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botany/water lily 1806 sacred bean india nelumbium speciosum
WATER LILY, 1806. Sacred bean of India (Nelumbium speciosum)
#media dmcs-7525050
botany/audubon jay magpie scrub jay aphelocoma coerulescens
AUDUBON: JAY AND MAGPIE. Scrub jay (Aphelocoma coerulescens), Steller's jay
#media dmcs-6206187
botany/cardamom 1735 cardamon plant seedpod line
CARDAMOM, 1735. The cardamon plant with seedpod
#media dmcs-7559669
botany/thornton dragon arum dragon arum dracunculus
THORNTON: DRAGON ARUM. The Dragon Arum (Dracunculus vulgaris Schott)
#media dmcs-6208383
botany/audubon siskin pine siskin carduelis pinus
AUDUBON: SISKIN. Pine siskin (Carduelis pinus), from John James Audubon's 'The
#media dmcs-6206579
botany/audubon parakeet carolina parakeet carolina parrot
AUDUBON: PARAKEET. Carolina Parakeet, or Carolina Parrot (Conuropsis carolinensis)
#media dmcs-6206301
botany/lily of the valley convallaria majalis
LILY-OF-THE-VALLEY (Convallaria majalis). St. Bruno's lily (Paradisea liliastrum)
#media dmcs-7517417
botany/carnation lavender 1613 carnation caryophyllaceae
CARNATION & LAVENDER, 1613. Carnation (Caryophyllaceae) and lavender (Labiatae)
#media dmcs-7516837
botany/garlic 1613 great mountain garlic allium victorialis
GARLIC, 1613. Great Mountain Garlic (Allium victorialis), late white tulip (Tulipa
#media dmcs-7510661
flora fauna/hyacinth hyacinthus orientalis engraving painting
HYACINTH (Hyacinthus orientalis). Engraving after painting, 1833, by P.J. Redoute
#media dmcs-7512213
botany/mandrake solanaceae left buttercup rannunculaceae
Mandrake (Solanaceae), left, and buttercup (Rannunculaceae): engraving for Basilius
#media dmcs-8865669
botany/turkish corn 1735 engraving elizabeth blackwells
TURKISH CORN, 1735. Engraving from Elizabeth Blackwell's 'A Curious Herbal
#media dmcs-6208957
botany/coffee plant 1735 engraving elizabeth blackwell
COFFEE PLANT, 1735. Engraving by Elizabeth Blackwell from her book 'A Curious
#media dmcs-6208785
botany/mint plant 1735 mint mentha line engraving
MINT PLANT, 1735. Mint (mentha). Line engraving by Elizabeth Blackwell for her book
#media dmcs-6208777
botany/orange tree 1735 engraving elizabeth blackwell
ORANGE TREE, 1735. Engraving by Elizabeth Blackwell from her 'A Curious Herbal'
#media dmcs-6202953
botany/gourd 1735 gourd cucumis marinus engraving
GOURD, 1735. Gourd (cucumis marinus). Engraving by Elizabeth Blackwell from her book
#media dmcs-6202939
botany/tomato plant 1735 tomato poma amoris
TOMATO PLANT, 1735. Tomato (poma amoris)
#media dmcs-6202595
botany/artemisiae reseda lemon scented southernwood
ARTEMISIAE & RESEDA. Lemon-scented southernwood (Artemisia abrotanum), left, bastard reseda
#media dmcs-7539257
flora fauna/sunflower etching basilius beslers hortus eystettensis
SUNFLOWER. Etching from Basilius Besler's "Hortus Eystettensis," 1613
#media dmcs-6208313
botany/audubon raven northern raven corvus corax
AUDUBON: RAVEN. Northern Raven (Corvus corax), from John James Audubon's 'The
#media dmcs-6206491
botany/ink wash drawing bamboo handmade paper hokusai katsushika
Ink wash drawing of bamboo on handmade paper by Hokusai Katsushika, c1830-1850
#media dmcs-7959881
botany/japanese drawing stalk leaves bamboo plant
A Japanese drawing of the stalk and leaves of the take bamboo plant
#media dmcs-7959807
botany/botany flowers 1613 round leaved sundew droseraceae
BOTANY: FLOWERS, 1613. Round-leaved sundew (Droseraceae), Florist's carnation
#media dmcs-7547637
botany/bluebell morning glory common morning glory
BLUEBELL AND MORNING GLORY. Common morning glory (Convolvulaceae), Bluebell (Campanulaceae)
#media dmcs-7547089
botany/forget me not acanthus wild blue forget me not
FORGET-ME-NOT & ACANTHUS. Wild blue forget-me-not (top left), spiny acanthus (center)
