9
EXODUS: PLAGUE OF HAIL. The Plague of Hail and of Locusts (Exodus 9:23-26). French manuscript
end world/space shuttle bees 1984 colony bees board space
SPACE SHUTTLE: BEES, 1984. A colony of bees on board the Space Shuttle Challenger
end world/antarctica ozone 1988 graphic showing variations
ANTARCTICA: OZONE, 1988. A graphic showing the variations in ozone over the Antarctic between 1984
end world/dust bowl 1935 dust storm oklahoma photograph
DUST BOWL, 1935. A dust storm in Oklahoma. Photograph, 1935
end world/german ruins 1945 us infantrymen street waldenburg
GERMAN RUINS, 1945. U.S. infantrymen move down a street in Waldenburg, Germany, after
end world/jerusalem locusts 1915 locust molting shell
JERUSALEM: LOCUSTS, 1915. A locust molting its shell, during a locust plague in Jerusalem
end world/earth topography digital image topography earth
EARTH: TOPOGRAPHY. Digital image of the topography of the Earth, showing land
end world/diatreme diagram diagram development diatrame
DIATREME DIAGRAM. Diagram of the development of a diatrame or subterranean volcanic pipe
end world/south carolina hurricane hurricane coast charleston
SOUTH CAROLINA: HURRICANE. A hurricane on the coast of Charleston, South Carolina
end world/nostradamus 1503 1566 french physician astrologer
NOSTRADAMUS (1503-1566). French physician and astrologer. French engraving, 19th century
end world/space supernova portion cygnus loop supernova
SPACE: SUPERNOVA. A portion of the Cygnus Loop supernova remnant in the constellation Cygnus
end world/space black hole black hole constellation virgo
SPACE: BLACK HOLE. A black hole in the constellation Virgo. Illustration by Dana Berry for NASA
end world/space globular cluster view globular cluster
SPACE: GLOBULAR CLUSTER. View of a globular cluster of stars from the core
end world/petroglyph supernova dr john brandt nasa examines
PETROGLYPH: SUPERNOVA. Dr. John Brandt of NASA examines an ancient Native American
end world/neptune uranus planets neptune uranus line earth sun
NEPTUNE AND URANUS. The planets Neptune and Uranus in line with the Earth and Sun
end world/mexico mayan figure ceramic kneeling figure
MEXICO: MAYAN FIGURE. Ceramic kneeling figure. Mayan, from Jaina, Campeche, Mexico, 700-900 A
end world/city future 1971 model ocean bottom city airtight
CITY OF THE FUTURE, 1971. Model of an ocean-bottom city with airtight connected buildings
end world/william miller 1782 1849 american religious leader
WILLIAM MILLER (1782-1849). American religious leader
end world/poverty appalachia c1971 woman boy outside
POVERTY: APPALACHIA, c1971. A woman and boy outside a shack in rural Appalachia. Photograph
end world/heavenss gate cult 1975 poster meeting held
HEAVENS'S GATE CULT, 1975. Poster for a meeting, to be held 14 September 1975
end world/new harmony 19th century communal society established
NEW HARMONY, 19th CENTURY. A communal society established by the Harmony Society
end world/hopi sky god hopi native american sky god tunwup
HOPI SKY GOD. The Hopi Native American sky god, Tunwup, depicting the compass points
end world/california old plank road old plank road imperial
CALIFORNIA: OLD PLANK ROAD. The Old Plank Road in Imperial County, southern California
end world/william miller 1782 1849 american religious leader
WILLIAM MILLER (1782-1849). American religious leader, seated in a well-stocked safe
end world/aztec world regions aztec painting codex fejervary mayer
AZTEC WORLD REGIONS. Aztec painting from the Codex Fejervary-Mayer depicting five world regions
pre columbian/mayan observatory mexico mayan observatory chichen
MAYAN OBSERVATORY, MEXICO Mayan observatory at Chichen Itza, Mexico
vintage ads/sign air raid shelter sign american public air
SIGN: AIR RAID SHELTER. Sign for an American public air raid shelter
end world/future city 1922 electric rays suspend future
FUTURE CITY, 1922. Electric rays would suspend a future city in high, clean air
maps/fools cap world map c1590 fools cap map world
FOOL'S CAP WORLD MAP, c1590. Fool's cap map of the world, c1590 by an unknown artist
end world/space colony 1975 design space colony built
SPACE COLONY, 1975. Design for a space colony built from materials from the Moon and asteroid belt
end world/colorado sand dunes human footprints sand great
COLORADO: SAND DUNES. Human footprints in the sand at the Great Sand Dunes National
end world/judgment mouth hell 16th century fresco stratford
LAST JUDGMENT With the Mouth of Hell: 16th century fresco from Stratford Guild Chapel
end world/moon earthshine photograph moon showing bright
MOON: EARTHSHINE. Photograph of the moon showing the bright glow of the "earthshine
cosmos/young astronomer leyden school oil oak second
YOUNG ASTRONOMER. Leyden School. Oil on oak, second half of 17th century
end world/blake angel revelation angel revelation watercolor
end world/karl guthe jansky 1905 1950 american physicist
KARL GUTHE JANSKY (1905-1950). American physicist and radio engineer. Pointing to a chart
end world/pompeii plaster cast plaster cast victim eruption
POMPEII: PLASTER CAST. Plaster cast of a victim of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, Italy, in 79 A
end world/portuguese compass 1711 earliest surviving portuguese
PORTUGUESE COMPASS, 1711. The earliest surviving Portuguese mariner's compass
end world/san francisco earthquake cracked cobblestone
SAN FRANCISCO EARTHQUAKE. A cracked cobblestone street by the waterfront, following
end world/earth topography digital image topography earth
EARTH: TOPOGRAPHY. Digital image of the topography of the Earth, showing land
end world/film things come 1936 scene things come
FILM: THINGS TO COME, 1936. Scene from 'Things to Come,' an English science
end world/film still ufos film showing flying saucers
FILM STILL: UFOS. Film still showing flying saucers and explosions, c1950
end world/solar flare 1973 image sun recorded so82a spectroheliograph
SOLAR FLARE, 1973. Image of the sun recorded by the SO82A spectroheliograph during the third
end world/end world angels destroying world rev 82 5
END OF THE WORLD. Angels destroying the world (Rev. 8:2-5): Spanish ms. illumination, c950 A
end world/mississippi hurricane 1969 view remains grocery
MISSISSIPPI: HURRICANE, 1969. A view of the remains of a grocery store in Gulfport
end world/comets calamities earth associated passage comets
COMETS. "Calamities on Earth Associated with the Passage of Comets": colored engraving