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womens movement/ms magazine 1972 cover first issue ms magazine
MS. MAGAZINE, 1972. Cover of the first issue of 'Ms.' magazine, spring 1972
surrealism/salvador dali 1904 1989 spanish painter
SALVADOR DALI (1904-1989). Spanish painter. Photographed with objects, including cats
cats/henry wriothesley 1573 1624 3rd earl southampton
HENRY WRIOTHESLEY (1573-1624). 3rd Earl of Southampton in the Tower of London
cats/alice wonderland 1865 cheshire cat illustration
ALICE IN WONDERLAND, 1865. The Cheshire Cat
cats/owl pussycat drawing edward lear book nonsense songs
THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT. Drawing by Edward Lear from his book 'Nonsense Songs
cats/native american carvings southeastern native
NATIVE AMERICAN CARVINGS. Southeastern Native American (Calusa) carved wooden cat figures
cats/owl pussycat illustration leslie brook 1862 1940
OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT. Illustration by Leslie Brook (1862-1940) for Edward Lear's
cats/french veterinary clinic lithograph ad poster
FRENCH VETERINARY CLINIC. Lithograph advertising poster, 1894, for Paris veterinary
cats/rudyard kipling just so drawing kipling just
RUDYARD KIPLING: JUST SO. Drawing by Kipling for his "Just So Stories for Little Children
impressionism/manet spanish costume young woman reclining
MANET: SPANISH COSTUME. Young Woman Reclining in Spanish Costume. Oil on canvas, 1862
cats/egypt goddess bastet gayer anderson cat representing
EGYPT: GODDESS BASTET. The Gayer-Anderson cat, representing the Egyptian goddess Bastet
cats/breughel concert cats line engraving 19th century
BREUGHEL: CONCERT OF CATS. Line engraving, 19th century, after Peter Breughel
cats/gingerbread boy illustration frederick richardson
THE GINGERBREAD BOY. Illustration by Frederick Richardson for a 1923 collection of
cats/cat kittens oil board american 19th century
CAT & KITTENS. Oil on board. American, 19th century, anonymous
cats/high diddle diddle illustration frederick richardson
HIGH DIDDLE DIDDLE. Illustration by Frederick Richardson for a 1915 edition of 'Mother
cats/pussy cat pussy cat illustration frederick richardson
Pussy cat, pussy cat. Illustration by Frederick Richardson for a 1915 edition of 'Mother
cats/cat woodcut german late 16th century
CAT. Woodcut, German, late 16th century
cats/cat woodcut edward topsells the history four footed
CAT. Woodcut from Edward Topsell's 'The History of Four-Footed Beasts,' London
cats/poster womens rights the cat mouse act
POSTER: WOMEN'S RIGHTS. 'The Cat and Mouse Act
cats/bingham fur traders 1845 george caleb bingham
BINGHAM: FUR TRADERS, 1845. George Caleb Bingham: Fur Traders Descending the Missouri
cats/mcguffeys reader 1879 lesson page edition william
McGUFFEY'S READER, 1879. Lesson page from an edition of William Holmes McGuffey's
cats/maypole soap 1898 english newspaper ad 1898
MAYPOLE SOAP, 1898. English newspaper advertisement, 1898
cats/civil war cartoon c1865 the question settled
CIVIL WAR: CARTOON, c1865. 'The Question Settled
cats/pussy cat pussy cat drawing blance fisher wright
Pussy cat, pussy cat. Drawing by Blance Fisher Wright for a 1916 edition of 'Mother
cats/the cat cock young mouse illustration milo
'The Cat, the Cock, and the Young Mouse'
cats/hey diddle diddle drawing arthur rackham 1913
'Hey Diddle Diddle.' Drawing by Arthur Rackham, 1913, for an edition of 'Mother Goose
cats/color engraving 1862 edition perrault fairy tale
Color engraving from an 1862 edition of the Perrault fairy tale illustrated after
cats/franklin way wealth illustration poor richard saying
FRANKLIN: WAY TO WEALTH. Illustration of the Poor Richard saying, 'The cat in
cats/mother cat 1880 washing babies faces line
MOTHER CAT, 1880. Washing the babies' faces. Line engraving, 1880
cats/cotton hand spinning spinning hand single spindle
COTTON: HAND-SPINNING. Spinning by hand with a single spindle
cats/family cat line engraving 1869
FAMILY CAT. Line engraving, 1869
cats/gericault cats studies cats line engraving
GERICAULT: CATS. Studies of cats. Line engraving after a pencil drawing by Theodore Gericault
cats/cats cat carrying kitten line engraving 19th
CATS. Cat carrying her kitten. Line engraving, 19th century
cats/amman silk embroiderer line engraving 19th century
