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american presidents/william howard taft
William Howard Taft
crime punishment/anti nixon poster 1960 would buy used car man
ANTI-NIXON POSTER, 1960. 'Would YOU buy a used car from this man?' American poster
american presidents/1895 american cartoon f victor gillam suggesting
An 1895 American cartoon by F. Victor Gillam suggesting that the Cleveland administration
mythology/president andrew jackson destroying bank united states
President Andrew Jackson destroying the Bank of the United States. Lithograph cartoon
american presidents/franklin delano roosevelt
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
american presidents/35th president united states photographed secretary
35th President of the United States. Photographed with his secretary, Evelyn Lincoln
cartoons/american cartoon 1892 joseph keppler showing secretary
An American cartoon of 1892 by Joseph Keppler showing Secretary of State James G. Blaine
american elections/poster james montgomery flagg 1940 presidential
Poster by James Montgomery Flagg from the 1940 presidential campaign, supporting the
american presidents/winston churchill franklin d roosevelt joseph
Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin at the Yalta Conference
cartoons/roosevelt mckinley cartoon
Roosevelt/Mckinley Cartoon
american elections/presidential campaign 1912 president theodore
PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN, 1912. Former president Theodore Roosevelt and President William
cartoons/abraham lincoln 1860 american cartoon comparing
ABRAHAM LINCOLN. An 1860 American cartoon comparing presidential candidate Abraham
american presidents/soviet political leader brezhnev white house
Soviet political leader. Brezhnev at a White House meeting with President Richard Nixon
american presidents/35th president united states photographed oval
35th President of the United States. Photographed in the Oval Office of the White House
american presidents/1908 1973 36th president united states
(1908-1973). 36th President of the United States. Photographed in 1964
american presidents/winston churchill franklin d roosevelt joseph
Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin at the Yalta Conference
american presidents/37th president united states photographed white house
37th President of the United States. Photographed at the White House, 1970
american presidents/democratic presidential campaign button franklin d
Democratic presidential campaign button from Franklin D
american patriotism/the declaration committee benjamin franklin
'The Declaration Committee.' Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson
american presidents/wwii tehran conference
Wwii: Tehran Conference
american presidents/wwii potsdam conference
Wwii: Potsdam Conference
american presidents/john f kennedy
John F. Kennedy
american presidents/john adams 1735 1826
JOHN ADAMS (1735-1826)
american presidents/bette davis 1908 1989
BETTE DAVIS (1908-1989)
american presidents/1908 1973 36th president united states johnson u
(1908-1973). 36th President of the United States
american presidents/1908 1973 36th president united states
(1908-1973). 36th President of the United States. Johnson signing the Civil Rights Bill
american presidents/1732 1799 first president united states
(1732-1799). First President of the United States
american presidents/cures ills man beast cartoon 1921 rollin
'Cures All the Ills of Man or Beast.' Cartoon, 1921, by Rollin Kirby commenting
thanksgiving/proclamation 1795 george washington a day public
Proclamation, 1795, by George Washington of 'a Day of Public Thanksgiving.'
american presidents/the rival buses english cartoon ernest howard
'The Rival Buses.' English cartoon by Ernest Howard Shepard from 'Punch
uncle sam/monroe doctrine cartoon
Monroe Doctrine Cartoon
american presidents/abraham lincoln 1809 1865 16th president united
ABRAHAM LINCOLN (1809-1865). 16th President of the United States
poets writers/leo tolstoy 1828 1910 russian writer philosopher
LEO TOLSTOY (1828-1910). Russian writer and philosopher
american presidents/1767 1848 6th president united states
(1767-1848). 6th President of the United States. Oil over a daquerrotype, c1845
american presidents/oil daguerrotype c1850
Oil over a daguerrotype, c1850
american presidents/plan george washingtons plantation mount vernon
Plan of George Washington's plantation at Mount Vernon, Virginia, 1801, after
american presidents/diagram thomas jefferson copying press late 18th
Diagram by Thomas Jefferson of a copying press, late 18th century
american presidents/grants campaign topographical map virginia
'Grant's Campaign - Topographical Map of Virginia.' Map of General Ulysses S
american presidents/letter president thomas jefferson american painter
Letter from President Thomas Jefferson to American painter and inventor Charles Willson Peale
american presidents/diagram thomas jefferson illustrating fireplace
Diagram by Thomas Jefferson, illustrating how a fireplace can be used to heat every
american presidents/1804 1869 14th president united states
(1804-1869). 14th President of the United States
american presidents/twelfth president united states daguerreotype
Twelfth President of the United States. Daguerreotype, c1848, by Southworth & Hawes
american presidents/eighth president united states daguerreotype
Eighth President of the United States. Daguerreotype by Mathew Brady
american presidents/seventh president united states lithograph 1856
Seventh President of the United States. Lithograph, 1856, after a daguerreotype of 1845
american presidents/12th president united states daguerreotype c1850
12th President of the United States. Daguerreotype, c1850
american presidents/seventh president united states carte de visite
Seventh President of the United States. Carte-de-visite photograph of a daguerreotype
american presidents/key washington generals depiction george washingtons
Key to 'Washington and His Generals,' a depiction of George Washington's
american presidents/thomas jeffersons design spinning jenny c1812
Thomas Jefferson's design for a spinning jenny, c1812
american presidents/proposed plan governors palace richmond virginia
Proposed plan for the Governor's Palace at Richmond Virginia, drawn by Thomas Jefferson
american presidents/contemporary map showing advances colonel theodore
Contemporary map showing the advances of Colonel Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders
