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korean war/battleship uss missouri bombards chong ji
The battleship "U.S.S. Missouri" bombards Chong Ji, Korea, with 16-inch
cold war/american atomic bomb test bikini atoll pacific ocean
American atomic bomb test at Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean, 1946
cold war/model sputnik 1 photograph 1957
A model of Sputnik 1. Photograph, 1957
cold war/great britain tests first atomic weapon montebello
Great Britain tests its first atomic weapon at the Montebello Islands off the coast
cold war/soviet troops marching parade celebrating 52nd
Soviet troops marching during a parade celebrating the 52nd anniversary of the October Revolution
cold war/1894 1971 soviet politician photographed c1960
(1894-1971). Soviet politician. Photographed c1960
cold war/american astronaut politician pictured friendship
American astronaut and politician. Pictured with the Friendship 7 space capsule shortly
cold war/soviet tanks tactical exercise 2 july 1978
Soviet tanks during a tactical exercise, 2 July 1978
american presidents/1908 1973 36th president united states johnson u
(1908-1973). 36th President of the United States
cold war/close gap american cartoon 1948 dr fitzpatrick
How to Close the Gap?: American cartoon, 1948, by D
cold war/american politician senator mccarthy right
American politician. Senator McCarthy (right) and aide Francis Carr (left) during
cold war/the new imperialism american cartoon 1951 d
'The New Imperialism.' American cartoon, 1951, by D
cold war/launching titan intercontinental ballistic missile
Launching a Titan intercontinental ballistic missile at Vandenberg Air Force Base
cold war/peace today rube goldbergs 1948 pulitzer prize
'Peace Today.' Rube Goldberg's 1948 Pulitzer Prize winning cartoon comment
cold war/first women assigned duty air force combat ready
Two of the first women assigned duty as Air Force combat-ready missile crew members
cold war/children nursery school south weymouth massachusetts
Children in a nursery school at South Weymouth, Massachusetts, pledging allegiance
cold war/illustration soyuz rocket launching baikonur launch
Illustration of a Soyuz rocket launching from the Baikonur launch complex near the
cold war/miss baker first primates complete space flight 1959
Miss Baker, one of the first primates to complete a space flight in 1959
cold war/atlas agena booster rocket launching mariner 1
An Atlas-Agena booster rocket launching the Mariner 1 spacecraft, which failed when
cold war/monitoring tracking information skylab u
Monitoring tracking information on Skylab, the U
weapons/first atomic explosion 16 july 1945 new mexico
The first atomic explosion, 16 July 1945, in New Mexico
cold war/saturn v launch vehicle apollo 11 mission moon
Saturn V, the launch vehicle for the Apollo 11 mission to the moon
cold war/idealized atom
An idealized atom
cold war/1922 1972 american army sergeant spy soviet union
(1922-1972). American army sergeant and spy for the Soviet Union. Photograph, c1965
cold war/german physicist rocket scientist oberth officials
German physicist and rocket scientist. Oberth with officials of the Army Ballistic
cold war/t 66 multiple rocket launchers 40th us
T-66 multiple rocket launchers, of the 40th U
cold war/logo office price stabilization established united
Logo for the Office of Price Stabilization, established in the United States in 1951
cold war/original seven astronauts mercury program left right
The original seven astronauts of the Mercury Program. Left the right: Scott Carpenter
propaganda/no soviet poster 1958 albert aslyan
'No!': Soviet poster, 1958, by Albert Aslyan
cold war/view mission operations control room manned spacecraft
View of the Mission Operations Control Room at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston
cold war/poster new york city based national committee
Poster for the New York City based National Committee for a SANE Nuclear Policy, by Ben Shahn
korean war/napalm raid us air force b 26 invaders railroad
Napalm raid by U.S. Air Force B-26 Invaders on a railroad junction at Munchon, North Korea
cold war/1937 soviet cosmonaut first woman visit outer
(1937-). Soviet cosmonaut and first woman to visit outer space. Photograph, 1960s
korean war/us air force b 29 superfortresses bombing mission
U.S. Air Force B-29 Superfortresses on a bombing mission over Konan, North Korea
end world/american atomic bomb test bikini atoll pacific ocean
American atomic bomb test at Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean, 1946
cold war/israeli soldiers taking position demarcation line
Israeli soldiers taking position at the demarcation line to Egypt before outbreak of conflict
