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cartoons/pro immigration cartoon welcome all 1880 american
PRO-IMMIGRATION CARTOON. 'Welcome to All!' An 1880 American cartoon by Joseph
cartoons/the cow pock satirical etching 1802 james
'The Cow-Pock.' Satirical etching, 1802, by James Gillray on Edward Jenner
cartoons/republic turkey poster republic turkey symbolized
REPUBLIC OF TURKEY: POSTER. The Republic of Turkey symbolized as an unveiled woman
cartoons/napoleon cartoon 1805 the plumb pudding danger
NAPOLEON CARTOON, 1805. 'The Plumb-pudding in danger; - or State Epicures taking
cartoons/benito mussolini cartoon the triumph mussolini
BENITO MUSSOLINI CARTOON. 'The Triumph of Mussolini': cartoon by W
cartoons/american cartoon 1892 joseph keppler showing secretary
An American cartoon of 1892 by Joseph Keppler showing Secretary of State James G. Blaine
cartoons/grant cartoon 1880 the modern wandering jew
GRANT CARTOON, 1880. 'The Modern Wandering Jew': American lithograph cartoon
cartoons/roosevelt mckinley cartoon
Roosevelt/Mckinley Cartoon
cartoons/abraham lincoln 1860 american cartoon comparing
ABRAHAM LINCOLN. An 1860 American cartoon comparing presidential candidate Abraham
cartoons/charles francis adams 1807 1886 american lawyer
CHARLES FRANCIS ADAMS (1807-1886). American lawyer, diplomat and author
cartoons/charles francis adams 1807 1886 american lawyer
CHARLES FRANCIS ADAMS (1807-1886). American lawyer, diplomat, and author. 'Croppies
cartoons/german cartoon 1884 cartoon showing otto von
GERMAN CARTOON, 1884. Cartoon showing Otto von Bismarck (left) trying to kill socialism
cartoons/europe 1848 cartoon great sea serpent 1848
EUROPE, 1848: CARTOON. The Great Sea Serpent of 1848. Cartoon from 'Punch'
cartoons/world war i cartoon 1916 her ideal american
WORLD WAR I: CARTOON, 1916. 'Her Ideal American Citizen
cartoons/anti immigration cartoon spoiling broth
cartoons/nast tweed corruption 1871 thomas nast cartoon
NAST: TWEED CORRUPTION. An 1871 Thomas Nast cartoon attacking 'Boss' Tweed
cartoons/wwi kaiser 1918 it shoots farther dreams
WWI: KAISER, 1918. 'It shoots farther than he dreams.' Cartoon by John F. Knott
cartoons/cartoon telephone 1895 not acquainted long distance
CARTOON: TELEPHONE, 1895. 'Not Acquainted with the Long-Distance Telephone Apparatus
cartoons/nast tammany tiger tired show fate tammany
NAST: TAMMANY TIGER. 'Tired of the Show. The Fate of the Tammany Tiger and his Keeper
cartoons/cartoon high society the original four
CARTOON: HIGH SOCIETY. 'The Original "Four Hundred
cartoons/cartoon blue laws 1895 does husband object
CARTOON: BLUE LAWS, 1895. '"Does your husband object to dry Sundays?" "No
cartoons/cartoon blue laws 1895 a horrible wish
CARTOON: BLUE LAWS, 1895. 'A Horrible Wish
cartoons/cartoon blue laws 1895 deplorable condition
CARTOON: BLUE LAWS, 1895. 'Deplorable Condition of New York Police if the "Dry
cartoons/cartoon blue laws 1895 angel id like drink
CARTOON: BLUE LAWS, 1895. 'Angel- "I'd like a drink of milk-and-honey, sir
cartoons/cartoon blue laws 1895 on desert sahara
CARTOON: BLUE LAWS, 1895. 'On Desert of Sahara
cartoons/cartoon blue laws 1895 young parson what
CARTOON: BLUE LAWS, 1895. 'Young parson- "What did you think of my sermon
cartoons/cartoon blue laws 1895 following clew only dime
CARTOON: BLUE LAWS, 1895. 'Following a clew
cartoons/cartoon blue laws 1895 the sunday closing
CARTOON: BLUE LAWS, 1895. 'The Sunday-Closing Movement in Africa
cartoons/cartoon blue laws 1895 blue laws to d
CARTOON: BLUE LAWS, 1895. 'Blue Laws (to D.B. Hill)- "Don't turn against me
cartoons/cartoon blue laws 1895 new york blue laws
CARTOON: BLUE LAWS, 1895. 'New York Under the Blue Laws.' Cartoon, American, 1895
cartoons/nast election 1876 he wants change
NAST: ELECTION, 1876. 'He Wants a Change Too
cartoons/nast election 1876 dont cartoon thomas nast
NAST: ELECTION, 1876. 'Don't!' Cartoon by Thomas Nast, 1876, depicting
cartoons/nast election 1876 hendricks pecked
NAST: ELECTION, 1876. 'Hen(dricks)-Pecked
cartoons/nast election 1876 the bloody shirt reformed
