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currier ives/view new york 1876 birds eye view new
VIEW OF NEW YORK, 1876. Bird's-eye view of New York and parts of Brooklyn
#media dmcs-6611373
aerial views/venice arsenale arsenale venice italy
VENICE: ARSENALE. The Arsenale of Venice, Italy
#media dmcs-6615115
aerial views/germany leipzig view leipzig germany line engraving
GERMANY: LEIPZIG. A view of Leipzig, Germany. Line engraving, German, 1617, by Braun-Hogenberg
#media dmcs-6611363
aerial views/plan new ebenezer georgia established 1734
Plan of New Ebenezer, Georgia, established 1734 by Protestants from Salzburg
#media dmcs-10410270
aerial views/ancient jerusalem ancient city jerusalem
ANCIENT JERUSALEM. The ancient city of Jerusalem, with Solomon's Temple in the center
#media dmcs-6615075
aerial views/map danube french map 18th century instructions
MAP: DANUBE. French map, 18th century, with instructions for navigating the Danube
#media dmcs-6611123
aerial views/versailles 1766 engraved view versailles
VERSAILLES, 1766. Engraved view of Versailles and its gardens from 'Nouveau Plan de Paris
#media dmcs-7540877
aerial views/new orleans birds eye view new orleans steel engraving
NEW ORLEANS Bird's-Eye view of New Orleans. Steel engraving, American, 1863
#media dmcs-7519555
aerial views/frankfurt germany 1572 birds eye view frankfurt
FRANKFURT, GERMANY, 1572. Bird's-eye-view of Frankfurt: engraved map, German, 1572
#media dmcs-7518995
aerial views/earliest view savannah earliest known view savannah
EARLIEST VIEW OF SAVANNAH. The earliest known view of Savannah, Georgia. Line engraving
#media dmcs-7503813
aerial views/loango africa city loango near mouth congo
LOANGO, AFRICA. The city of Loango, near the mouth of the Congo River on the west coast of Africa
#media dmcs-7503471
aerial views/colorado leadville 1882 birds eye view leadville
COLORADO: LEADVILLE, 1882. Bird's eye view of Leadville, Colorado, population 16, 000
#media dmcs-6615123
aerial views/charleston 1863 view charleston south carolina
CHARLESTON, 1863. View of Charleston, South Carolina, and its vicinity
#media dmcs-6615107
aerial views/philadelphia 1702 lithograph american 1875
PHILADELPHIA, 1702. Lithograph, American, 1875
#media dmcs-6615099
aerial views/paris latin quarter c1550 plan paris france
PARIS: LATIN QUARTER, c1550. Detail from a plan of Paris, France, c1550, showing
#media dmcs-6615083
aerial views/france map paris 1730 partial view paris appeared 1730
FRANCE: MAP OF PARIS, 1730. A partial view of Paris as it appeared in 1730. Lithograph
#media dmcs-6615071
aerial views/jerusalem solomons temple the ancient
JERUSALEM: SOLOMON'S TEMPLE. 'The Ancient City of Jerusalem with Solomon's Temple
#media dmcs-6615049
aerial views/view pittsburgh 1902 birds eye view city pittsburgh
VIEW OF PITTSBURGH, 1902. Bird's-eye view of the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
#media dmcs-6615047
aerial views/houston texas 1891 birds eye view city houston
HOUSTON, TEXAS, 1891. Bird's eye view of the city of Houston, Texas
#media dmcs-6615031
aerial views/view rome 1631 aerial view rome italy appeared 1631
VIEW OF ROME, 1631. Aerial view of Rome, Italy, as it appeared in 1631. Painting
#media dmcs-6615027
aerial views/washington dc 1892 aerial view washington d
WASHINGTON D.C., 1892. Aerial view of Washington, D
#media dmcs-6615003
currier ives/washington dc 1880 birds eye view washington d
WASHINGTON, D.C., 1880. Bird's-eye view of Washington, D
#media dmcs-6614995
aerial views/view salt lake city utah salt lake city utah territory
VIEW OF SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH. Salt Lake City, Utah Territory. Lithograph, 1870
#media dmcs-6614991
aerial views/view phoenix arizona birds eye view phoenix arizona
VIEW OF PHOENIX, ARIZONA. Bird's-eye view of Phoenix, Arizona. Lithograph by C
#media dmcs-6614981
aerial views/new orleans 1851 birds eye view city new orleans
NEW ORLEANS, 1851. Bird's eye view of the city of New Orleans. Lithograph, 1851
#media dmcs-6614935
currier ives/view philadelphia birds eye view philadelphia
VIEW OF PHILADELPHIA. Bird's eye view of Philadelphia
#media dmcs-6611383
currier ives/view san francisco 1878 birds eye view
VIEW OF SAN FRANCISCO, 1878. Bird's-eye view of San Francisco from the Bay
#media dmcs-6611329
aerial views/venice harbor c1500 ships harbor venice
VENICE: HARBOR, c1500. Ships in the harbor of Venice
#media dmcs-6611263
aerial views/hannibal missouri 1869 birthplace mark twain
HANNIBAL, MISSOURI, 1869. The birthplace of Mark Twain, showing steamboats
#media dmcs-6611253
aerial views/dupont powder mills 1802 initial plan dupont
DUPONT POWDER MILLS, 1802. The initial plan for the Dupont powder mills on the Brandywine
#media dmcs-6611139
aerial views/view bastille birds eye view bastille french
VIEW OF THE BASTILLE. A birds-eye-view of the Bastille. French watercolor by Pierre Fran├žois Palloy
#media dmcs-6611103
aerial views/view los angeles 1894 birds eye view los angeles
VIEW OF LOS ANGELES, 1894. Bird's-eye view of Los Angeles, California
#media dmcs-6611071