american presidents/sketches thomas jeffersons proposed plan new
Sketches of Thomas Jefferson's proposed plan for the new Capitol building in Washington, D
american presidents/thomas jeffersons design tombstone inscription
Thomas Jefferson's design for his own tombstone, with the inscription he desired
american presidents/alexander graham bells metal detector invented
Alexander Graham Bell's metal detector, invented in 1881 in order to find the
american presidents/drawing thomas jefferson corn shelling machine owned
Drawing by Thomas Jefferson of the corn shelling machine he owned, which was invented
american presidents/portable writing desk designed thomas jefferson
Portable writing desk designed by Thomas Jefferson, late 18th century
american presidents/drawing thomas jefferson nail factory built 1794
Drawing by Thomas Jefferson for a nail factory, which was built in 1794
american presidents/drawing thomas jefferson house gardens monticello
Drawing by Thomas Jefferson of the house and gardens at Monticello, c1772, with additions
american presidents/diagram garden george martha washington home mount
Diagram of the garden of George and Martha Washington at their home at Mount Vernon, Virginia
american presidents/off mask cartoon 5 december 1942 ralph soulpault
'Off with the Mask.' Cartoon, 5 December 1942, by Ralph Soulpault in 'Le
american presidents/general dwight d eisenhower left greets general
General Dwight D. Eisenhower (left) greets General George C. Marshall, U.S. Army Chief of Staff
american presidents/american cinema gangster film us president
'American cinema: The last gangster film.' U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt
american presidents/and feeling today english cartoon 1945 sir
'And How Are We Feeling Today?' English cartoon, 1945, by Sir Bernard Partridge
propaganda/welders employment war poster 1944 ben shahn
'Welders, or For Full Employment After the War
american presidents/in strength great hope shoulder common load
'In the strength of great hope, we must shoulder our common load
american presidents/the sun rising cartoon featuring franklin delano
'The Sun is Rising.' Cartoon featuring Franklin Delano Roosevelt, shortly
american presidents/american cartoon clifford berryman 1943 illustrating
American cartoon by Clifford Berryman, 1943, illustrating President Roosevelt's
american presidents/18th president united states grants death mount
18th President of the United States. Grant's death at Mount McGregor, New York
american presidents/cartoon president theodore roosevelts policies
Cartoon about President Theodore Roosevelt's policies toward business
american presidents/american physician convicted accessory assassination
American physician and convicted accessory in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln
american elections/new yorkers predominantly irish immigrants casting
New Yorkers, predominantly Irish immigrants, casting their ballots in the 1858 elections
american presidents/sketch map john adams taverns braintree weymouth
Sketch map by John Adams, of the taverns in Braintree and Weymouth, c1761
american presidents/thomas jefferson richard henry lee patrick henry
Thomas Jefferson, Richard Henry Lee, Patrick Henry, and Francis Lightfoot Lee meeting
american presidents/new deal remedies cartoon c1935 clifford
'New Deal Remedies', cartoon, c1935, by Clifford Berryman
american presidents/the cash register chorus american cartoon d
'The Cash Register Chorus.' American cartoon by D
american presidents/jiu jitsued american cartoon c1906 showing
'Jiu-Jitsued': American cartoon, c1906, showing President Theodore Roosevelt
american elections/repeal unemployment norman thomas james h
Repeal Unemployment!: Norman Thomas and James H
american presidents/american cartoon lj roche 1951 showing president
American cartoon by L.J. Roche, 1951, showing President Harry S
cartoons/american cartoon f victor gillam 1896 invoking
American cartoon by F. Victor Gillam, 1896, invoking the Monroe Doctrine against Great Britain
american presidents/old reliable american cartoon 1938 clifford
'Old Reliable!' American cartoon, 1938, by Clifford Berryman criticizing President
american presidents/all i said gimme justices american cartoon
"All I Said Was 'Gimme Six More Justices'!": American cartoon by Clifford K
american presidents/1919 contemporary cartoon nelson harding depicting
1919: contemporary cartoon by Nelson Harding depicting President Wilson's cherished
founding fathers/4th president united states pastel james sharples
4th President of the United States. Pastel by James Sharples
american presidents/the news reaches bogota cartoon 1903 wa
'The News Reaches Bogota.' Cartoon, 1903, by W.A. Rogers from the New York 'Herald
american presidents/cartoon depicting newly elected president franklin
Cartoon depicting newly elected President Franklin Delano Roosevelt throwing out the
american presidents/no molly coddling here president theodore roosevelt
'No Molly-Coddling Here.' President Theodore Roosevelt swinging away his 'Big
american presidents/president richard nixons desk oval office white house
President Richard Nixon's desk in the Oval Office at the White House. Photograph
cartoons/president andrew jackson diabolical puppet master
President Andrew Jackson as a diabolical puppet-master hovering over and pulling the
american presidents/preparing heated term american cartoon 1867
'Preparing for the heated term.' American cartoon, 1867, on the purchase of
american presidents/president richard nixon caricatured pinocchio
President Richard Nixon caricatured as Pinocchio in a cartoon by John Pierotti for
uncle sam/early 20th century american cartoon monroe doctrine
An early 20th century American cartoon on the Monroe Doctrine, proclaimed by President
uncle sam/new deal cartoon 1933
New Deal Cartoon, 1933
american presidents/wilson league nations
Wilson: League of Nations
american patriotism/declaration independence
Declaration of Independence
cartoons/t roosevelt cartoon
T. Roosevelt Cartoon
american presidents/world war ii cartoon 1938
World War Ii: Cartoon, 1938
american presidents/fd roosevelt cartoon
F.D. Roosevelt Cartoon
american elections/cartoon fdr workingmen
Cartoon: Fdr & Workingmen
american presidents/john quincy adams
John Quincy Adams
currier ives/presidential campaign 1848 martin van buren
PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN, 1848. Martin Van Buren and Charles Francis Adams as Free Soil


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