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currier ives/washington dc 1880 birds eye view washington d
WASHINGTON, D.C., 1880. Bird's-eye view of Washington, D
winter/currier ives winter scene winter country
CURRIER & IVES WINTER SCENE. "Winter in the Country: Getting Ice": lithograph
winter/currier ives winter scene the snow storm
seascapes/americas cup 1883 american winner vigilant
AMERICA'S CUP, 1883. The American winner, 'Vigilant' with the British
seascapes/americas cup 1886 mayflower saluted fleet
AMERICA'S CUP, 1886. The 'Mayflower' saluted by the fleet while crossing
seascapes/americas cup 1885 american winner puritan
AMERICA'S CUP, 1885. The American winner, 'Puritan' with the English challenger
seascapes/americas cup 1881 american winner mischief
AMERICA'S CUP, 1881. The American winner, 'Mischief' with the Canadian
currier ives/presidential campaign 1848 martin van buren
PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN, 1848. Martin Van Buren and Charles Francis Adams as Free Soil
currier ives/currier ives fortune ladder fortune lithograph
CURRIER & IVES: FORTUNE. 'Ladder of Fortune.' Lithograph, 1875, by Currier & Ives
poverty unemployment/money lending 1870 i gave credit i sell cash
MONEY LENDING, 1870. "I Gave Credit/I Sell for Cash": lithograph, 1870
cartoons/the age brass triumph womans rights lithograph
'The Age of Brass or the Triumph of Woman's Rights.' Lithograph cartoon satire
currier ives/brave boy waxhaws 14 year old andrew jackson
'Brave Boy of the Waxhaws.' 14 year old Andrew Jackson receiving a sword cut
winter/currier ives winter moonlight winter moonlight
currier ives/pres campaign 1868 horatio seymour francis
PRES. CAMPAIGN: 1868. Horatio Seymour and Francis Preston Blair, Jr, as the Democratic
winter/homestead winter 1868 lithograph 1868 currier
HOMESTEAD WINTER, 1868. Lithograph, 1868, by Currier & Ives
winter/winter scene c1875 winter sunday olden times
WINTER SCENE, c1875. 'Winter Sunday in Olden Times.' American lithograph, c1875
currier ives/plymouth rock 1620 landing pilgrims plymouth
PLYMOUTH ROCK, 1620. The landing of the pilgrims at Plymouth, Massachusetts, 1620
currier ives/gold rush cartoon 1849 the way california
GOLD RUSH CARTOON, 1849. 'The Way They Go to California
currier ives/patrick henry 1775 give liberty death orator
PATRICK HENRY, 1775. 'Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!' Orator and politician
currier ives/race mississippi 1860 a midnight race mississippi
RACE ON MISSISSIPPI, 1860. 'A Midnight Race on the Mississippi River.' Lithograph
currier ives/steamboat race 1870 great mississippi steamboat
STEAMBOAT RACE, 1870. The Great Mississippi Steamboat Race between the 'Robert E
currier ives/british surrender yorktown virginia 19 october 1781
The British surrender at Yorktown, Virginia, on 19 October 1781. Lithograph, 1852
currier ives/ringing liberty bell state house philadelphia
Ringing the Liberty Bell at the State House in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on 4 July 1776
currier ives/capture major john andre 1780 lithograph 1876
The capture of Major John Andre in 1780. Lithograph, 1876, by Currier & Ives
currier ives/boston tea party december 16 1773 lithograph
Boston Tea Party, December 16, 1773. Lithograph, 1846, by Nathaniel Currier
currier ives/george washington bids farewell generals fraunces
George Washington bids farewell to his generals at Fraunces Tavern in New York City
currier ives/1732 1799 first president united states
(1732-1799). First President of the United States. Washington and his Cabinet. Left to right
currier ives/1732 1799 lithograph nathaniel currier
(1732-1799). Lithograph by Nathaniel Currier
currier ives/1732 1799 accepting election commander chief
(1732-1799) accepting the election to Commander in Chief in the Continental Congress
currier ives/republican candidate 16th president united states
As Republican candidate for 16th President of the United States
currier ives/president mrs washington presidential reception 1789
President and Mrs. Washington at a presidential reception in 1789
currier ives/inauguration george washington federal hall new york
The Inauguration of George Washington at Federal Hall, New York, 30 April 1789. Lithograph
currier ives/deathbed president abraham lincoln washington d
The deathbed of President Abraham Lincoln, Washington, D
currier ives/president abraham lincolns funeral procession
