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philosophers/limestone head gandhara northwest pakistan
Limestone head from Gandhara (northwest Pakistan), 4th -5th century A.D
seascapes/nichiren calming storm japanese oban color print
'Nichiren Calming the Storm.' Japanese Oban color print, 1835, by Utagawa
buddhism/buddhist monk thich quang duc 1897 1963 committing
Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc (1897-1963) committing self-immolation at an intersection in Saigon
japanese art/red pine wood statue buddha future called miroku
Red pine wood statue of Buddha of the Future, called Miroku Bosatsu or Maitreya, at Koryu-ji
buddhism/mitsu tomoe symbol shinto trinity
A mitsu tomoe, symbol of the Shinto trinity
japanese art/kondo main hall horyuji nara section
Kondo (Main Hall) at the Horyuji at Nara, section
buddhism/buddhist monk thich quang duc 1897 1963 committing
Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc (1897-1963) committing self-immolation at an intersection in Saigon
end world/sinners suffer hells buddhism japanese scroll
Sinners suffer in one of the hells of Buddhism. Japanese scroll, late 12th century
buddhism/tibetan monks wearing masks symbolizing mental
Tibetan monks wearing masks, each symbolizing a mental defilement
buddhism/buddhist leader addressing crowd supporters car saigon
A Buddhist leader addressing a crowd of supporters from the top of a car in Saigon
buddhism/traditional tibetan mask papier mache
A traditional Tibetan mask, made of papier-mache
buddhism/sandstone sculpture diety cambodian 9th 10th
Sandstone sculpture of a diety, Cambodian, 9th-10th century
buddhism/chinese limestone sculpture bodhisattva tang dynasty
Chinese limestone sculpture of a bodhisattva, Tang dynasty, early 8th century
buddhism/makeshift food market gate buddhist temple near tokyo
A makeshift food market at the gate of a Buddhist temple in or near Tokyo, Japan
buddhism/buddha earth touching mudra gesture terracotta
Buddha in earth-touching mudra (gesture). Terracotta, 16th-17th century
buddhism/white porcelain figures representing peace harmony
White porcelain figures representing peace and harmony. Dehua ware, Fujian province
buddhism/glazed porcelain figure bodhisattva guanyin seated
Glazed porcelain figure of the bodhisattva Guanyin seated on a lion. K'ang Hsi period
buddhism/porcelain figure bodhisattva guanyin ming dynasty
Porcelain figure of the bodhisattva Guanyin. Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644
buddhism/stone relief work buddhist shrine depicting dragons
Stone relief work from the front of a Buddhist shrine, depicting dragons, lions, and guardians
buddhism/bronze dedicatory group buddha amitabha surrounded
Bronze dedicatory group of Buddha Amitabha surrounded by attendants. Height: 29 1/2 in
buddhism/gilt bronze altarpiece buddha maitreya seated throne
Gilt bronze altarpiece of Buddha Maitreya seated on a throne, surrounded by attendants
buddhism/buddha sakyamuni ascetic painted lacquered
Buddha Sakyamuni as an ascetic. Painted, lacquered, and gilded wood. Height: 11 3/4 in
buddhism/buddha meditation white marble traces polychrome
Buddha in meditation. White marble with traces of polychrome. Height: 64 in. Liao Dynasty
buddhism/bodhisattva guanyin royal ease position
The bodhisattva Guanyin in the 'royal ease' position. Wood with traces of polychrome
buddhism/bodhisattva guanyin bronze ming dynasty
The bodhisattva Guanyin. Bronze. Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644
buddhism/gilt bronze figure bodhisattva guanyin standing
Gilt bronze figure of the bodhisattva Guanyin standing on a lotus pedestal. Height: 13 1/2 in
buddhism/stone relief sculpture bodhisattva guanyin
Stone relief sculpture of the bodhisattva Guanyin. Northern Wei, 386-534 A.D
buddhism/carved jade figure lohan monkey grotto ching dynasty
Carved jade figure of a lohan and a monkey in a grotto. Ching Dynasty, late 17th century
buddhism/lohan holding prayer beads hand raised preaching
A lohan holding prayer beads in one hand, with the other raised in a preaching gesture
buddhism/gilt bronze figure bodhisattva sui dynasty 589 618 a
Gilt bronze figure of a bodhisattva. Sui Dynasty, 589-618 A.D
buddhism/standing stone figure bodhisattva traces polychrome
Standing stone figure of a bodhisattva, with traces of polychrome. Height: 47 in. Sui Dynasty
buddhism/seated stone figure bodhisattva yungang grottoes
Seated stone figure of a bodhisattva, from the Yungang Grottoes, Shanxi province. Height: 51 in
buddhism/carved wood ivory statuette reign chien lung
