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athletes/swimming crawl stroke
Swimming: Crawl Stroke
#media dmcs-7962037
athletes/sugar ray robinson 1921 1989 robinson
SUGAR RAY ROBINSON (1921-1989). Robinson (right) during the seventh round of a fight
#media dmcs-6189701
athletes/england soccer match 1966 dave mckay
ENGLAND: SOCCER MATCH, 1966. Dave McKay (left) of Tottenham Hotspur confronts Billy
#media dmcs-6267869
athletes/beatles from left ringo starr john lennon
The Beatles (from left: Ringo Starr, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Paul McCartney)
#media dmcs-7962595
athletes/thrust epee foil fencing copper engraving
A thrust in epee or foil fencing. Copper engraving, French, mid-18th century
#media dmcs-7962269
athletes/muhammed ali b 1942
MUHAMMED ALI (b. 1942)
#media dmcs-7961629
athletes/1899 1961 american writer photographed 1944
(1899-1961). American writer. Photographed in 1944
#media dmcs-7962793
athletes/soccer tackle 1976 richie powling arsenal fc
SOCCER TACKLE, 1976. Richie Powling of Arsenal FC (right) tackles a player of Ipswich
#media dmcs-7962779
athletes/foxhall keene 1867 1941
FOXHALL KEENE (1867-1941)
#media dmcs-7961519
athletes/american boxer gene tunney famous long
American boxer. Gene Tunney down for the famous 'long count' in the championship
#media dmcs-7961419
athletes/robert beamon 1946 american athlete
ROBERT BEAMON (1946- ). American athlete
#media dmcs-6267815
athletes/rowing team c1913 cambridge rowing team river
ROWING TEAM, c1913. The Cambridge rowing team on a river. Photograph, c1913
#media dmcs-6211387
athletes/soccer goalies 1974 english goalkeeper peter shilton
SOCCER GOALIES, 1974. English goalkeeper Peter Shilton (left) and Gordon Banks both
#media dmcs-6181905
athletes/football game 1966 quarterback bart starr
FOOTBALL GAME, 1966. Quarterback Bart Starr of the Green Bay Packers attempting to
#media dmcs-6181673
athletes/second international polo matches hurlingham
Second of the International Polo Matches at Hurlingham, England, 9 June 1902
#media dmcs-7961949
athletes/oscar battling nelson danish american pugilist
Oscar 'Battling' Nelson. Danish-American pugilist
#media dmcs-7961553
athletes/the race track oil canvas 1928 raoul dufy
'The Race Track.' Oil on canvas, 1928, by Raoul Dufy
#media dmcs-7962873
athletes/playful golfers john held jr cover judge
Playful golfers by John Held, Jr., on the cover of 'Judge,' 1923
#media dmcs-7962561
athletes/pen and ink drawing albert edward sterner 1886
Pen-and-ink drawing by Albert Edward Sterner, 1886
#media dmcs-7962431
athletes/roman marble copy lost greek bronze myron c450 b
Roman marble copy of the lost Greek Bronze by Myron of c450 B.C
#media dmcs-7962123
athletes/george best 1946 2005 northern irish soccer player
GEORGE BEST (1946-2005). Northern Irish soccer player. Photograph, c1977
#media dmcs-7962103
athletes/norwegian figure skater actress
Norwegian figure skater and actress
#media dmcs-7961981
athletes/mrs william h dewar philadelphia us
Mrs. William H. Dewar of Philadelphia, U.S. national champion in women's foil in 1913
#media dmcs-7961907
athletes/english boxing champion daniel mendoza c1763 1836
The English boxing champion Daniel Mendoza (c1763-1836): etching, c1788-95, by James
#media dmcs-7961525
athletes/irish champion featherweight boxer ike weir
Irish champion featherweight boxer Ike Weir, 'The Belfast Spider,' 1890s
#media dmcs-7961463
athletes/england soccer game 1973 pat jennings
ENGLAND: SOCCER GAME, 1973. Pat Jennings of Tottenham Hotspur blocks a penalty kick
#media dmcs-7961287
athletes/silent still exercise
Silent Still: Exercise
#media dmcs-7961277
athletes/cup winners cup 1969 spanish soccer goalkeeper
CUP WINNERS' CUP, 1969. Spanish soccer goalkeeper José Ángel Iribar
#media dmcs-6211213
athletes/england soccer match 1973 soccer match
ENGLAND: SOCCER MATCH, 1973. Soccer match between Chelsea FC and Stoke City FC
#media dmcs-6197478
athletes/john l sullivan 1858 1918 american heavyweight pugilist
JOHN L. SULLIVAN (1858-1918). American heavyweight pugilist. Lithograph by Currier and Ives
#media dmcs-6190839
athletes/soccer match 1977 kevin keegan england
SOCCER MATCH, 1977. Kevin Keegan of England is tackled by an Argeninian defender
#media dmcs-6181919
athletes/soccer world cup 1970 pelafac scores brazils
SOCCER: WORLD CUP, 1970. Pelé scores Brazil's first goal against Italy
#media dmcs-6181911
athletes/soccer match 1977 soccer match tottenham
SOCCER MATCH, 1977. Soccer match between Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City, in England
#media dmcs-6181901
athletes/silent still exercise
Silent Still: Exercise
#media dmcs-7962069
athletes/prince gautama wrestling youth japanese silk painting
Prince Gautama wrestling as a youth. Japanese silk painting, 8th century
#media dmcs-10730721
athletes/illustration 19th century american exercise
Illustration from a 19th century American exercise manual
#media dmcs-10408136
athletes/illustration american exercise manual 19th
Illustration from an American exercise manual, 19th century
#media dmcs-10407964
vintage ads/woman golfer featured french tourist poster
Woman golfer featured on a French tourist poster for the Brittany resort area, c1930
#media dmcs-10407466
vintage ads/poster ad air unions paris london route 1923
Poster advertising Air Union's Paris to London route, 1923
#media dmcs-10407464
athletes/dr hammersleys gymnasium chapman place boston
'Dr. Hammersley's Gymnasium, Chapman Place, Boston.' Wood engraving, American
#media dmcs-8867583
athletes/english newspaper ad ellimans universal embrocation
English newspaper advertisement for Elliman's Universal Embrocation, 1895
#media dmcs-8866469
athletes/first game basketball drawing c1892
The First Game of Basketball. Drawing, c1892
#media dmcs-8864997
athletes/illustration edward wilson poem casey bat
Illustration by Edward Wilson for the poem 'Casey at the Bat,' 1888, by Ernest
#media dmcs-8856757
athletes/patricia jane berg 1918
Patricia Jane Berg (1918-)
#media dmcs-7962841
athletes/summer olympics 1952 fanny blankers koen
SUMMER OLYMPICS, 1952. Fanny Blankers-Koen of the Netherlands beating Marga Petersen
#media dmcs-6267889
athletes/rocky marciano left defending heavyweight
Rocky Marciano (left) defending his heavyweight title in a fight against Ezzard Charles
#media dmcs-6267859
athletes/wilt chamberlain 1936 1999 american basketball player
WILT CHAMBERLAIN (1936-1999). American basketball player. Chamberlain (left) and Bill Russell
#media dmcs-6191925
baseball/jackie robinson 1919 1972 john roosevelt robinson
JACKIE ROBINSON (1919-1972). John Roosevelt Robinson, known as Jackie. American baseball player
#media dmcs-6189541
baseball/hank aaron 1934 american baseball player
HANK AARON (1934- ). American baseball player. As a member of the Atlanta Braves
#media dmcs-6188043


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