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British Monarchy

A collection of British Monarchy images

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british monarchy/elizabeth i 1533 1603 queen england ireland
ELIZABETH I (1533-1603). Queen of England and Ireland, 1558-1603, as she appeared
#media dmcs-12234598
british monarchy/queen mary 1867 1953 queen consort king
QUEEN MARY (1867-1953). Queen consort of King George V of Great Britain. Photograph by W
#media dmcs-12235107
british monarchy/nicholas ii george v 1909 prince edward wales
NICHOLAS II & GEORGE V, 1909. Prince Edward of Wales, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia
#media dmcs-12235073
british monarchy/tudor monarchs signatures tudor monarchs
TUDOR MONARCHS. Signatures of the Tudor Monarchs (Henry VII to Elizabeth I)
#media dmcs-12234634
british monarchy/nicholas ii george v 1909 tsar nicholas ii russia
NICHOLAS II & GEORGE V, 1909. Tsar Nicholas II of Russia (left) with the Prince of Wales
#media dmcs-12235071
british monarchy/princess alice 1883 1981 nee princess alice albany
PRINCESS ALICE (1883-1981). Nee Princess Alice of Albany, later Countess of Athlone
#media dmcs-12235214
british monarchy/king james ii england 1633 1701 engraving
KING JAMES II OF ENGLAND (1633-1701). Engraving, 1808, after a portrait by Sir Peter Lely
#media dmcs-12235206
british monarchy/queen victoria 1819 1901 queen great britain
QUEEN VICTORIA (1819-1901). Queen of Great Britain, 1837-1901
#media dmcs-12235198
british monarchy/queen victoria 1819 1901 queen england 1837 1901
QUEEN VICTORIA (1819-1901). Queen of England, 1837-1901
#media dmcs-12235155
british monarchy/golden jubilee 1887 illumination general
GOLDEN JUBILEE, 1887. Illumination of the General Post Office in Bombay, India
#media dmcs-12235147
british monarchy/golden jubilee 1887 illumination elphinstone
GOLDEN JUBILEE, 1887. Illumination of Elphinstone Circle in Bombay, India, in honor
#media dmcs-12235145
british monarchy/golden jubilee 1887 triumphal arch erected colaba
GOLDEN JUBILEE, 1887. A triumphal arch erected at Colaba, Bombay, India, in honor
#media dmcs-12235143
british monarchy/kings england kings england house wessex
KINGS OF ENGLAND. Kings of England of the House of Wessex
#media dmcs-12235141
british monarchy/edward martyr c962 978 king england 975 978
EDWARD THE MARTYR (c962-978). King of England, 975-978. Copper engraving, English
#media dmcs-12235139
british monarchy/edgar i 943 975 known edgar peaceful king england
EDGAR I (943-975). Known as Edgar the Peaceful
#media dmcs-12235137
british monarchy/eadwig 941 959 king england 955 959
EADWIG (941?-959). King of England, 955-959. Copper engraving, English, 18th century
#media dmcs-12235135
british monarchy/alexandra denmark 1844 1925 queen united
ALEXANDRA OF DENMARK (1844-1925). Queen of the United Kingdom and Empress of India
#media dmcs-12235131
british monarchy/opera lohengrin 1899 covent garden opera
OPERA: LOHENGRIN, 1899. The Covent Garden Opera Company performing 'Lohengrin'
#media dmcs-12235129
british monarchy/queen victoria 1819 1901 crossing blackfriars
QUEEN VICTORIA (1819-1901). Crossing Blackfriar's bridge in London, 1869
#media dmcs-12235121
british monarchy/royal costume ball 1851 queen victoria prince albert
ROYAL COSTUME BALL, 1851. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert (center) at the Queen's
#media dmcs-12235119
british monarchy/princess beatrice 1857 1944 princess henry battenberg
PRINCESS BEATRICE (1857-1944). Princess Henry of Battenberg. Photograph by W. & D
#media dmcs-12235115
british monarchy/golden jubilee 1887 princess christian
GOLDEN JUBILEE, 1887. Princess Christian unveiling a statue of her mother, Queen Victoria
#media dmcs-12235109
british monarchy/alfred 1844 1900 duke edinburgh 1866 1893
ALFRED (1844-1900). Duke of Edinburgh, 1866-1893 and Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
#media dmcs-12235099
british monarchy/princess helena 1846 1923 princess christian
PRINCESS HELENA (1846-1923). Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein. Photograph by W
#media dmcs-12235097