Carved wood and ivory statuette from the reign of Ch'ien Lung, depicting a kneeling
buddhism/ruyi scepter tassel buddhist symbols presented
A 'ruyi' scepter and tassel with Buddhist symbols, presented to Emperor Ch'ien
buddhism/gold headdress ornaments form pair apsarases
Gold headdress ornaments in the form of a pair of apsarases (angels of Buddhist mythology)
buddhism/seated buddha siamese 14th century
Seated Buddha, Siamese, 14th century
buddhism/head buddha javanese sculpture volcanic rock
Head of Buddha. Javanese sculpture made from volcanic rock, Sailendra Dynasty, 9th century A
buddhism/wat phra keo royal temple known temple emerald buddha
The Wat Phra Keo royal temple, also known as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, in Bangkok
buddhism/buddhist monk standing outside entrance iron pagoda
A Buddhist monk standing outside the entrance of the Iron Pagoda, built in the mid-11th century
buddhism/view iron pagoda built mid 11th century youguo
A view of the Iron Pagoda, built in the mid-11th century, at the Youguo monastery in Kaifeng
buddhism/blind dormer depicting buddhas top buddha sits
Blind dormer depicting three Buddhas. Top: The Buddha sits with two attendants. Middle
buddhism/adoration buddha marble relief late 2nd century a
The adoration of Buddha. Marble relief, late 2nd century A.D, from the stupa at Nagarjunikonda
buddhism/carved ivory seated buddha india 8th century
Carved ivory seated Buddha from India, 8th century
buddhism/adoration group naga semidivine half serpent
Adoration of a group of Naga, semidivine half serpent beings in Hindu and Buddhist mythology
buddhism/seated buddha cast iron early 9th century a
Seated Buddha. Cast iron, early 9th century A.D. Height: 150 cm
buddhism/sandstone sculpture fragment yakshini benevolent
Sandstone sculpture fragment of a Yakshini, a benevolent tree spirit in Sanskrit mythology
buddhism/kongo rikishi guardian todai ji temple nara japan
Kongo Rikishi (guardian) in the Todai-ji Temple at Nara, Japan. Photograph, c1960s
buddhism/kiyomizu dera temple kyoto japan temple dates 798
The Kiyomizu-dera temple in Kyoto, Japan. The temple dates to 798, the present bulding to 1633
buddhism/kinkaku ji temple temple golden pavilion originally
Kinkaku-ji Temple (Temple of the Golden Pavilion), originally built in 1397, in Kyoto
buddhism/great buddha kamakura bronze statue cast 1252
The Great Buddha of Kamakura, a bronze statue cast in 1252. Photograph, July 1900
buddhism/great bronze statue amida buddha cast 1252 kamakura
The great bronze statue of Amida Buddha, cast in 1252, at Kamakura, Japan. Photograph
buddhism/hall great buddha todaiji temple nara japan
The Hall of the Great Buddha at the Todaiji Temple in Nara, Japan
buddhism/buddha born queen maya reaches branch painting cloth
Buddha is born as Queen Maya reaches up for a branch
buddhism/group buddhist monks great bell mingoon temple
A group of Buddhist monks in front of the Great Bell of Mingoon at the temple, Mingoon, Burma
buddhism/head 12th century giant reclining buddha figure
Head of the 12th century giant reclining Buddha figure carved out of granite rock at Gal Vihara
buddhism/giant statues buddha carved cliff bamyan afghanistan
One of the two giant statues of Buddha carved in a cliff at Bamyan, Afghanistan. Sixth century
buddhism/the happy valley gwaliq giant buddhist figures
'The Happy Valley Gwaliq.' Giant Buddhist figures cut in the rock, photographed
buddhism/ruins bayon temple angkor thom cambodia
Detail from the ruins of the Bayon temple at Angkor Thom, Cambodia. Photographed in 1960
buddhism/decorative silver plate india various scenes
Detail of a decorative silver plate from India, with various scenes from Hindu or
buddhism/hindu buddhist deity possibly garuda indian
Hindu or Buddhist deity, possibly Garuda
buddhism/buddhist shrine nepal inlaid precious stones
Detail of a Buddhist shrine from Nepal, inlaid with precious stones, 19th century
buddhism/mythical bird like creature garuda buddhist
The mythical bird-like creature, Garuda. Detail of a Buddhist shrine decorated with
buddhism/buddhist shrine images buddhist dieties inlaid
Buddhist shrine with three images of Buddhist dieties, inlaid with semi-precious gems
buddhism/buddhist shrine nepal 19th century
Detail from a Buddhist shrine from Nepal, 19th century
buddhism/buddha maitreya buddha who appeared earth
Buddha Maitreya, the Buddha who has not yet appeared on earth. Rock crystal sculpture
buddhism/bronze lotus buddhist divinities petals devotional
A bronze lotus with Buddhist divinities on the petals
buddhism/japanese feudal lord bungo sorin depicted buddhist
