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explorers/apollo 11 buzz aldrin astronaut edwin buzz
APOLLO 11: BUZZ ALDRIN. Astronaut Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin standing on moon. Neil Armstrong
astronomy/japan astronomy 1936 women watching stars
JAPAN: ASTRONOMY, 1936. Women watching stars. Color drawing, 1936, by Ota Chou
cosmos/galileo moon sketches galileo moon saw telescope
GALILEO: MOON. Sketches by Galileo of the moon as he saw it through the telescope
science fiction/mars mission 1950s american magazine illustration
MARS MISSION, 1950s. American magazine illustration by Chesley Bonestell, early 1950s
astronomy/southern hemisphere carel allard amsterdam
Southern Hemisphere, by Carel Allard, Amsterdam
cosmos/apollo 15 1971 jim irwin standing lunar rover
APOLLO 15, 1971. Jim Irwin standing by the lunar rover, Mount Hadley in the background
astronomy/johannes keplers model universe line engraving
Johannes Kepler's model of the universe. Line engraving from his 'Mysterium Cosmographicum
inventors scientists/chinese astronomer 1675
Chinese Astronomer, 1675
astronomy/anatomical astrological man miniature depicting
Anatomical/Astrological Man. Miniature depicting the influence of the zodiacal stars
cosmos/earth center universe surrounded 12 wind gods
The Earth as the center of the universe, surrounded by the 12 wind gods
astronomy/pre copernican ptolemaic conception universe
A pre-Copernican (Ptolemaic) conception of the universe with the earth at the center
inventors scientists/nicolaus copernicus 1473 1543 polish astronomer
NICOLAUS COPERNICUS (1473-1543). Polish astronomer
cosmos/tower built 11th century water driven gears rotate
tower built in the 11th century. Water-driven gears rotate an armillary sphere
astronomy/celestial planisphere 1660 schillers christianized
CELESTIAL PLANISPHERE, 1660. Schiller's Christianized Heaven, southern hemisphere
astronomy/map universe 1660 according theories tycho brahe
MAP OF THE UNIVERSE, 1660. According to the theories of Tycho Brahe (1546-1601)
astronomy/phases moon woodcut designed hans holbein younger
PHASES OF THE MOON. Woodcut designed by Hans Holbein the Younger from Sebastian Munster's
astronomy/galileo galilei 1564 1642 galileo holy office 1633
GALILEO GALILEI (1564-1642). Galileo before the Holy Office in 1633. After the painting
cosmos/astronaut jim irwin saluting american flag lunar
Astronaut Jim Irwin saluting the American flag by the lunar rover and the lunar module
cosmos/young astronomer leyden school oil oak second
YOUNG ASTRONOMER. Leyden School. Oil on oak, second half of 17th century
cosmos/mental illness moon affecting womens minds
MENTAL ILLNESS. The moon affecting women's minds. Detail of a French engraving
astronomy/celestial planisphere 1660 celestial planisphere
CELESTIAL PLANISPHERE, 1660. Celestial planisphere of the northern hemisphere
astronomy/astronomical observatory observatory peking china
ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATORY. Observatory at Peking, China
astronomy/comet 1812 seen pont neuf paris contemporary
COMET OF 1812. Seen from the Pont Neuf in Paris. Contemporary French colored engraving
astronomy/john flamsteed c 1700 royal astronomer john
JOHN FLAMSTEED, c. 1700. Royal astronomer John Flamsteed, his one paid assistant, and friend
inventors scientists/ptolemy 2nd century ad alexandrian astronomer
PTOLEMY (2nd CENTURY A.D.). Alexandrian astronomer, mathematician and geographer
astronomy/johannes hevelius 1611 1687 polish astronomer
JOHANNES HEVELIUS (1611-1687). Polish astronomer. Hevelius and his wife, Elisabeth
astronomy/tycho brahe 1546 1601 danish astronomer
TYCHO BRAHE (1546-1601). Danish astronomer
cosmos/space apollo 11 president richard m nixon applauds
SPACE: APOLLO 11. President Richard M. Nixon applauds astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins
cosmos/space shuttle challenger photographed orbit
SPACE SHUTTLE CHALLENGER. Photographed in orbit
cosmos/space apollo 9 apollo 9 march 1969 command
SPACE: APOLLO 9. Apollo 9, March 1969: Command and Service Modules viewed from docked
cosmos/zeiss planetarium projector greenwich planetarium
ZEISS PLANETARIUM PROJECTOR. Greenwich Planetarium, England
cosmos/apollo 17 boulder 1972 astronaut harrison h
APOLLO 17: BOULDER, 1972. Astronaut Harrison H
cosmos/apollo 17 december 1972 lunar rover schmitt
APOLLO 17, DECEMBER 1972: Front of Lunar Rover and Schmitt working by large boulder
cosmos/gemini 4 spacewalk 1965 astronaut edward h
GEMINI 4: SPACEWALK, 1965. Astronaut Edward H. White during spacewalk, 3 June 1965
cosmos/apollo 11 earth apollo 11 view earth 160 000
APOLLO 11: EARTH. Apollo 11: View of Earth from 160, 000 miles
cosmos/astronomer 1530 astronomer trying discover secrets
ASTRONOMER, 1530. An astronomer trying to discover the secrets behind the Milky Way
cosmos/apollo 15 moon 1971 oblique view moons farside
APOLLO 15: MOON, 1971. Oblique view of the Moon's farside from command module in orbit
cosmos/apollo 16 earth apollo 16 earth command module
APOLLO 16: EARTH. Apollo 16: Earth from command module with North America at center
astronomy/astronomers atop mount athos greece study heavens
ASTRONOMERS atop Mount Athos, Greece, study the heavens with the aid of astrolabes
cosmos/jupiter europa io voyager i photograph jupiter
JUPITER, EUROPA, & IO. Voyager I photograph of Jupiter, Europa, and Io from 20 million
cosmos/turkish astronomers astronomers istanbul observatory
TURKISH ASTRONOMERS. Astronomers in the Istanbul observatory. Ottoman manuscript illumination
astronomy/ptolemy almagest 1490 list star positions english
PTOLEMY: ALMAGEST, 1490. List of star positions from an English ms
cosmos/space skylab 3 1973 skylab 3 space station
SPACE: SKYLAB 3, 1973. The Skylab 3 space station photographed in orbit, 1973
astronomy/escorial tapestry tapestry depicting astronomy
ESCORIAL: TAPESTRY. Tapestry depicting astronomy at the Escorial Palace, Spain, 16th
astronomy/zodiac sign libra c1350 manuscript illumination
ZODIAC SIGN: LIBRA, c1350. Manuscript illumination, Polish, mid-14th century, for
cosmos/zodiac sagittarius fresco 1575 villa farnese
ZODIAC: SAGITTARIUS. Fresco, 1575, from Villa Farnese, Caprarola, Italy