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Disease and Healthcare

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disease healthcare/hippocratic oath hippocrates code ethical conduct
The Hippocratic oath, Hippocrates' code of ethical conduct for practitioners of medicine
disease healthcare/prince siddhartha meets old man sick man
Prince Siddhartha meets an old man and a sick man. Detail of a painting on silk, 10th century
disease healthcare/chinese girl suffering smallpox watercolor
Chinese girl suffering from smallpox: watercolor
disease healthcare/lateral view human skeletal system woodcut first
Lateral view of the human skeletal system: woodcut from the first book of Andreas
disease healthcare/the zodiac man oldest printed bloodletting chart
'The Zodiac Man,' the oldest printed bloodletting chart, showing the astrological
disease healthcare/plague dance rats rats dancing time plague
PLAGUE: DANCE OF THE RATS. Rats dancing at the time of the plague. Oil on canvas, c1800
disease healthcare/yellow fever cuba c1900 conquerors yellow fever
YELLOW FEVER, CUBA, c1900. 'Conquerors of Yellow Fever.' Cuban physician Dr
disease healthcare/herbalist who compiled first medical herbal pen tsao
Herbalist who compiled the first medical herbal Pen-ts'ao. Chinese watercolor
disease healthcare/manuscript illumination maqamat al hariri muhammad
Manuscript illumination from 'Maqamat of al-Hariri,' by Muhammad al-Qasim
disease healthcare/test tube baby 1978 page london england evening
TEST-TUBE BABY, 1978. Front page of the London, England, 'Evening News,' 27 July 1978
disease healthcare/lion faced man 1907 stephan bibrowsky 1890 1932
LION-FACED MAN, 1907. Stephan Bibrowsky (1890-1932), known as Lionel the Lion-Faced Man
disease healthcare/lord mercy london contemporary english woodcut
Lord, have mercy on London. Contemporary English woodcut on the Great Plague of 1665
disease healthcare/surgeon performing amputation woodcut edition
Surgeon performing an amputation. Woodcut from an edition of Hans von Gersdoff's
disease healthcare/alchemist seated left wearing eyeglasses assistants
An alchemist (seated left wearing eyeglasses) and his assistants
disease healthcare/costume worn members brotherhood mercy dealing
Costume worn by members of the Brotherhood of Mercy when dealing with victims of the plague
disease healthcare/rendering ancient roman hospital accurately depicting
Rendering of an ancient Roman hospital, more accurately depicting a medieval one
disease healthcare/first vaccination edward jenner 14 may 1796
The First Vaccination by Edward Jenner, 14 May 1796. Photogravure, late 19th century
disease healthcare/colliers cover 11 may 1912 urging stricter
Collier's cover, 11 May 1912, urging stricter enforcement of the Pure Food & Drug
disease healthcare/x ray lily footed woman china c1890 1923
An x-ray of a 'lily footed' woman of China, c1890-1923
disease healthcare/discuss mandrake arabic ms materia medica 1229 a
discuss the mandrake. Arabic ms. of De Materia Medica, 1229 A.D
disease healthcare/manuscript illumination johannes kethams fasciculus
Manuscript illumination from Johannes de Ketham's 'Fasciculus Medicinae,' Venice
disease healthcare/your kiss affection germ infection american
'Your Kiss of Affection, the Germ of Infection
disease healthcare/parisian pharmacy 1624 french engraving 1624
PARISIAN PHARMACY, 1624. French engraving, 1624
disease healthcare/plague costume physician marseilles france color
PLAGUE COSTUME of a physician at Marseilles, France: color French engraving, 1720
disease healthcare/open air pharmacy open air pharmacy various methods
OPEN-AIR PHARMACY. An open-air pharmacy and various methods of medical care-giving: illuminated ms
disease healthcare/dentist 1629 oil panel jan miense molenaer dutch
THE DENTIST, 1629. Oil/panel by Jan Miense Molenaer (Dutch, 1610-1668)
disease healthcare/asclepius greek god medicine frieze temple asclepius
ASCLEPIUS. Greek god of medicine; frieze detail from the Temple of Asclepius, c4th century B
inventors scientists/jonas salk 1914 1995 american medical scientist
JONAS SALK (1914-1995). American medical scientist; developer of polio vaccine
disease healthcare/dentistry 1920s american home dentistry 1920s
