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anthropology/richard worley c1686 1719 english pirate
RICHARD WORLEY (c1686-1719). English pirate
anthropology/alaska eskimos c1903 eskimo women traditional
ALASKA: ESKIMOS, c1903. Two Eskimo women in traditional fur clothing, Nome, Alaska
anthropology/pirate edward england ne edward seegar english
PIRATE: EDWARD ENGLAND. Ne Edward Seegar. English (Irish born) pirate
anthropology/russell cowboy drawing charles m russell
RUSSELL: THE COWBOY. Drawing by Charles M. Russell (1864-1926)
anthropology/hobos c1920 hobos walking railroad tracks kicked
HOBOS, c1920. Hobos walking along the railroad tracks, after being kicked off the train
anthropology/hobos c1915 hoboes fighting railroad cars
HOBOS, c1915. Hoboes fighting between railroad cars. Photograph, c1915
anthropology/hobos c1915 group hobos playing cards boxcar
HOBOS, c1915. A group of hobos playing cards in a boxcar. Photograph, c1915
anthropology/hobos c1915 hobo climbing railroad car photograph
HOBOS, c1915. A hobo climbing on top of a railroad car. Photograph, c1915
anthropology/pyle marooned 1887 wood engraving henry wolf
PYLE: MAROONED, 1887. Wood engraving by Henry Wolf after an illustration by Howard Pyle
anthropology/pyle pirates 1887 capture galleon wood engraving
PYLE: PIRATES, 1887. 'Capture of the Galleon
anthropology/gypsy encampment 1879 inside gypsy tent camp
GYPSY ENCAMPMENT, 1879. Inside a gypsy tent at a camp at Mitcham Common, South London
anthropology/new york hobos 1915 hobos moving hotel gink
NEW YORK: HOBOS, 1915. Hobos moving Hotel de Gink, a hotel for itinerant workers
anthropology/new york hobos 1915 hobos holding sign hotel
NEW YORK: HOBOS, 1915. Hobos holding the sign of Hotel de Gink in New York City
anthropology/canada eskimo family 1860 eskimo family group
CANADA: ESKIMO FAMILY, 1860. An Eskimo family group of the Eastern Canadian Arctic
anthropology/spain cowboys c1875 spanish cowboys outdoor
SPAIN: COWBOYS, c1875. Three Spanish cowboys around a outdoor table in Cordoba, Spain
anthropology/texas cowboys c1908 cowboys outdoors getting
TEXAS: COWBOYS, c1908. Five cowboys outdoors with two of them getting haircuts
anthropology/chile huasos c1890 1923 huasos chilean cowboys
CHILE: HUASOS, c1890-1923. Huasos, Chilean cowboys, on horseback herding cattle in Chile
anthropology/texas cowboys c1904 group cowboys branding
TEXAS: COWBOYS, c1904. A group of cowboys branding cattle on a ranch in Texas. Photograph
anthropology/playing cards c1915 cowboy native american man
PLAYING CARDS, c1915. A cowboy and a Native American man seated on a blanket
anthropology/wyoming rodeo c1910 cowboys taming bucking
WYOMING: RODEO, c1910. Four cowboys taming a bucking bronco during the Cheyenne
anthropology/cowboys c1905 cattle branded cowboys ranch western
COWBOYS, c1905. Cattle being branded by three cowboys on a ranch in western America
anthropology/oklahoma cowboys c1905 cowboy twirling lariat
OKLAHOMA: COWBOYS, c1905. A cowboy twirling a lariat in the air as six other cowboys
anthropology/texas cowboys c1908 cowboys horseback traveling
TEXAS: COWBOYS, c1908. Two cowboys on horseback traveling down a rocky hillside
anthropology/texas cowboys c1907 cowboys gathered draws map
TEXAS: COWBOYS, c1907. Five cowboys gathered together as one of them draws a map
anthropology/texas cowboys c1907 cowboys pulling cow lying