cold war/apollo 11 mission control interior view mission
APOLLO 11: MISSION CONTROL. Interior view of the Mission Operations Control Room
cold war/uss terrebonne parish lst 1156 tank landing
The USS Terrebonne Parish (LST-1156) tank landing ship docking at Windmill Beach, Guantanamo Bay
cold war/us air force photograph launch site intermediate range
U.S. Air Force photograph of the launch site of intermediate-range ballistic missiles
cold war/republic f 84 thunderjet us air force firing
The Republic F-84 Thunderjet of the U.S. Air Force firing rockets during a demonstration
cold war/american family backyard bomb shelter garden city
An American family in a backyard bomb shelter, Garden City, New York, 1955
cold war/replica soviet venera 9 lander spacecraft soft landed
Replica of the Soviet Venera 9 lander spacecraft, which soft-landed on the surface of Venus
cold war/chart illustrating pollution water supplies low level
Chart illustrating the pollution of water supplies through low-level nuclear waste, c1970
cold war/demonstration us armys 280mm atomic gun aberdeen
Demonstration of the U.S. Army's 280mm atomic gun at Aberdeen, Maryland, 1950s
cold war/uss nautilus ssn 571 worlds first nuclear submarine
The USS Nautilus, SSN-571, the world's first nuclear submarine, photographed in
cold war/vietnamese political leader president south vietnam
Vietnamese political leader. As President of South Vietnam, reviewing army paratrooper
cold war/pentagon headquarters united states department
The Pentagon, headquarters of the United States Department of Defense since 1943
cold war/cipher machine sigaba developed late 1930s used
The cipher machine SIGABA, developed in the late 1930s and used by the American government
landmarks monuments/germany berlin c1961 brandenburg gate barbed
GERMANY: BERLIN, c1961. The Brandenburg Gate with barbed wire in the foreground
cold war/uss helena off coast california prior firing
USS Helena, off the Coast of California prior to firing a Reclus I rocket, 1957
cold war/viet cong prisoners await transportation helicopter
Viet Cong prisoners await transportation by helicopter after having been captured
cold war/1922 1972 us army sergeant spy soviet union
(1922-1972). U.S. Army sergeant and spy for the Soviet Union
cold war/us navy a4 skyhawk dropping bomb viet cong forces
A U.S. Navy A4 Skyhawk dropping a bomb on Viet Cong forces in South Vietnam, 1965
cold war/cuban revolutionary leader addressing general
Cuban revolutionary leader. Addressing the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York City
cold war/women strike peace organization protesting cuban
The Women Strike for Peace organization protesting the Cuban Missile Crisis outside
cold war/launch apollo 8 spacecraft kennedy space center
Launch of the Apollo 8 spacecraft from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Photograph
american presidents/1890 1969 34th president united states
(1890-1969). 34th President of the United States
korean war/korean war era north american f 86 sabre combat
Korean War era North American F-86 Sabre combat aircraft in flight
cold war/soviet spacecraft venus 4 parachute landing
The Soviet spacecraft, Venus 4, after a parachute landing on Earth during tests before
cold war/mig 21 possibly built china used north vietnam
A MIG 21, possibly built in China and used by North Vietnam during the Vietnam War
cold war/outlined black area moon approximately 500 000
Outlined in black is the area of the moon, approximately 500, 000 square miles, photographed
cold war/photograph taken spacecraft ranger 7 impacted
Photograph taken by the spacecraft Ranger 7 before it impacted the moon on 31 July 1964
cold war/us secretary state henry kissinger left egyptian
U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (left) with Egyptian President Anwar al-Sadat
cold war/cheyenne mountain 1963 construction north american
CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN, 1963. Construction of the North American Air Defense Command
cold war/demonstration us armys 280mm atomic gun capable
Demonstration of the U.S. Army's 280mm atomic gun, capable of firing conventional
cold war/depiction first united states atomic bomb look
A depiction of the first United States atomic bomb in 'Look Magazine,' 1945
inventors scientists/1904 1967 american physicist oppenheimer testifying
(1904-1967). American physicist. Oppenheimer testifying before the Joint Congressional
american presidents/president john f kennedy addressing united nations
President John F. Kennedy addressing the United Nations General Assembly in New York
cold war/aerial view uss bainbridge us navy guided missile