british monarchy/princesses wales c1890 princess victoria
PRINCESSES OF WALES, c1890. Princess Victoria and Princess Maud of Wales, the future
#media dmcs-12235095
british monarchy/duke connaught 1850 1942 prince arthur
DUKE OF CONNAUGHT (1850-1942). Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn
#media dmcs-12235093
british monarchy/hugh grosvenor 1825 1899 1st duke westminster
HUGH GROSVENOR (1825-1899). 1st Duke of Westminster. Photograph by W. & D. Downey
#media dmcs-12235091
british monarchy/edward vii 1841 1910 king great britain 1901 1910
EDWARD VII (1841-1910). King of Great Britain, 1901-1910. As the Prince of Wales
#media dmcs-12235089
british monarchy/duke duchess fife alexander duff princess louise
DUKE AND DUCHESS OF FIFE. Alexander Duff and Princess Louise, the Duke and Duchess
#media dmcs-12235087
british monarchy/george v 1865 1936 king england 1910 1936
GEORGE V (1865-1936). King of England, 1910-1936. As the Prince of Wales. Photograph by W
#media dmcs-12235085
british monarchy/edward vii 1840 1910 king england 1901 1910
EDWARD VII (1840-1910). King of England, 1901-1910
#media dmcs-12235083
british monarchy/edward vii wilhelm ii king edward vii emperor
EDWARD VII AND WILHELM II. King Edward VII and Emperor Wilhelm II of Prussia riding
#media dmcs-12235077
british monarchy/funeral edward vii 1910 emperor wilhelm ii germany
FUNERAL: EDWARD VII, 1910. Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany, King George V, and the
#media dmcs-12235075
british monarchy/british russian royals king edward vii tsar
BRITISH AND RUSSIAN ROYALS. King Edward VII and Tsar Nicholas II with their families
#media dmcs-12235069
british monarchy/edward viii 1894 1972 king great britain
EDWARD VIII (1894-1972). King of Great Britain, later Duke of Windsor
#media dmcs-12235034
british monarchy/edward augustus 1767 1820 duke kent fourth
EDWARD AUGUSTUS (1767-1820). Duke of Kent; fourth son of George III of England
#media dmcs-12235014
british monarchy/king james ii england 1633 1701 james
KING JAMES II OF ENGLAND (1633-1701). James II while the Duke of York and Albany
#media dmcs-12235010
british monarchy/mary queen scots wedding mary queen scots
MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTS. Wedding of Mary, Queen of Scots, and Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley
#media dmcs-12235006
british monarchy/george iv wedding satirical cartoon king george iv
GEORGE IV: WEDDING. Satirical cartoon of King George IV, then Prince of Wales
#media dmcs-12235004
british monarchy/royal wedding 1922 mary princess royal
ROYAL WEDDING, 1922. Mary, Princess Royal, riding to her wedding in a royal coach
#media dmcs-12235000
british monarchy/england barons war left king henry iii
ENGLAND: BARONS' WAR. Left: King Henry III is captured by Simon de Montfort, 6th
#media dmcs-12234978
british monarchy/duchess windsor 1896 1986 bessie wallis simpson 1919
DUCHESS of WINDSOR (1896-1986). Bessie Wallis Simpson in 1919, while married to
#media dmcs-12234972
british monarchy/mary i 1516 1558 queen england ireland
MARY I (1516-1558). Queen of England and Ireland. Etching, English, 1882
#media dmcs-12234970
british monarchy/elizabeth i 1533 1603 queen england ireland 1558 1603
ELIZABETH I (1533-1603). Queen of England and Ireland, 1558-1603. Elizabeth at prayer
#media dmcs-12234966
british monarchy/duke westminster 1879 1953 hugh richard arthur grosvenor
DUKE OF WESTMINSTER (1879-1953). Hugh Richard Arthur Grosvenor, 2nd Duke of Westminster
#media dmcs-12234958
british monarchy/queen victoria cartoon a royal nursery rhyme 1860
QUEEN VICTORIA CARTOON. 'A Royal Nursery Rhyme for 1860
#media dmcs-12234954
british monarchy/victoria albert c1860 queen victoria
VICTORIA & ALBERT, c1860. Queen Victoria of England photographed with her husband
#media dmcs-12234952
british monarchy/richard ii 1367 1400 king england 1377 99
RICHARD II (1367-1400). King of England 1377-99. Etching, 17th century
#media dmcs-12234948
british monarchy/catherine howard 1520 1542 fifth wife
CATHERINE HOWARD (1520-1542). Fifth wife of King Henry VIII of England
#media dmcs-12234946


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