#media dmcs-7543275
flora fauna/marigolds 1613 multiflorous aztec marigold
MARIGOLDS, 1613. Multiflorous Aztec marigold, or African marigold, with French marigolds
#media dmcs-7537389
botany/indigo plant indigofera angustifolia narrow leaved indigo
INDIGO PLANT. Indigofera angustifolia, or narrow-leaved indigo: engraving, English, 1799
#media dmcs-7535615
botany/rosa gallica engraving painting pierre joseph
ROSA GALLICA. Engraving after a painting by Pierre Joseph Redout
#media dmcs-7535375
botany/sunflower engraving basilius beslers hortus eystettensis
SUNFLOWER. Engraving from Basilius Besler's "Hortus Eystettensis," 1613
#media dmcs-7532145
botany/sunflower helianthus annus john miller
SUNFLOWER. Helianthus annus. John Miller: colored engraving from "Illustratio
#media dmcs-7530035
flora fauna/dandelion leontodon taraxacum engraving
DANDELION. Leontodon Taraxacum. Engraving by William Kilburn from William Curtis'
#media dmcs-7530015
botany/saint johns wort 1613 saint johns wort
SAINT-JOHN'S-WORT, 1613. Saint-John's-wort (Hypericum androsaemum), center
#media dmcs-7528942
botany/water lily 1613 left right european white water lily
WATER LILY, 1613. Left and right: European white water lily (Nymphaea alba), center
#media dmcs-7527186
botany/valerian flowers 1613 white jacobs ladder
VALERIAN FLOWERS, 1613. White Jacob's Ladder (Greek Valerian), Cretan spikenard
#media dmcs-7525942
botany/lilac box 1613 white lilac oleaceae box
LILAC AND BOX, 1613. White lilac (Oleaceae), box (Buxaceae) and mauve lilac (Oleaceae)
#media dmcs-7523464
flora fauna/fan palm livistona rotundifolia colored engraving p
FAN PALM (Livistona rotundifolia). Colored engraving by P
#media dmcs-7523182
flora fauna/agave 1613 agave americana colored engraving
AGAVE, 1613. Agave americana: colored engraving from Basilius Besler's "Hortus
#media dmcs-7520445
botany/cactus opuntia 1613 opuntia ficus indica
CACTUS: OPUNTIA, 1613. Opuntia ficus-indica(?): engraving from Basilius Besler's
#media dmcs-7520275
botany/cactus opuntia 1613 opuntia ficus indica
CACTUS: OPUNTIA, 1613. Opuntia ficus-indica(?)
#media dmcs-7520273
botany/audubon kestrel 1827 american kestrel sparrow hawk
AUDUBON: KESTREL, 1827. American Kestrel or Sparrow Hawk (Falco sparverius) by John
#media dmcs-7520063
botany/sage 1613 blue flowered sage white flowered
SAGE, 1613. Blue-flowered sage, white-flowered sage and violet sage (all Salva officinalis)
#media dmcs-7519223
botany/mustard plant 1613 white mustard brassica hirta
MUSTARD PLANT, 1613. White mustard (Brassica hirta), left, and myagrum (Myagrum perfoliatum)
#media dmcs-7518975
botany/audubon warbler 1827 38 bachmans warbler
AUDUBON: WARBLER, 1827-38. Bachman's warbler (Vermivora bachmanii) by John James
#media dmcs-7517023
botany/tobacco rustica 1613 yellow flowered wild tobacco
TOBACCO RUSTICA, 1613. Yellow-flowered wild tobacco (Nicotiana rustica), left, cranberry in fruit
#media dmcs-7516957
botany/foxglove hawkweed left right common pink foxglove
FOXGLOVE AND HAWKWEED. From left to right: common pink foxglove (digitalis flore rubro)
#media dmcs-7516605
botany/orange tree citrus aurantium engraving painting p
ORANGE TREE (Citrus aurantium). Engraving after a painting, by P.J. Redoute
#media dmcs-7516425
botany/heliotrope heliotropium arborescens engraving painting
HELIOTROPE (Heliotropium arborescens). Engraving after a painting, by P.J. Redoute
#media dmcs-7516057
botany/foxglove herb paris left right yellow foxglove
FOXGLOVE AND HERB PARIS. From left to right: yellow foxglove (digitalis flore luteo)
#media dmcs-7515671
botany/cyclamen lavender 1613 ivy leaved cyclamen
CYCLAMEN & LAVENDER, 1613. Ivy-leaved cyclamen (Primulaceae) and French lavender (Labitae)
#media dmcs-7515515


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