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bridges/george washington bridge looking west new jersey 1964
GEORGE WASHINGTON BRIDGE. Looking west toward New Jersey in 1964. Photograph
bridges/england cumbria northern lakes ashness bridge
ENGLAND: CUMBRIA. Northern Lakes: Ashness Bridge, Derwentwater
bridges/france grasse c1895 bridge gorge wolf gourdon
FRANCE: GRASSE, c1895. Bridge over the gorge of the wolf in Gourdon, Grasse, France
bridges/england cumbria southern lakes old bridge house
ENGLAND: CUMBRIA. Southern Lakes, Old Bridge House, Ambleside
bridges/iraq kufa 1932 bridge euphrates river kufa iraq
IRAQ: KUFA, 1932. Bridge over the Euphrates River at Kufa, Iraq. Photograph, 1932
bridges/scene chushingura japanese tale 47 ronin or
Scene from the 'Chushingura,' the Japanese tale of the 47 Ronin (or 47 Samurai)
bridges/a drink water construction worker manhattan
'A Drink of Water.' A construction worker on the Manhattan bridge stops for
bridges/tomb ulysses s grant riverside drive 123rd street
The tomb of Ulysses S. Grant on Riverside Drive at 123rd Street in upper Manhattan
bridges/view brooklyn bridge lithograph 1883 currier
VIEW OF BROOKLYN BRIDGE. Lithograph, 1883, by Currier & Ives
bridges/westminster abbey 1819 view westminster abbey
WESTMINSTER ABBEY, 1819. View of Westminster Abbey and adjacent buildings as they
bridges/brooklyn bridge 1893 view manhattan tower brooklyn
BROOKLYN BRIDGE, 1893. View of the Manhattan tower of the Brooklyn Bridge, from the
bridges/paris pont notre dame festival sailors games
PARIS: PONT NOTRE-DAME. A festival of sailors' games on the Seine at Pont Notre-Dame
bridges/brooklyn bridge nyc 1881 great east river suspension
BROOKLYN BRIDGE, NYC, 1881. The Great East River Suspension (Brooklyn) Bridge: lithograph
bridges/scotland forth bridge view forth bridge spanning
SCOTLAND: FORTH BRIDGE. A view through the Forth Bridge, spanning the Firth of Forth
bridges/cambridge university bridge sighs st johns
CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY. Bridge of Sighs, St. John's College
bridges/vienna winter scene 1888 winter scene reinprechts
VIENNA: WINTER SCENE, 1888. A winter scene along the Reinprechts Bridge, Vienna: oil on canvas
trains trolleys/vienna ferdinandsbreucke view ferdinandsbreucke
VIENNA: FERDINANDSBREUCKE. View of the Ferdinandsbreucke (Ferdinand's Bridge)
bridges/sisley foot bridge 1872 foot bridge argenteuil
SISLEY: FOOT-BRIDGE, 1872. The Foot-bridge of Argenteuil. Oil on canvas by Alfred Sisley
bridges/monet charing cross bridge london oil canvas
MONET: CHARING CROSS Bridge, London. Oil on canvas, 1901-04
bridges/ny brooklyn bridge 1901 pedestrian promenade
NY: BROOKLYN BRIDGE, 1901. Along the pedestrian promenade, 1901
bridges/gauguin pont aven the bridge pont aven
GAUGUIN: PONT-AVEN. 'The Bridge at Pont-Aven
bridges/philippines volcano mayon volcano luzon philippines
PHILIPPINES: VOLCANO. The Mayon volcano, Luzon, Philippines. Stereograph, c1900
bridges/holland windmill view catharine bridge windmill
HOLLAND: WINDMILL. View of Catharine Bridge and windmill in Haarlem, Holland. Photochrome print
bridges/samarkand bridge 1872 ruins bridge shadman malik
SAMARKAND: BRIDGE, 1872. Ruins of the bridge of Shadman Malik. Photograph by N.V. Bogaevskii
bridges/france grasse c1895 view gorge wolf gourdon
FRANCE: GRASSE, c1895. View of the gorge of the wolf, Gourdon, Grasse, France. Photochrome
bridges/coney island luna park wire walkers chute boat
CONEY ISLAND: LUNA PARK. Wire walkers and chute boat ride at Luna Park amusement Park
bridges/corot cathedral c1855 60 distant view mantes
COROT: CATHEDRAL, c1855-60. 'Distant View of Mantes Cathedral
bridges/oregon logging train women man seated logging
OREGON: LOGGING TRAIN. Two women and a man seated on front of logging train pulling
bridges/united nations site 1946 looking north first
UNITED NATIONS: SITE, 1946. Looking north along First Avenue from Tudor City at 41st Street
bridges/pennsylvania limited 1892 crossing bridge susquehanna
PENNSYLVANIA LIMITED, 1892. Crossing the bridge over the Susquehanna River at Rockville
bridges/france carpenter 1826 ritual carpenter bordeaux
FRANCE: CARPENTER, 1826. Ritual for a carpenter at Bordeaux who is departing for his
bridges/niagara falls dixon crossing niagara great cantilever
NIAGARA FALLS. Dixon crossing Niagara below the Great Cantilever Bridge: stereograph
bridges/united nations site 1946 view looking north
UNITED NATIONS: SITE, 1946. View, looking north from 41st Street, of the site of the
bridges/cambridge university mathematical bridge
bridges/turkey istanbul 1958 galata bridge istanbul turkey
TURKEY: ISTANBUL, 1958. The Galata Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey. Photographed 1958
bridges/ny brooklyn bridge 1899 pedestrian promenade
NY: BROOKLYN BRIDGE, 1899. On the pedestrian promenade of the Brooklyn Bridge. Photograph
trains trolleys/ny brooklyn bridge 1898 curve brooklyn terminal