AMMAN: SILK EMBROIDERER. Line engraving, 19th century, after an engraving by Jost Amman
cats/england cat show 1871 prize cats crystal palace
ENGLAND: CAT SHOW, 1871. Prize cats at the Crystal Palace Cat Show, London, England, in 1871
cats/puss boots 1867 wood engraving gustave dor
PUSS IN BOOTS, 1867. Wood engraving after Gustave Dor
cats/folk art cat kitty engraving 19th century
FOLK ART: CAT. 'Kitty.' Engraving, 19th century, by George White, Vermont
cats/puss boots 1867 wood engraving gustave dor
PUSS IN BOOTS, 1867. Wood engraving after Gustave Dor
cats/cat mouse puss asleep wood engraving english
CAT & MOUSE. 'Puss Asleep.' Wood engraving, English, late 19th century
cats/child pet 19th century wood engraving american
CHILD & PET, 19th CENTURY. Wood engraving, American, 19th century
cats/child pet 19th cent line engraving american
CHILD AND PET, 19th CENT. Line engraving, American, late 19th century
cats/cat old rat 1868 wood engraving gustave dor
CAT AND THE OLD RAT, 1868. Wood engraving after Gustave Dor
cats/thread trade card 1880 american merchants trade
THREAD TRADE CARD, 1880. American merchant's trade card, c1880
cats/puss boots 1891 pen and ink drawing 1891 george
PUSS IN BOOTS, 1891. Pen-and-ink drawing, 1891, by George Percy Jacomb Hood for the
cats/egyptian bronze statuette statuette cat possibly
EGYPTIAN BRONZE STATUETTE Statuette of a cat, possibly of the goddess Bastet
impressionism/renoir woman cat pierre auguste renoir woman cat
RENOIR: WOMAN WITH A CAT. Pierre Auguste Renoir: Woman with a Cat. Canvas, c1875
modernism/bonnard women 1891 women garden 1 distemper
BONNARD: WOMEN, 1891. Women in the Garden 1
cats/bonnard woman cat 1912 oil canvas pierre bonnard
BONNARD: WOMAN & CAT, 1912. Oil on canvas by Pierre Bonnard, 1912
cats/balkan cartoon 1939 satirical cartoon professed
BALKAN CARTOON, 1939. Satirical cartoon on the professed disinterest of both German
cats/american cat figure chalkware c1860 1890
AMERICAN CAT FIGURE. Chalkware, c1860-1890
cats/perronneau girl 1745 jb perronneau girl kitten
PERRONNEAU: GIRL, 1745. J.B. Perronneau: Girl with a kitten. Pastel, 1745
cats/belling cat aesops fable belling cat watercolor
BELLING THE CAT Aesop's fable of 'Belling the Cat.' Watercolor by Milo Winter
cats/peru nazca whistling jar ceramic whistling water
PERU: NAZCA WHISTLING JAR. Ceramic whistling water jar with a sculpted cat on the top
cats/carroll looking glass alices kitten dinah
CARROLL: LOOKING GLASS. Alice's kitten, Dinah
post impressionism/gauguintahiti women tahitian women hut
GAUGUIN:TAHITI WOMEN. Tahitian Women in a Hut
cats/carroll looking glass alice playing kitten dinah
CARROLL: LOOKING GLASS. Alice playing with her kitten, Dinah
cats/carroll looking glass alices kitten dinah
CARROLL: LOOKING GLASS. Alice's kitten, Dinah, playing with a ball of yarn
cats/key dwellers cat figure seated cat figure carved
KEY DWELLERS: CAT FIGURE. Seated cat figure, carved wood sculpture from the Key Dweller
cats/children playing 19th century silhouette
CHILDREN PLAYING. 19th century silhouette
cats/ding dong bell pen and ink drawing arthur rackham
DING, DONG, BELL. Pen-and-ink drawing by Arthur Rackham, 1913, for an edition of 'Mother
cats/japan group cats japanese print 19th century
JAPAN: GROUP OF CATS. Japanese print, 19th century
cats/poe black cat 1894 lithograph aubrey beardsley
POE: THE BLACK CAT, 1894. Lithograph by Aubrey Beardsley for Edgar Allan Poe's story
cats/circus poster 1890s american
CIRCUS POSTER, 1890s. American
cats/anna may wong 1907 1961 chinese american actress
ANNA MAY WONG (1907-1961). Chinese American actress. Photographed holding a ceramic cat
cats/puss boots 1891 pen and ink drawing 1891 george
PUSS IN BOOTS, 1891. Pen-and-ink drawing, 1891, by George Percy Jacomb Hood for the
cats/halloween black cat black cat traditional halloween
HALLOWEEN: BLACK CAT. The black cat, a traditional Halloween symbol. Decorative cut
dogs/pears soap ad 1888 american magazine ad 1888
PEARS' SOAP AD, 1888. American magazine advertisement, 1888
cats/temperance 1877 temperance sermon lithograph
TEMPERANCE, 1877. The temperance sermon. Lithograph, American, 1877
cats/goncharova cats 1913 cats natalya goncharova
GONCHAROVA: CATS, 1913. Cats, by Natalya Goncharova. Oil on canvas, 1913