Aerial view of the USS Bainbridge, a U.S. Navy guided missile destroyer. Photograph, 1968
cold war/1890 1969 34th president united states
(1890-1969). 34th President of the United States. Eisenhower in a car leaving Orly Field in Paris
cold war/officers moscow garrison pass reviewing stand
Officers of the Moscow Garrison pass before the reviewing stand in the Red Square in Moscow
cold war/cruiser uss canberra fires salvo north vietnam
The cruiser U.S.S. Canberra fires a salvo against North Vietnam from the Gulf of Tonkin Photograph
cosmos/astronaut jim irwin saluting american flag lunar
Astronaut Jim Irwin saluting the American flag by the lunar rover and the lunar module
cold war/digital illustration pioneer venus orbiter creating
Digital illustration of the Pioneer Venus Orbiter creating a radar map of the surface of Venus
cold war/cuban revolutionary leader castro right greeted
Cuban revolutionary leader. Castro (right) is greeted by Communist Party General Secretary
cold war/radar sentinel alaska emitting 4 800 kilometer
A radar sentinel in Alaska, emitting a 4, 800 kilometer radar beam, operated by the
cold war/combat operations center north american air defense
Combat Operations Center at the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) headquarters
cold war/us army missiles c1965
cold war/air force crew airplane used tracking radioactive
US Air Force crew and airplane used for tracking radioactive clouds resulting
cold war/soviet spy reino hayhanen photographed trial soviet
Former Soviet spy Reino Hayhanen photographed during the trial of Soviet spy Rudolph
cold war/capitol building washington dc photograph
The Capitol building in Washington, D.C. Photograph, c1970s
cold war/new american nike hercules missile capable carrying
The new American Nike Hercules missile, capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, c1959
cold war/launch pioneer venus 1 spacecraft atop atlas centaur
Launch of the Pioneer Venus 1 spacecraft atop an Atlas Centaur rocket from Cape Canaveral
cold war/35th president united states briefed situation
35th President of the United States. Being briefed on the situation in South Vietnam
cold war/seal atomic energy commission united states
Seal of the Atomic Energy Commission of the United States of America
cold war/paratrooper 173rd airborne brigade stands guard
A paratrooper of the 173rd Airborne Brigade stands guard atop a 155mm self-propelled
cold war/german born physicist who worked development atomic
German-born physicist who worked on the development of the atomic bomb in England
cold war/test launch polaris 1500 nautical mile a 2 fleet
Test launch of the Polaris 1500 nautical mile A-2 fleet ballistic missile at Cape Canaveral
cold war/1964 motion picture dr strangelove
Still from the 1964 motion picture 'Dr. Strangelove.'
american presidents/1890 1969 34th president united states
(1890-1969). 34th President of the United States
cold war/alias vilyam fisher soviet spy abel right
Alias of Vilyam Fisher, a Soviet spy. Abel (right) with federal marshal Neil Matthews
cold war/us air force f 105 thunderchief supersonic fighter bomber
A U.S. Air Force F-105 Thunderchief supersonic fighter-bomber in flight over Vietnam
cold war/russ satellite sighted sf page san francisco
'Russ Satellite Sighted Over S.F.' Front page of the San Francisco Chronicle
cold war/us navy crusader jet fighter fires zuni rocket
A U.S. Navy Crusader jet fighter fires a Zuni rocket at a Viet Cong target in South Vietnam
cold war/american communist party member spy photographed
American Communist Party member and spy. Photographed in 1948 at the time of her appearance
cold war/illustration lance ii short range missile fired
Illustration of a Lance II short range missile being fired, probably in Europe, c1980
cold war/f 4 phantom ii fighter aircraft firing missile
F-4 Phantom II fighter aircraft firing a missile, 1966
korean war/north american f 86 sabre combat aircraft releasing
The North American F-86 Sabre combat aircraft releasing a rocket during training operations
vintage ads/warning sign nuclear radiation
Warning sign for nuclear radiation
american presidents/37th president united states nixon chinese premier
37th President of the United States. Nixon with Chinese Premier Chou En-lai during
american presidents/page san francisco chronicle 24 september 1949
Front page of the San Francisco Chronicle, 24 September 1949, reporting on President
american presidents/president lyndon b johnson fourth left us
President Lyndon B. Johnson (fourth from left) and other U
american presidents/not generals job american cartoon dr fitzpatrick
'Not a General's Job.' American cartoon by D