DENTISTRY, 1920s. American home dentistry in the 1920s
disease healthcare/steen quack 17th century the quack oil canvas
STEEN: QUACK, 17th CENTURY. 'The Quack.' Oil on canvas by Jan Steen (1626-1679)
disease healthcare/plague marseilles 1720 contemporary painting
PLAGUE IN MARSEILLES, 1720. Detail of contemporary painting by Michel Serre
disease healthcare/polio certificate 1954 american polio pioneer
POLIO CERTIFICATE, 1954. American "Polio Pioneer" certificate and lapel
disease healthcare/doctor taking pulse doctor taking pulse patient
DOCTOR TAKING PULSE Doctor taking the pulse of a patient, an ancient Chinese medical procedure
disease healthcare/surgeon 18th century 18th century surgeon
SURGEON, 18TH CENTURY. An 18th century surgeon
disease healthcare/pharmacy arabic ms arabic ms de materia medica
PHARMACY: ARABIC MS. Arabic ms. of "De Materia Medica," Baghdad, c1224 A.D
disease healthcare/venereal disease prostitutes wait police doctor
VENEREAL DISEASE. Prostitutes wait for police doctor to be checked for venereal disease
disease healthcare/louis pasteur 1822 1895 french chemist microbiologist
LOUIS PASTEUR (1822-1895). French chemist and microbiologist. French newspaper cover
disease healthcare/leper house c1220 1244 leper house manuscript
LEPER HOUSE, c1220-1244. A leper house. Manuscript illumination from Vincent of Beauvais'
disease healthcare/village barber surgeon adriane brouwer oil oak
VILLAGE BARBER-SURGEON. Adriane Brouwer. Oil on oak
disease healthcare/polio cartoon 1957 wonder parents didnt salk
POLIO CARTOON, 1957. 'Wonder Why My Parents Didn't Give Me Salk Shots?'
disease healthcare/jules emile pean 1830 1898 surgery st
JULES EMILE PEAN (1830-1898). In surgery at St. Louis Hospital. Oil on canvas, c1881, by H
disease healthcare/humors melancholia humors melancholia according
FOUR HUMORS: MELANCHOLIA. One of the four humors, Melancholia, according to physician Galen
disease healthcare/handbook first aid first aid handbook published
HANDBOOK: FIRST AID. First aid handbook published by the Johnson & Johnson Company
disease healthcare/arab eye treatise page 13th century arabic manuscript
ARAB EYE TREATISE. Page from a 13th century Arabic manuscript of Hunayn's Treatise
disease healthcare/ellis island examination immigrants examined
ELLIS ISLAND: EXAMINATION. Immigrants being examined for eye diseases at Ellis Island
disease healthcare/herbal medicine physicians gathering herbs ms
HERBAL MEDICINE. Physicians gathering herbs: ms. illum. from a German herbal, c. 1200
disease healthcare/zodiacal man 14th century zodiacal man according
ZODIACAL MAN, 14th CENTURY. Zodiacal Man according to theories of School of Salerno
disease healthcare/arabic physician arabic physician watches boy
ARABIC PHYSICIAN. An Arabic physician watches as a boy suffering from a snakebite
disease healthcare/tests animals 1957 squibb institute medical
TESTS ON ANIMALS, 1957. At the Squibb Institute for Medical Research in New Brunswick
disease healthcare/arab anatomical drawing diagram pregnant woman
ARAB ANATOMICAL DRAWING. Diagram of a pregnant woman from a Persian copy of an 11th
disease healthcare/hospital illumination 13th century translation
A HOSPITAL. Illumination from a 13th century translation of a treatise by Avicenna
disease healthcare/india malaria play c1929 educational play children
INDIA: MALARIA PLAY, c1929. An educational play put on by children to teach spectators
disease healthcare/hawaii medicine pounder ivory medicine pounder
HAWAII: MEDICINE POUNDER. Ivory medicine pounder used by King Kamehameha I (c1758-1819)
disease healthcare/potawatomi medicine stick stick containing recipes
POTAWATOMI MEDICINE STICK. Stick containing many recipes for medicinal cures, used
disease healthcare/woodrow wilson 1856 1924 28th president united
WOODROW WILSON (1856-1924). 28th President of the United States
disease healthcare/radiologist c1930 radiologist using x rays repel
RADIOLOGIST, c1930. A radiologist using x-rays to repel Death, personified as a skeleton
disease healthcare/mayo clinic 1913 charles horace mayo demonstrating
MAYO CLINIC, 1913. Charles Horace Mayo demonstrating an operation at St
botany/leeks harvesting leeks medicinal purposes
LEEKS. Harvesting leeks for medicinal purposes. Illumination published in 1380