TEXAS: COWBOYS, c1907. Two cowboys pulling a cow lying on its side from a gully in Texas
anthropology/texas cowboys c1907 cowboys breaking horse
TEXAS: COWBOYS, c1907. Two cowboys breaking a horse in a corral on the LS Ranch in Texas
anthropology/texas cowboys c1907 cowboys reading mail usm
TEXAS: COWBOYS, c1907. Two cowboys reading mail next to a 'USM' postbox near the
anthropology/texas cowboy c1907 cowboy breaking horse corral
TEXAS: COWBOY, c1907. A cowboy breaking a horse in a corral on the LS Ranch in Texas
anthropology/ralph e madsen 1897 1948 american cowboy
RALPH E. MADSEN (1897-1948). American cowboy
anthropology/sir genille cave brown cave 1869 1929 english
SIR GENILLE CAVE BROWN CAVE (1869-1929). English cowboy, bartender and 12th baronet
anthropology/eskimo dwelling c1899 group inuits sitting house
ESKIMO DWELLING, c1899. A group of three Inuits sitting in front of their house
anthropology/worlds fair eskimos exhibition depicting arctic
WORLD'S FAIR: ESKIMOS. An exhibition depicting an Arctic village with Eskimos
anthropology/canada seal hunt c1882 eskimo identified jens
CANADA: SEAL HUNT, c1882. An Eskimo identified as Jens returning from a successful
anthropology/canada expedition c1882 sergeant jewell eskimo
CANADA: EXPEDITION, c1882. Sergeant Jewell and an Eskimo identified as Christiansen
anthropology/canada expedition members lady franklin bay
CANADA: EXPEDITION. Members of the Lady Franklin Bay Expedition, Lieutenant Lockwood
anthropology/seattle eskimo family eskimo family labrador
SEATTLE: ESKIMO FAMILY. An Eskimo family from Labrador, Canada, at the
anthropology/alaska eskimo couple eskimo man woman identified
ALASKA: ESKIMO COUPLE. An Eskimo man and woman identified as "Happy Jack"
anthropology/alaska eskimos c1916 eskimo mothers standing
ALASKA: ESKIMOS, c1916. Two Eskimo mothers standing outside their tents, each carrying
anthropology/alaska eskimos c1916 group eskimos modeling
ALASKA: ESKIMOS, c1916. A group of Eskimos modeling their reindeer skin clothing in
anthropology/alaska chief william eskimo chief william tanana
ALASKA: CHIEF WILLIAM. Eskimo Chief William of Tanana, Alaska. Photograph, c1916
anthropology/alaska eskimo child young eskimo boy playing beach
ALASKA: ESKIMO CHILD. A young Eskimo boy playing on the beach, Alaska
anthropology/alaska eskimo girl mukpi eskimo girl point barrow
ALASKA: ESKIMO GIRL. Mukpi, an Eskimo girl, in Point Barrow, Alaska
anthropology/alaska eskimos c1907 eskimo mother sitting
ALASKA: ESKIMOS, c1907. An Eskimo mother sitting outside a tent breast-feeding her child
anthropology/alaska eskimos c1916 group eskimo men outside
ALASKA: ESKIMOS, c1916. A group of Eskimo men outside of a building, Kivalina, Alaska
anthropology/alaska eskimo man c1903 eskimo man wearing
ALASKA: ESKIMO MAN, c1903. Eskimo man wearing fur clothing, Alaska
anthropology/eskimo child c1905 eskimo child wearing traditional
ESKIMO CHILD, c1905. Eskimo child wearing traditional fur clothing in Nome, Alaska
anthropology/alaska eskimo man c1916 eskimo man profile
ALASKA: ESKIMO MAN, c1916. Eskimo man in profile wearing a fur coat, Nome, Alaska
anthropology/alaska eskimos c1905 mother carrying sleeping
ALASKA: ESKIMOS, c1905. A mother carrying her sleeping child on her back, Nome, Alaska
anthropology/alaska eskimo c1907 eskimo woman nome alaska