Japanese feudal lord of Bungo. Sorin depicted as a Buddhist, prior to his conversion
buddhism/ippen shonen traveling priest who popularized
Ippen Shonen, a traveling priest who popularized dancing-praying ceremonies, arrives
buddhism/sinners suffer hells buddhism japanese scroll
Sinners suffer in one of the hells of Buddhism. Japanese scroll, late 12th century
japanese art/ippen shonen traveling buddhist priest who popularized
Ippen Shonen, a traveling Buddhist priest who popularized dancing-praying ceremonies
japanese art/armed japanese monks protectors buddhist monasteries
Armed Japanese monks, the protectors of the Buddhist monasteries, descend from their
japanese art/statue guardian sakara painted lacquer japanese
Statue of the guardian Sakara. Painted lacquer, Japanese, c734 A.D
japanese art/statue heavenly king komoku ten guardians buddhist
Statue of the heavenly king Komoku-Ten, one of four guardians of the Buddhist world
japanese art/statue warrior demigod face indicating wrath
Statue of a warrior demigod, his face indicating wrath, one of the deva gods who guards
japanese art/bronze goblins pedestals holding gods medicine
Bronze goblins on pedestals holding gods of medicine at a Buddhist temple. Japanese
buddhism/demon lion grieve death buddha japanese silk painting
A demon and lion grieve at the death of the Buddha. Japanese silk painting, 1086
buddhism/buddhas body laid rest amidst grieving bodhisattvas
The Buddha's body is laid to rest amidst grieving bodhisattvas, archats, and his disciples
japanese art/amidst flames incarnation spiritual buddha shows
Amidst flames, an incarnation of spiritual Buddha shows that the physical body can
japanese art/prince gautama riding house day meets sick man
Prince Gautama, riding out of his house one day, meets a sick man and dedicates his
athletes/prince gautama wrestling youth japanese silk painting
Prince Gautama wrestling as a youth. Japanese silk painting, 8th century
japanese art/gong struck birth buddha erase evil desires
A gong is struck at the birth of the Buddha to erase evil desires. Japanese silk painting
japanese art/prince gautama third right leaves wealthy familys
Prince Gautama (third from right) leaves his wealthy family's home to enter the
japanese art/prince gautama wills arrows pierce targets using
Prince Gautama wills his arrows to pierce targets using a bow only he could draw
japanese art/prince gautama lifts elephant japanese silk painting
Prince Gautama lifts up an elephant. Japanese silk painting, 8th century
japanese art/buddha born queen maya reaches branch garden
The Buddha is born out of the side of Queen Maya as she reaches up to a branch in her garden
japanese art/seated father mother prince gautama entertained
Seated with his father and mother, Prince Gautama is entertained by dancers
japanese art/buddha born queen maya reaches branch garden
Buddha is born from the side of Queen Maya as she reaches up to a branch in her garden
buddhism/gilt bronze seated buddha 338 ad earliest
Gilt bronze seated Buddha, 338 A.D., the earliest dated Chinese Buddhist sculpture
japanese art/bronze statue buddha future called miroku japanese
Bronze statue of Buddha of the Future, called Miroku. Japanese, c606 A.D
buddhism/china bronze buddha
China: Bronze Buddha
japanese art/japanese buddhist deities adapted hindu deity ganesh
Japanese Buddhist deities, adapted from the Hindu deity, Ganesh. Deities of marital happiness
japanese art/inari rice bearer japanese shinto deity agriculture
Inari, the rice bearer, the Japanese Shinto deity of agriculture and fertility
japanese art/demon creature japanese folklore line drawing
Demon creature from Japanese folklore. Line drawing
japanese art/japanese buddhist deity who judges souls dead
Japanese Buddhist deity who judges the souls of the dead. Derived from the Sanskrit Yama
japanese art/japanese buddhist divinity wisdom fire known acala
Japanese Buddhist divinity of wisdom and fire, also known as Acala. Line drawing
japanese art/benten benzaiten japanese buddhist goddess music
Benten, or Benzaiten, the Japanese Buddhist goddess of music, eloquence and wealth, playing a biwa
buddhism/footprints buddha buddhapada symbolic representation
Footprints of the Buddha, or Buddhapada, a symbolic representation of the Buddha. Woodcut
buddhism/vajra diamond mace thunderbolt weapon buddhist
The vajra, a diamond mace or thunderbolt weapon, a Buddhist symbol signifying divine force
buddhism/script tibetan mantra bodhisattva chenrezi
Script for the Tibetan mantra of the Bodhisattva Chenrezi (Avalokitesvara)


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