President Abraham Lincoln's funeral procession in New York City, 25 April 1865
currier ives/george washington
George Washington
currier ives/lincoln assassination
Lincoln Assassination
currier ives/presidential campaign 1872 horace greeley benjamin
PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN, 1872. Horace Greeley and Benjamin Gratz Brown as Liberal Republican
cartoons/presidential campaign 1880 farmer garfield
PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN, 1880. 'Farmer Garfield Cutting a Swath to the White House
currier ives/presidential campaign 1876 grand national republican
PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN, 1876. 'Grand National Republican Banner.' Rutherford B
cartoons/presidential campaign 1860 republican presidential
PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN, 1860. Republican presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln about
currier ives/presidential campaign 1848 zachary taylor millard
PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN, 1848. Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore as the Whig candidates
currier ives/sam houston 1793 1863 steel engraving 1878
SAM HOUSTON (1793-1863). Steel engraving, 1878, after a daguerreotype
bridges/view brooklyn bridge lithograph 1883 currier
VIEW OF BROOKLYN BRIDGE. Lithograph, 1883, by Currier & Ives
currier ives/ny brooklyn heights 1849 view new york brooklyn
NY: BROOKLYN HEIGHTS, 1849. View of New York from Brooklyn Heights. Lithograph, 1849
bridges/brooklyn bridge nyc 1881 great east river suspension
BROOKLYN BRIDGE, NYC, 1881. The Great East River Suspension (Brooklyn) Bridge: lithograph
currier ives/view philadelphia birds eye view philadelphia
VIEW OF PHILADELPHIA. Bird's eye view of Philadelphia
currier ives/view new york 1876 birds eye view new york
VIEW OF NEW YORK, 1876. Bird's-eye view of New York and parts of Brooklyn
currier ives/view san francisco 1878 birds eye view san
VIEW OF SAN FRANCISCO, 1878. Bird's-eye view of San Francisco from the Bay
trains trolleys/railroad snow scene 1872 american railroad scene snow
RAILROAD SNOW SCENE, 1872. American Railroad Scene-Snow Bound
winter/currier ives winter scene winter country
CURRIER & IVES: WINTER SCENE. 'Winter in the Country: The Old Grist Mill.' Lithograph
currier ives/shakers meeting c1840 shakers new lebanon new york
SHAKERS MEETING, c1840. Shakers at New Lebanon, New York
currier ives/new york central park undated lithograph currier
NEW YORK: CENTRAL PARK. Undated lithograph by Currier & Ives
adam eve/adam eve driven paradise lithograph c 1850
ADAM AND EVE driven out of Paradise: lithograph, c. 1850, by Nathaniel Currier
currier ives/gold rush cartoon 1849 device enable persons
GOLD RUSH CARTOON, 1849. A device that will enable persons afflicted with the Gold
currier ives/great bartholdi statue the great bartholdi statue
GREAT BARTHOLDI STATUE. 'The Great Bartholdi Statue, Liberty Enlightening the World
currier ives/black senators 1872 the first colored senators
BLACK SENATORS, 1872. 'The First Colored Senators and Representatives in the 41st
winter/winter pastime 1856 lithograph nathaniel currier
WINTER PASTIME, 1856. Lithograph by Nathaniel Currier, 1856
currier ives/george armstrong custer 1839 1876 american
GEORGE ARMSTRONG CUSTER (1839-1876). American army officer. Custer's Last Charge: lithograph
currier ives/benjamin franklin 1706 1790 american printer
BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (1706-1790). American printer, publisher, scientist, inventor, statesman
currier ives/currier ives dog 1866 pointing bevy
CURRIER & IVES: DOG, 1866. 'Pointing a Bevy.' Lithograph by Currier & Ives
currier ives/river life 1870 bound river lithograph 1870
RIVER LIFE, 1870. 'Bound Down the River.' Lithograph, 1870, by Currier & Ives
currier ives/season love lithograph 1868 currier ives
THE SEASON OF LOVE. Lithograph, 1868, by Currier & Ives
winter/road winter 1853 lithograph 1853 nathaniel
THE ROAD-WINTER, 1853. Lithograph, 1853 by Nathaniel Currier
winter/winter scene evening 1854 lithograph 1854
WINTER SCENE: EVENING 1854. Lithograph, 1854, by Nathaniel Currier
winter/currier ives winter scene winter country
CURRIER & IVES WINTER SCENE. "Winter in the Country": A Cold Morning": lithograph
currier ives/civil war vicksburg 1863 admiral david porters
CIVIL WAR: VICKSBURG, 1863. Admiral David Porter's fleet on the Mississippi River
currier ives/old age 1868 the seasons life old age the