ALASKA: ESKIMO, c1907. Eskimo woman, Nome, Alaska. Photographed by the Lomen Brothers
anthropology/alaska eskimo man c1906 eskimo man native
ALASKA: ESKIMO MAN, c1906. Eskimo man, a native of Kings Island, Alaska. Photograph
anthropology/alaska eskimos group eskimos port clarence alaska
ALASKA: ESKIMOS. A group of Eskimos from Port Clarence, Alaska, brought to the
anthropology/alaska eskimo c1904 eskimo man diomede islands
ALASKA: ESKIMO, c1904. Eskimo man from the Diomede Islands, Alaska
anthropology/alaska mother child eskimo mother child carrying
ALASKA: MOTHER AND CHILD. Eskimo mother and her child whom she is carrying on her back
anthropology/alaska inuit woman portrait nowadluk inuit
ALASKA: INUIT WOMAN. Portrait of Nowadluk, an Inuit woman in Nome, Alaska
anthropology/alaska eskimo child eskimo child wearing fur hood
ALASKA: ESKIMO CHILD. Eskimo child wearing a fur hood, Alaska. Photograph, c1905
anthropology/eskimo igloo igloo built sod eskimos dog posing
ESKIMO IGLOO. An igloo built of sod with Eskimos and their dog posing outside. Photograph
anthropology/eskimo girl eskimo girl wearing traditional
ESKIMO GIRL. Eskimo girl wearing traditional clothing
anthropology/eskimo woman eskimo woman traditional clothes
ESKIMO WOMAN. An Eskimo woman in traditional clothes made of fur and hides. Photograph
anthropology/eskimo woman eskimo woman wearing traditional
ESKIMO WOMAN. Eskimo woman wearing traditional clothing, holding a rifle and standing
anthropology/new zealand maori group maori people new zealand
NEW ZEALAND: MAORI. A group of Maori people in New Zealand standing in front of
anthropology/new zealand maori woman portrait maori woman rotorua
NEW ZEALAND: MAORI WOMAN. A portrait of a Maori woman from Rotorua, New Zealand
anthropology/new zealand maori native portrait maori native
NEW ZEALAND: MAORI NATIVE. A portrait of a Maori in native clothing with feathers
anthropology/maori war dance maori men posing traditional
MAORI: WAR DANCE. Five Maori men posing in traditional clothing doing a war dance
anthropology/spain gypsies c1860 80 gypsy family spain
SPAIN: GYPSIES, c1860-80. A Gypsy family in Spain. Photographed c1860-80
anthropology/spain gypsies c1860 80 gypsy women spain
SPAIN: GYPSIES, c1860-80. Two Gypsy women of Spain. Photographed c1860-1880
anthropology/hungary gypsy c1913 gypsy mother baby wayside
HUNGARY: GYPSY, c1913. Gypsy mother and baby by the wayside near Orsova, Hungary
anthropology/spain gypsy c1901 gypsy family home granada spain
SPAIN: GYPSY, c1901. A gypsy family at home in Granada, Spain. Photographed c1901
anthropology/palestine gypsies 1893 gypsy women palestine
PALESTINE: GYPSIES, 1893. Two Gypsy women of Palestine. Photographed 1893
anthropology/gypsyies c1902 happy romanies staged rendition
GYPSYIES, c1902. 'Happy Romanies.' A staged rendition of musicians in a gypsy
anthropology/turkestan dzhugi c1871 dzhugi woman turkestan
TURKESTAN: DZHUGI, c1871. Dzhugi woman of Turkestan. Photographed c1871-1872
anthropology/turkestan mazang c1865 portrait young mazang
TURKESTAN: MAZANG, c1865. Portrait of a young Mazang woman of Turkestan
anthropology/turkestan dzhugi c1865 dzhugi man turkestan
TURKESTAN: DZHUGI, c1865. A Dzhugi man of Turkestan. Photographed c1865-1872
anthropology/turkestan mazang c1865 portrait mazang woman
TURKESTAN: MAZANG, c1865. Portrait of a Mazang woman of Turkestan