NY: BROOKLYN BRIDGE, 1898. Curve at the Brooklyn terminal of the bridge, 1898
bridges/london parliament houses parliament big ben
LONDON: PARLIAMENT. Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and Westminster Bridge crossing
trains trolleys/coney island c1903 people miniature trains coney
CONEY ISLAND, c1903. People on two miniature trains at Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York
bridges/railroad bridge red river looking west original
RAILROAD BRIDGE: RED RIVER. Looking west through the original Northern Pacific Railroad
bridges/napoleon retreat 1812 crossing beresina river
NAPOLEON: RETREAT, 1812. Crossing the Beresina River in Russia during the retreat
trains trolleys/railroad workers c1880s american railroad workers
RAILROAD WORKERS, c1880s. American railroad workers, one of them possibly Chinese
trains trolleys/ohio river bridge 1870 first passenger train
OHIO RIVER BRIDGE, 1870. The first passenger train passing over the Great Ohio River
bridges/coney island c1905 luna park night coney island
CONEY ISLAND, c1905. Luna Park at night, Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York. Photograph
bridges/scotland forth bridge forth bridge spanning
SCOTLAND: FORTH BRIDGE. The Forth Bridge, spanning the Firth of Forth, Scotland, photographed
bridges/columbian expo 1893 administration electrical
COLUMBIAN EXPO, 1893. The Administration and Electrical buildings
bridges/ny brooklyn bridge 1901 view brooklyn bridge
NY: BROOKLYN BRIDGE, 1901. View of the Brooklyn Bridge: from a stereograph, 1901
bridges/spain toledo 1908 bridge alcantara spanning
SPAIN: TOLEDO, 1908. The Bridge of Alcantara, spanning the Tagus River and the Alcazar Fortress
bridges/corot orfevres quai quai orfevres st michel bridge
COROT: ORFEVRES QUAI. The Quai in Orfevres and the St
bridges/view new york approaches george washington bridge
VIEW OF NEW YORK approaches to the George Washington Bridge, looking north. Photograph
bridges/george washington bridge looking west new jersey 1964
GEORGE WASHINGTON BRIDGE. Looking west toward New Jersey in 1964, showing the Little
bridges/george washington bridge looking south hudson
GEORGE WASHINGTON BRIDGE. Looking south at the Hudson River shore from the New Jersey
bridges/george washington bridge bridge hudson river
GEORGE WASHINGTON BRIDGE. The bridge across the Hudson River, opened for traffic in 1931
bridges/paris la conciergerie nighttime view la conciergerie
PARIS: LA CONCIERGERIE. Nighttime view of La Conciergerie, former royal palace and prison
bridges/paris la conciergerie la conciergerie royal
PARIS: LA CONCIERGERIE. La Conciergerie, a former royal palace and prison, at Paris, France
bridges/george washington bridge spanning hudson river
GEORGE WASHINGTON BRIDGE. Spanning the Hudson River to connect Manhattan and New Jersey
bridges/george washington bridge new jersey approaches bridge
GEORGE WASHINGTON BRIDGE. The New Jersey approaches to the bridge. Photographed c1962
bridges/california bay bridge san francisco oakland
CALIFORNIA: BAY BRIDGE. San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
bridges/france lorient c1895 merchant harbor lorient
FRANCE: LORIENT, c1895. Merchant harbor in Lorient, France. Photochrome, c1895
bridges/hungary budapest c1895 view franz josephs
HUNGARY: BUDAPEST, c1895. View of Franz Joseph's Bridge over the Danube River at Budapest
bridges/harlem river c1901 george washington bridge
HARLEM RIVER, c1901. The George Washington Bridge and the Harlem River Speedway, New York
bridges/london tower bridge 1895 looking west thames
LONDON: TOWER BRIDGE, 1895. Looking west on the Thames River to the recently opened Tower Bridge
bridges/russia moscow c1895 cathedral christ savior
RUSSIA: MOSCOW, c1895. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge, Moscow
bridges/russia moscow c1895 view moscow russia cathedral
RUSSIA: MOSCOW, c1895. View of Moscow, Russia from the Cathedral of Christ the Savior
bridges/south carolina lake c1900 bridge lake magnolia on the ashley
SOUTH CAROLINA: LAKE, c1900. Bridge over the lake at Magnolia-on-the-Ashley, or Magnolia Gardens
bridges/russia moscow c1895 view moscow russia
RUSSIA: MOSCOW, c1895. View of Moscow, Russia. Photochrome, c1895
silent film stills/buster keaton general civil war era locomotive
BUSTER KEATON: THE GENERAL. A Civil War era locomotive crashes into the Rock River
bridges/venice canal 1969 bow gondola canal venice
VENICE: CANAL, 1969. Bow of a gondola on a canal in Venice, Italy, 1969
bridges/japan inlet 1857 women approaching temple building
JAPAN: INLET, 1857. Two women approaching a temple building on the Uchigawa Inlet in Tokyo
bridges/snowdonia national park view pont y pair fairy glen
SNOWDONIA NATIONAL PARK. View of Pont-y-Pair, Fairy Glen, Betws-y-Coed (Prayer house
bridges/snowdonia national park view roman bridge i
SNOWDONIA NATIONAL PARK. View of Roman bridge I, Betws-y-Coed (Prayer house in the