OLD AGE, 1868. 'The Four Seasons of Life/Old Age (The Season of Rest).' Lithograph
currier ives/noahs ark lithograph nathaniel currier c1855
NOAH'S ARK. Lithograph by Nathaniel Currier, c1855
currier ives/hunting woodcock 1852 woodcock shooting lithograph
HUNTING: WOODCOCK, 1852. Woodcock Shooting: lithograph, 1852, by Nathaniel Currier
currier ives/currier fox chase gone away lithograph 1846
CURRIER: FOX CHASE/GONE AWAY. Lithograph, 1846, by Nathaniel Currier
currier ives/currier marriage 1848 the young housekeepers a
CURRIER: MARRIAGE, 1848. 'The Young Housekeepers/A Year After Marriage.' Lithograph
currier ives/temperance movement 1840 the bible temperance
TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT, 1840. 'The Bible and Temperance,' plate 4: lithograph
winter/currier ives winter scene ice boat race hudson
CURRIER & IVES WINTER SCENE. "Ice-Boat Race on the Hudson": undated (c1860)
currier ives/whale fishery sperm whale flurry lithograph
THE WHALE FISHERY, Sperm Whale in a Flurry. Lithograph by Currier & Ives
winter/currier ives little snowbird undated lithograph
CURRIER & IVES: LITTLE SNOWBIRD. Undated lithograph by Currier & Ives, c1860
currier ives/irvings home sunnyside sunnyside home washington
IRVING'S HOME: SUNNYSIDE. Sunnyside, the home of Washington Irving at Tarrytown, New York
currier ives/currier ives farm house the western farmers home
CURRIER & IVES: FARM HOUSE. 'The Western Farmer's Home.' Lithograph, 1871
winter/winter scene morning 1854 lithograph 1854
WINTER SCENE: MORNING 1854. Lithograph, 1854, by Nathaniel Currier
currier ives/currier marriage lithograph nathaniel currier
CURRIER: THE MARRIAGE. Lithograph by Nathaniel Currier, 1847
seascapes/clipper ship comet 1855 new york hurricane
CLIPPER SHIP 'COMET,' 1855. Of New York, in a hurricane off Bermuda: lithograph
currier ives/lovers reconciliation lithograph 1846 nathaniel
LOVERS RECONCILIATION. Lithograph, 1846, by Nathaniel Currier
currier ives/lovers quarrel 1846 lithograph nathaniel currier
LOVERS QUARREL, 1846. Lithograph by Nathaniel Currier
currier ives/penns treaty william penns treaty native americans
PENN'S TREATY. William Penn's treaty with the Native Americans, 1682. Lithograph, n
currier ives/ci close quarters 1866 lithograph currier
C&I: CLOSE QUARTERS, 1866. Lithograph by Currier & Ives
currier ives/village blacksmith lithograph 1864 currier
THE VILLAGE BLACKSMITH. Lithograph, 1864, by Currier & Ives
currier ives/temperance movement c1840 the bible temperance
TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT, c1840. 'The Bible and Temperance,' plate 2: lithograph
winter/early winter 1869 lithograph 1869 currier
EARLY WINTER, 1869. Lithograph, 1869, by Currier & Ives
winter/winter pastime 1870 lithograph 1870 currier
WINTER PASTIME, 1870. Lithograph, 1870, by Currier & Ives
currier ives/declaration independence john hancocks defiance
DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. 'John Hancock's Defiance.' Lithograph, 1876
currier ives/civil war gettysburg 1863 lithograph currier
CIVIL WAR: GETTYSBURG, 1863. Lithograph by Currier & Ives
currier ives/civil war fort sumter confederate battery fort
CIVIL WAR: FORT SUMTER. The Confederate battery at Fort Moultrie firing on Fort Sumter
currier ives/reading scriptures undated lithograph nathaniel
READING THE SCRIPTURES. Undated lithograph by Nathaniel Currier
currier ives/trotting cracks trotting cracks forge lithograph
TROTTING CRACKS. 'Trotting Cracks' at the Forge
currier ives/ci fishing black bass spearing restigouche
C&I: FISHING. Black Bass Spearing on the Restigouche, New Brunswick: lithograph, n
currier ives/womans holy war 1874 grand charge enemys works
WOMAN'S HOLY WAR, 1874. 'Grand Charge on the Enemy's Works.' Temperance lithograph
currier ives/whale fishery laying on lithograph 1852
WHALE FISHERY, 'LAYING ON.' Lithograph, 1852, by Nathaniel Currier
currier ives/ice trapped whalers american whalers crushed
ICE TRAPPED WHALERS. American Whalers Crushed in the Ice - Burning the Wrecks to Avoid
currier ives/benjamin franklin 1706 1790 american printer
BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (1706-1790). American printer, publisher, scientist, inventor, statesman
currier ives/battle lake erie 1813 oliver hazard perrys
BATTLE OF LAKE ERIE, 1813. Oliver Hazard Perry's victory at Lake Erie, 10 September 1813


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