anthropology/turkestan mazang c1865 mazang man turkestan
TURKESTAN: MAZANG, c1865. A Mazang man of Turkestan. Photographed c1865-1872
anthropology/turkestan mazang c1865 young mazang boy turkestan
TURKESTAN: MAZANG, c1865. A young Mazang boy of Turkestan. Photographed c1865-1872
anthropology/gyspy encampment c1900 stereograph c1900
GYSPY ENCAMPMENT, c1900. Stereograph, c1900
anthropology/mexico cowboys 1916 mexican cowboys rounding
MEXICO: COWBOYS, 1916. Mexican cowboys rounding up wild ponies. Painting by Ernesto Icaza
anthropology/turkish harem c1900 constantinople turkey
TURKISH HAREM, c1900. Constantinople, Turkey. Stereograph, c1900
anthropology/wyoming cowboys 1887 roping gray wolf
WYOMING: COWBOYS, 1887. '"Roping gray wolf
anthropology/france gypsies 1890s gypsies abducting young
FRANCE: GYPSIES, 1890s. Gypsies abducting a young girl in the French countryside
anthropology/greenlanders 1654 inuit greenland painting
GREENLANDERS, 1654. Inuit of Greenland. Painting, Danish, 1654
anthropology/syria bedouin sheik bedouin sheik palmyra syria
SYRIA: BEDOUIN SHEIK. A Bedouin sheik at Palmyra, Syria
anthropology/frontiersman 1858 the surprise lithograph
FRONTIERSMAN, 1858. 'The Surprise'. Lithograph, 1858, by Currier and Ives
anthropology/remington frontiersmen i took ye injin drawing
REMINGTON: FRONTIERSMEN. 'I took ye for an Injin
anthropology/arab waterboy c1900 photograph
ARAB WATERBOY, c1900. Photograph
anthropology/greenland eskimos 1555 eskimos sealing ice floes
GREENLAND ESKIMOS, 1555. Eskimos sealing among ice-floes in Greenland
anthropology/frontiersman 1858 the shot lithograph 1858
FRONTIERSMAN, 1858. 'The Last Shot'. Lithograph, 1858, by Currier and Ives
anthropology/eskimo woman alaska photographed 1904
ESKIMO WOMAN IN ALASKA. Photographed in 1904
anthropology/frontiersmen 1866 a parley prepared emergency
FRONTIERSMEN, 1866. 'A Parley. Prepared for an Emergency'. Lithograph, 1866
anthropology/frontiersmen 1862 american frontier life
FRONTIERSMEN, 1862. 'American Frontier Life - The Hunter's Stratagem'
anthropology/guerin sultan harem the sultan harem humorous
GUERIN: SULTAN AND HAREM. 'The Sultan in His Harem.' A humorous study, c1900
anthropology/harem c1900 sultan harem humorous study st
HAREM, c1900. The Sultan in his Harem. Humorous study by the St
anthropology/cowgirls 1910 female rodeo performers c1910
COWGIRLS, 1910. Female rodeo performers, c1910, in the American Southwest
anthropology/alaska drying fish c1900 alaskan eskimos drying
ALASKA: DRYING FISH, c1900. Alaskan Eskimos drying fish. Photographed c1900
anthropology/eskimo family c1901 eskimo man woman baby eskimo
ESKIMO FAMILY, c1901. An Eskimo man, woman and baby in the Eskimo village exhibit
anthropology/alaska eskimo woman old eskimo woman alaska
ALASKA: ESKIMO WOMAN. An old Eskimo woman, Alaska. Photograph, December 1899
anthropology/eskimo woman child eskimo woman carrying baby back
ESKIMO WOMAN AND CHILD. An Eskimo woman carrying a baby on her back, Arctic region
anthropology/alaska totem poles c1895 old totem poles inside
ALASKA: TOTEM POLES, c1895. Three old totem poles inside the house of a chief
anthropology/eskimo woman child eskimo woman sitting outside
ESKIMO WOMAN AND CHILD. An Eskimo woman sitting outside a tent breast-feeding her baby


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