NAST: ELECTION, 1876. 'The "Bloody Shirt" Reformed. Governor Tilden
cartoons/nast election 1876 a hard summer soft rag baby
NAST: ELECTION, 1876. 'A Hard Summer for the Soft Rag Baby
cartoons/nast election 1876 the elephant walks around
NAST: ELECTION, 1876. '"The Elephant Walks Around" - And the "Still
cartoons/william magear tweed 1823 1878 american politician
WILLIAM MAGEAR TWEED (1823-1878). American politician. 'Willie, We Have Missed You
cartoons/nast tilden cartoon 1876 an aggressive still
NAST: TILDEN CARTOON, 1876. 'An "Aggressive" "Still Hunt
cartoons/nast tilden cartoon 1876 putting head on
NAST: TILDEN CARTOON, 1876. 'Putting a Head On.' Cartoon by Thomas Nast, 1876
cartoons/nast tilden cartoon 1876 still hunt ing
NAST: TILDEN CARTOON, 1876. '"Still Hunt"-ing
cartoons/thomas nast 1840 1902 american cartoonist
THOMAS NAST (1840-1902). American cartoonist. '"Continue that I Broached in Jest
cartoons/nast inflation cartoon the dead lock democratic
NAST: INFLATION CARTOON. 'The dead lock - and now the Democratic tiger has lost
cartoons/nast tilden cartoon 1876 a box stew or enviable
NAST: TILDEN CARTOON, 1876. 'A Box Stew; or, an Enviable Position. Usufructuary Tilden
cartoons/nast tilden cartoon 1876 governor tildens
NAST: TILDEN CARTOON, 1876. 'Governor Tilden's Democratic "Wolf (Gaunt
cartoons/schurz reid 1876 getting tune
SCHURZ AND REID, 1876. 'Getting in Tune
cartoons/anti greenback cartoon after greenback deluge
ANTI-GREENBACK CARTOON. 'After the Greenback Deluge, the Millenium
cartoons/cartoon falling 1879 a pair bachelor slippers
CARTOON: FALLING, 1879. 'A Pair of Bachelor Slippers.' Cartoon, American, 1879
cartoons/cartoon immigration 1877 reform necessary
CARTOON: IMMIGRATION, 1877. 'Reform is Necessary in the Foreign Line
cartoons/cartoon drunkenness 1869 policeman hallo
CARTOON: DRUNKENNESS, 1869. 'Policeman
cartoons/anti feminist cartoon 1878 the girl period
ANTI-FEMINIST CARTOON, 1878. 'The Girl of the Period
cartoons/indian wars 1878 oh oh howard i pursuing
INDIAN WARS, 1878. 'Oh! Oh! Howard! "I am still pursuing the Indians"
cartoons/cartoon hayes 1878 our policy solid south
CARTOON: HAYES, 1878. 'Our Policy Towards the 'Solid South
cartoons/weber piano company 1877 crowning successful weber
WEBER PIANO COMPANY, 1877. 'Crowning the Successful Weber
cartoons/cartoon telephone 1878 convenience telephone
CARTOON: TELEPHONE, 1878. 'Convenience of the Telephone if England Goes to War
cartoons/free silver cartoon 1896 no party lines national
FREE SILVER CARTOON, 1896. 'No Party Lines When The National Honor Is In Peril
cartoons/free silver cartoon 1896 a free silver
FREE SILVER CARTOON, 1896. 'A Free Silver Alnaschar
cartoons/free silver cartoon 1895 the financial fakir
FREE SILVER CARTOON, 1895. 'The Financial Fakir Fooling the Farmers
cartoons/free silver cartoon 1895 fizz boom ah
FREE SILVER CARTOON, 1895. 'Fizz! Boom!! Ah!!!' Cartoon depicting Richard Parks Bland
cartoons/free silver cartoon 1893 cartoon wa rogers
FREE SILVER CARTOON, 1893. Cartoon by W.A. Rogers depicting William M. Steward
cartoons/puck cartoon 1907 theodore roosevelt greeting
PUCK: CARTOON, 1907. Theodore Roosevelt greeting a group of men singing Christmas
cartoons/puck cartoon 1906 shy st valentine dont
PUCK: CARTOON, 1906. 'Shy. ST. VALENTINE - Don't be afraid to take 'em, boys
cartoons/puck cartoon 1906 declaring dividend john d
PUCK: CARTOON, 1906. 'Declaring a dividend.' John D. Rockefeller and John D
cartoons/puck cartoon 1905 mr orpheus boston thomas w
PUCK: CARTOON, 1905. 'Mr. Orpheus of Boston.' Thomas W. Lawson, as Orpheus
cartoons/nast power struggle 1881 is power throne
NAST: POWER STRUGGLE, 1881. 'Is There to be a Power Behind the Throne?' Senator
cartoons/cartoon puck 1905 the commercial club
CARTOON: PUCK, 1905. 'The Commercial Club of Washington
cartoons/cartoon schoolboys 1904 the age chivalry
CARTOON: SCHOOLBOYS, 1904. 'The Age of Chivalry
cartoons/cartoon high society 1904 domestic publicity
CARTOON: HIGH SOCIETY, 1904. 'Domestic Publicity
cartoons/cartoon monopoly 1881 death monopoly uncle
CARTOON: MONOPOLY, 1881. 'Death to monopoly! Uncle Sam to Hercules, "That's right
cartoons/cartoon alabama claims the british lion
CARTOON: ALABAMA CLAIMS. 'The British Lion Disarmed
cartoons/nast arrest tweed 1871 the arrest boss tweed
NAST: ARREST OF TWEED, 1871. 'The Arrest of 'Boss' Tweed - Another Good Joke
cartoons/morrill tariff 1861 nightmares plaguing american
MORRILL TARIFF, 1861. Nightmares plaguing an American custom house entry clerk
cartoons/morrill tariff 1861 american custom house appraiser
MORRILL TARIFF, 1861. An American custom house appraiser strains his eyes while
cartoons/cartoon homesteader 1909 the dummy homesteader or
CARTOON: HOMESTEADER, 1909. 'The Dummy Homesteader; or, The Winning of the West
cartoons/cartoon science 1920 scientists calculating
CARTOON: SCIENCE, 1920. 'Scientists Calculating the Velocity Indicated by the Saying
cartoons/cartoon new york 1824 a caucus held albany
CARTOON: NEW YORK, 1824. 'A Caucus Held at Albany
cartoons/campaign cartoon 1852 the seven stages office
CAMPAIGN CARTOON, 1852. 'The Seven Stages of the Office Seeker
cartoons/comic strip thimble theatre cartoon thimble
COMIC STRIP: THIMBLE THEATRE. Cartoon from the 'Thimble Theatre' comic strip by E
cartoons/nast maleria victim the pomps vanities national
NAST: MALERIA VICTIM. 'The Pomps and Vanities of Our National Capital
cartoons/statue liberty cartoon liberty to day januray
STATUE OF LIBERTY CARTOON. 'Liberty as she is to-day, Januray 1st 1895, and how
cartoons/urban revewal c1886 the duty lies near
URBAN REVEWAL, c1886. 'The Duty that Lies Near
cartoons/immigration cartoon 1893 looking backward
IMMIGRATION CARTOON, 1893. 'Looking Backward': American cartoon, 1893,
cartoons/comic strip little nemo walking bed episode
COMIC STRIP: LITTLE NEMO. The 'walking bed' episode of the American comic strip
cartoons/parker divorce 1920 our great american sport
PARKER: DIVORCE, 1920. 'Our Great American Sport
cartoons/immigration cartoon 1916 the first step
IMMIGRATION CARTOON, 1916. 'The First Step.' Cartoon from an American newspaper
cartoons/child labor cartoon c1912 a little child shall
CHILD LABOR CARTOON, c1912. 'A Little Child Shall Feed Them
cartoons/versailles treaty cartoon signed american
VERSAILLES TREATY CARTOON. 'Signed.' American cartoon by Boardman Robinson, 1919
cartoons/bostonians distress british cartoon sympathizing
THE BOSTONIANS IN DISTRESS. A British cartoon sympathizing with Boston's plight
cartoons/nast mormon cartoon 1882 pure white mormon
NAST: MORMON CARTOON, 1882. 'Pure White "Mormon Immigration" on the
cartoons/southern justice 1867 american cartoon southern
SOUTHERN JUSTICE, 1867. Detail of the American cartoon 'Southern Justice'
cartoons/oil speculation cartoon gulltown uproar
OIL SPECULATION CARTOON. 'Gulltown in an Uproar
cartoons/anti trust cartoon 1902 yarn trust satirized
ANTI-TRUST CARTOON, 1902. The yarn trust satirized in a cartoon from 'An Alphabet
cartoons/anti trust cartoon 1902 wallpaper trust satirized
ANTI-TRUST CARTOON, 1902. The wallpaper trust satirized in a cartoon from 'An
cartoons/anti trust cartoon 1902 varnish trust satirized
ANTI-TRUST CARTOON, 1902. The varnish trust satirized in a cartoon from 'An Alphabet
cartoons/anti trust cartoon 1902 piano trust satirized
ANTI-TRUST CARTOON, 1902. The piano trust satirized in a cartoon from 'An Alphabet
cartoons/anti trust cartoon 1902 theatrical trust satirized
ANTI-TRUST CARTOON, 1902. The theatrical trust satirized in a cartoon from 'An
cartoons/anti trust cartoon 1902 national biscuit trust
ANTI-TRUST CARTOON, 1902. The National Biscuit trust satirized in a cartoon
cartoons/anti trust cartoon 1902 match trust satirized
ANTI-TRUST CARTOON, 1902. The match trust satirized in a cartoon from 'An Alphabet
cartoons/anti trust cartoon 1902 kodak trust friends
ANTI-TRUST CARTOON, 1902. The Kodak trust and its 'friends,' the coal, beef
cartoons/anti trust cartoon 1902 ice trust satirized
ANTI-TRUST CARTOON, 1902. The ice trust satirized in a cartoon from 'An Alphabet


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